Satmar Rebbe: Haredi Infighting – Impairment To The World of Torah



Headlining the annual ‘Kuf Alef Kislev’ celebration – marking the 69th anniversary of the Satmar Rebbe Yoel Teitelbaum’s rescue from the Nazis – the Satmar Rebbe (Reb. Ahron) told his followers that Limmud HaTorah is the only fortification for the ongoing battles in our lifetime.

The Rebbe warned his followers that carrying a smart phone is like carrying a loaded gun.

The Rebbe also decried the upcoming resolution, due for a vote in the next couple of weeks, that will impose sanctions on Yeshiva bochurim who dodge mandatory draft.

The Rebbe said, “The ongoing debate between the parties, whether the [IDF draft] bill should include economic sanctions or criminal sanctions, is only to the extent of the sanctions. For them it is a question of what sanctions are harsher and would have a greater effect on the Haredi community,”

“This is a decree of conversion! How can we idly sit by and remain silent?” the Rebbe roared.

The Rebbe pointed in dismay to the lack of unity at a time of crisis, a matter that could lead to jail time for those insisting to remain learning. He directly denounced the ongoing contentious rivalry between the two factions within the Lithuanian sector of the Haredi community in Israel.

“While the two factions are fighting between themselves, there’s an imminent threat on the world of Torah,” the Rebbe declared.

The Rebbe emphasized that in the mean time, there’s a fat chance that both factions will be apprehended and share one room in jail. If that happens, “they’ll be able to continue their infighting in jail,” the Rebbe quipped.


The gathering of thousands of Satmar Hasidim took place at the Armory building in Crown Heights.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. It’s not ‘Kuf Alef Kislev’ but ‘Kaf Alef Kislev’. There are no ‘kuf’s in a month.

    Gedolei Yisrael have already planned their sanctions as soon as the chilonim will impose their sanctions on charedim causing the Zionist sanctions to stop before they’ll even have a chance to enforce it. We just have to continue limud Torah and tefillah and leave the rest up to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

  2. The analogy between smart phones and loaded guns is specious. A gun cannot act on its own. Same for a smart phone. Perhaps he should’ve said, “Carrying a smart phone is like keeping your pet rattlesnake under your shtreimel.”

  3. “How can we idly sit by and remain silent?”

    Good question – I was wondering the same thing when the Satmar Rebbe paid people not to vote in the election. Sitting out an election in a democracy is the definition of standing idly by. Of course, when I refer to the Satmar Rebbe, I mean his brother, the other of “the two [that] factions are fighting between themselves”

  4. How ironic that Reb Aharon is talking about shalom when the entire world knows about his big machloikes with his brother Reb Zalman which is tearing apart the entire satmar chassidus.There should be shalom in the litvishe velt and in the chassidishe velt.

  5. Never laughed so hard in my life!!the satmar rebbe going off about infighting in the yeshiva world!! I guess he’s upset that the litfishe are being masig gvul. Fighting is strictly for satmar!!lol talk about the kettle calling the pot black…..

  6. is this guy for real?

    who does he think he is? Yes, am am being a mechutzaf right now. I AM BEING MOCHE FOR THE KAVOD OF RAV SHTEINMAN AND RAV AUERBACH.

    Who does this guy think he is?!?!?!?!?!!?

    H is in a non-Jewish court fighting with his brother, and he has the GALL to slam our gedolim?

    I promise never to give Satmar mosdos another penny, includsing their bikur cholim.

    And don’t start with the lame stories of “satmar started hatzolah…satmar started bikur cholim….satmar started this, or that…”


  7. This is the Rebbe that Rav Malkiel Kotler adhores and loves, and brings to Lakewood to darshan in the major tent event?

    What a farce.

    This guy is the king of machlokes. All he does is fight. And he is worried about fighting amongst Gedolim?

  8. Talk is cheap, what has he done to lead the way. The amount of machlokes that he and his cronies have instigated in Eretz Yisroel and here in the USA is outrageous. The Chilil Hashem that he has a huge part of is causing all the tzures that are upon us. Let him not just talk action speaks louder then words.

  9. ATTENTION SHIMON WEISER (VAAD MISHMETERS TZNIYUS): This article is about Aron so you are happy. When it is about Zaly you scream and fight like a two year old child.


  10. B’H he did not assault the Jekkes last nite, nor Yom ha’Atzmaut nor Yom Yerusholayim, and hope matters stay this way.

    Maybe this is too near to Chanukkah whose Ness is at the same location as the Ness of Yom Yerusholayim.

  11. unfortunately there seems to be more sechel in the comments of the readers than in those reported of the Satmar Rebbe.

    This is a real shame when the words of a leader are so put down by the common folk then the leader can no longer be a leader.

  12. I think everyone should stick to reflecting on themselves and their own community and see how they can improve. Then, they will lead by example. Others will say look how nice that group is let me be like them or join them.
    I will take the pledge and withhold criticism. Maybe if we all just ignore this we will make the world a better place.

  13. Chazal tell us that kol haposel, bemumo posel. We need to be very very careful when criticizing someone else, especially so if they are greater than us in Torah.

    Lets think about how to make sholem between ourselves before we instruct/expect other’s to make Shalom. The Rebbe’s words are so true. It is so sad that there is this infighting. We are HKB”H’s kids & He hates it when we fight with each other.

    Shalom = Mashiach !!!

  14. #13, Unlike yourself, Satmar will still help you even if you don’t give them a penny to their Mosdos even you don’t agree with them. Satmar has a long history of helping EVERY YID regardless of shite & belief.

  15. why is everybody getting so bent out of shape i see it as a call to his brother to end the machlokes between them. just like he’s trying to end the machlokes with belz and lubavitch.

  16. RABOISY!! U didnt even think for ONE SECOND!!! Dont u remember when he went out for a huge huge protest in Manhetn, and his brother (or his ppl) was trying to destroy it all the only for the reason that they are not leading it, and they wanted for all the money that Hisachdus Harabunim ( how is baking them all the time) should be the leaders, and guess what?! R’ Aharon giv away the whol thing (I mean the name if the whol thing) for them!!! And he his self did what he said yesterday night!! He went his brother! Against the zionim!. Only because he means it serious!!! So pleas, watch what u talking! He is a gudol hador! And very erlich!.

  17. #24 so does that justify machlokes? Because they excel in Chesed does this give them the right to belittle anyone that disagrees with their shitah? The amount of beziyan hatorah (rabbonim, roshi yeshivos, talmidi chachomim) and chillal Hashem that is going on these days for the sole reason being that they disagrees with the shitah has degraded our generation and is turning our youth against the torah and respect for torah perspective. Lets all come together respecting each other regardless of ones opinion there isn’t just one torah opinion and just because one disagrees doesn’t make him a kofer baiker

  18. “We need to be very very careful when criticizing someone else, especially so if they are greater than us in Torah.”
    Please explain what this means,—– “greater than us in Torah.”

  19. People fail to realise that it is Zalman who is continuing the machlokes. Reb Aron is very much for shulem with his brother. If Zalman would want shulem, there’d be peace in Satmar tomorrow.

  20. #14—- Why are you surprised that Lakewood adores this rebbe?
    Lakewood has long ago made mutual friendship with Satmar because of the latter’s anti-Zionist stance.
    Only difference is that Satmar’s approach is a more in-your-face goon assault and Lakewood takes the more civilized approach albeit with a wink and a nod to Satmar.

  21. Oh my gosh!! Nobody understands. R’ aron dont even care where there is Machlokes or not!! (Because he have his one..).
    But what I say is that it realy hurts him when its a issue of Dinei Nefushes!! and the gedolim (or there ppl) dont have better to do then fighting???!!
    And I said that the biggest Raya that he mean it realy series is, when it come the same situation to him, he do s!! Like I mentioned, the mass protest in Manhetn,
    and also by the meeting by Hisachdus Harabunim ( who is not at all on side but the other side!!! ) abaut the Gezeira abaut Bris Milah, he sit there with his brother who hate him and with r’ Yitzchok gluck who hate him.
    So pleas think over his words, and have more respect for such a guen and gudol hador!

  22. Wow! Every comment pointing at a Ron machloket! While being a great point still doesn’t bring achdus bet shas and gimmel! Each fight makes more of us suffer! But brothers he’s not talking about a halacha perspective, but rather a metziut perspective. And reality is that in Israel the situation would be very different if there were an alliance! Unity would help us sooo much that one could say we are guilty of bringing this upon ourselves. Now I’m ch”v not saying this or that rabbi is wrong! Just that unity is again desperately needed.

    Just a side note for the double standard, aron fighting, everybody yells wrong (and rightfully so) shas and gimmel is acceptable! Huh explain this to your bubba!

  23. For all thise who can even say one word about a rebbe like that should be checking themselves…your doingit for the kavod of the gedolei hador??? Hiw warped is your thinking….the rebbe may be right he may be wrong but the things you say are disgusting..all of you…and people like you are the reason sites like this are questioned wethere they should be up or should be embarressed and ask a public machila for the words you’ve said.

  24. to #28

    Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l said when Reb Aaron was a bachur he knew hilchos gittin solidly – I don’t know about you – but I know he is much greater than me in Torah – he is one of the biggest Torah giants I have ever met