Passenger Car Hit By Stone Throwers Near Haifa, Miraculously None Injured


An Israeli passenger car that was driving on Highway 70 between the Tishbi and Ha’amakim Junctions southeast of Haifa, was hit by a stone that was hurled towards it. The stone impacted the front of the car and cracked the car’s windshield.

Road and bridge construction is underway in close proximity to where the incident occurred.

The driver of the vehicle, a volunteer with United Hatzalah emergency medical services,  called the police, who rushed to the scene and recorded his account of the incident. According to the driver, it was clear that this was an intentional act meant to harm.

“I was traveling near a bridge that is under construction,” said the driver who wished to remain anonymous. “The rock was thrown from a distance. There were no trucks or cars near me, and it’s clear that it was an intentional act. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a miracle that we were not harmed.”

Police have opened an investigation.