Arrests Follow Attempt to Daven in So-Called Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City


A group of Jews who tried to daven near Majlis Gate in the so-called Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City during the night got into an altercation with local Arabs.

Police report that when officers arrived on the scene, the Jews refused to comply with instructions to leave the area and a confrontation resulted between the Jews and police. Five Jewish youths were arrested for disturbing the peace, interfering with police and assault.

Honenu presents the following version of events: A group of Jews walking around on Wednesday evening, passing the gates to Har Habayis, came under attack with stones hurled by Arabs. An altercation resulted, leading to the arrest of four Jews, including a woman. They were taken to the local police station where a Honenu attorney gave legal advice to the suspects. They were detained by police overnight.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)