Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Protest on Sunday Due to Incarceration of the Rebbe’s Grandson


With Rosh Hashanah shopping in full swing in Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood, Toldos Avraham Yitzchak on Sunday afternoon, 26 Elul, beginning at 1:15PM from the beis medrash, will march to the induction center on Rashi Street.

The protest is in response to the arrest of a grandson of the Rebbe Shlita, who was taken into custody for failing to report for service. The event is backed by the Eida Chareidis and a large turnout is expected. The admor has called on his tzibur from Beit Shemesh to participate on Sunday too.

It is also reported that askanim of the chassidus did their utmost to have the detainee released before Shabbos, albeit without success. Now they fear he will be held by authorities through Rosh Hashanah.

Avraham Yitzchak Taub was stopped at Ben-Gurion International Airport, arriving from abroad to spend time with his grandfather, the rebbe. The young man resides in New York and never reported to an induction center. He was arrested during his passport inspection and sentenced to 20 days in jail in Prison 6 and has since been moved to Prison 4 in Tzrifin.

A melave malka was held outside the prison gate on motzei Shabbos in a showing of solidarity with the young detainee.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. perhaps arrest 10 more so they can have a minyan for the yomim tovim. feed they only old frozen heter mechirah vegetables and meat without an eidah hashgakha.

  2. Wow, with friends like this dr., who needs enemies? BTW, sorry to break it to you, but the arrested fellow will apparently be released before yomtov. It’s interesting that the unimaginable brutality displayed by the police of the Beginning of our Redemption has not been mentioned on YWN. The Israeli equivalent of Internal Affairs is already investigating the matter. This story has been headline news all evening in the local Israeli media. I wonder why it’s not appearing here. If the mods delay this post long enough, the whole story will get pushed down to the second page. And most people will forget about it.

  3. bh, they arrested 9 more. good start. the brave rebbe protested inside. you should applaud a country that does not allow violence even against extremists. your finne mentchen injured at least 7 police.

    american yerushalmi, i am not a friend of draft dodgers or americans who live in israel and do not register their children as israelis.

  4. I hope the esteemed doctor also dislikes the secular, leftist “tzfoni” youth who are dodging the draft in droves.
    If someone is a tourist, he is under to legal obligation — even under Israeli law — to register his kids as Israeli citizens. If the Israeli govt. is OK with that, you should be too.

  5. Its high time these ladigayers got thier share. They are very lucky that the cops held out for this long. No civilized country would ever put up with these crazies

  6. Dr yid is a rosha!
    Yes I said it!
    First he is a cold hearted person! Someone is in jail and you think it’s a joke? The mitzva of pidyon shvuim, is one of the most important mitzvas and do advocate people go to jail is the far opposite (one of the biggest Aveiros/Rishos). Shame on you, and shame on YWN for publishing it!

    What a chutzpah to talk on one of our gedolim!! (I’m not a chosid) And who are you to spit out your opinion amongst our gedolim. Roshah!

    time for us to do tshuva.

    B’avoseinu Horabim, We unfortunately see a level of chilul Hashem by people like Dr. Yid! The chutzpah and the kalos Rosh is beyond imagination!

    Oy lonu ki chotonu!