MTA May Sell Naming Rights To NYC Subway Stations


subwThe authority that runs New York City’s subway system is considering whether to raise money by selling naming rights to some of its stations.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently drafted a set of rules outlining how to handle those types of corporate sponsorships.

The MTA’s board is set to discuss the issue next week.

Right now, nearly all of New York’s stations carry the name of streets intersecting the line.

But the authority has experimented with sponsorships in the past. In 2009 it changed the name of a major Brooklyn hub to “Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center,” after the British banking firm put its name on the new arena for the Brooklyn Nets.

MTA official Stephen Morello tells The New York Times the revenue strategy deserves serious discussion.



  1. It will only confuse riders. Buy they don’t care about riders just about money. Let them make computerized trains that drive without a human conductor similar to the on in JFK airport so they will save money and won’t confuse riders.