Belz Making Shalom in All Directions


Over recent months the Belz Chassidic Court has been making genuine efforts to mend fences, to make shalom. The efforts of the Rebbe Shlita have been most successful. Baruch Hashem the rebbe has ended decades of machlokes between Belz and Satmar by sending dayanim to the tziyun of the previous rebbe to ask mechila, a demand made by the current Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel. The rebbe’s actions led to a historic meeting between the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, who happens to be a brother-in-law of the Belzer Rebbe.

The Rebbe was also an honored guest at the major Sephardi Siyum HaShas, invited by Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita as his personal guest. This was also due to actions by the rebbe to strengthen relations with Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita.

The rebbe also sent his personal shaliach to attend a recent function, to show support for the Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita when the Vishnitzer showered Deputy Minister of Health (Gur) Yaakov Litzman with words of praise.

It appears the Belzer Rebbe’s efforts for achdus have yielded fruit for on Monday night; the lighting for the third night of Chanukah, the deputy health minister was seen as a guest at Belz, making an appearance on Chanukah for a first time in four years. Thousands of chassidim were on hand for the singing and dancing following the candle lighting, and Litzman was given a bracha coin from the Rebbe Shlita.

Litzman stopped visiting Belz on Chanukah after the rebbe worked to assist in the Jerusalem mayoral campaign of R’ Meir Porush. Litzman was the main player against Porush, and his efforts to dissuade the Gerrer Chassidim and others from voting for Porush cost the frum community the election.

Litzman a number of months ago visited the Belzer Rebbe, and the two met in private for over two hours. Baruch Hashem, it now appears that differences have been put aside and Litzman was once again an honored guest for candle lighting.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It seems all the yiddishe news is filled with politics and machlokes . It’s a good start what belz is doing and other groups should follow. When we have achdut-Hashem will protect us !!

  2. klal yisroel is waiting for him to make peace with Munkatch. The bais din tzedek of Yerushalyim already paskened on this it’s time to bury the hatchett

  3. You make it sound as if there’s new reconciliation between the Belzer Rebbe and Rav Ovadia, FYI the rebbe has always been very close to Rav Ovadia and Shas since its inception.

    And BTW the rebbe has made many public mentions in the past few years about the chilul kvod shomayim happening thru machlokes and how the trampling of haredim in Israel is a direct result of the gedolim being splintered and the solutions would come if ALL gedoley yisroel, sefardim and ashkenazim, chassidim yeshivish would sit around one table.

  4. @mayerfreund
    It has recently been revealed that in 1980 the Belzer Rebbe received his full support to start his own beis din from Rav Elyashiv Z”L in a written psak (a copy of this psak was released from Rav Eliyashivs household after his petira).

    Its for that reason that Rav Elyashiv was noheg with such kovod to the Belzer rebbe, first when came to visit the rebbe in his home 3 years ago, and then when he came to be sandek at the Rebbe’s grandson bris a few years ago, it is said that Rav Elyashiv told someone that it was because the rebbe showed such restraint in 1980 by not releasing his psak although at that time Belz was being hounded, vilified and demonized by Eidah/Satmar, because of that he was makir tovah the Belzer rebbe.

    And then of course if you believe that Eida are the Baalie Batim on the entire frum world the yes you are right Belz started up. But I think with todays situation in the Eidah everybody agrees that it was a bracha that belz dared to break Eidahs strangelhold way back than cause otherwise the entire frum world would still be meshubadim hoyinu…

  5. Can someone please make a list of who is fighting with whom, over what, & for how long? Sort of like a chart? I can’t follow all this machloykes.

  6. Its rather bizarre that we are celebrating the “achdus” between Belz and Satmar at the same time the two Satmar brothers are nearing a decade of all out war with one another. They’ve ignored the din torah established to arbitrate their dispute (assuming anyone really knows what that is since Rav Yolish had clearly spoken on the succession) but their broigas has resulted in violence by their followers against one another. If the KJ Satmar rebbe can make shalom with the heilege Belzer, certainly he should be able to reconcile with his own brother.

  7. When Maran Rav Schach ZT”L started Degel Hatorah, back in the late 80’s, Belz was the ONLY Chassidus to stand up for Kavod Hatorah/Kvod Shomayim by joining together with the Litvisha Bnei Torah Tzibur!
    Those were the good old days. Too bad Degel had to join the Agudah and the Party was then hijacked by the Chassidim – thus causing there to be a break in Degel, leading to the Netzach Party.