NYC DOT: Midtown Traffic Flow Has Improved


If you’re driving around Midtown Manhattan, you may have recently noticed a litttle more go and a little less stop in your ride.

New York City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said Tuesday that in the year since the Midtown in Motion traffic reduction program went into effect, traffic flow has improved by 10 percent.

Sadik-Khan said the DOT is doubling its efforts to combat Midtown bottlenecks with 100 more traffic sensors, 32 more video cameras, and the addition of E-ZPass readers at 23 more intersections to measure traffic speeds.

“All that data is transmitted wirelessly to our traffic management center right here in Long Island City,” she told reporters.

She said the engineers in the control room there can remotely tweak Midtown traffic signals to help untie traffic knots.

The total area of the Midtown in Motion program will also expand to 260 square blocks, with completion of the expansion set for September.

(Source: WCBSTV)


  1. Please bear in mind the invigorating wisdom of Mayor Mike Bloomberg, for having turned major chunks of Broadway into pedestrian walk places.

    His thinking has proven to be so correct, because bearing in mind, that Broadway goes at a diagonal, this always complicated driving in midtown.

    When I come out of the “D” train at 50th Street & 12th Avenue, it is always a tricky street crossing, due to the Diagonal “New Utrecht”.