Kinneret Search Continues For Man Who Disappeared On Erev Shabbos [PHOTOS]


The search resumed on Sunday morning in the Knesset involving police divers looking for a man who disappeared on Erev Shabbos. Police divers are being assisted by water skis, mounted and other specialized units as well as boats and vehicles from the shore. A police chopper is also participating in the search, which is now believed to be a recovery mission.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. May we hear of no more tragedies!
    Mrs. D, fellow caring Yid.
    May we hear of no more painfully glaring errors, such as a description of this search operation taking place in the Knesset, or the passive voice for INANIMATE OBJECTS assisting police divers! OUCH!
    Mrs. D, compulsive editor