Israel: Shul Used to Store Pills in Counterfeit Operation


mishIsrael Police’s 433 Unit, the local FBI, during the predawn hours on Monday 26 Tishrei arrested 30 suspects following a prolonged clandestine investigation. Tax inspectors were also involved in the raid as the suspects are alleged to be operating a bogus pharmaceutical network.

According to police, the pills confiscated present a health hazard and their sale represents fraud and a violation of numerous laws. Police add the sale of the pills is conducted via a website, one that brazenly warns clients to “beware of fraudulent sites” that sell bogus pills. The ring also offered phone sales along with newspaper ads. Messengers delivered orders to the home of shoppers.

Most of the suspects in custody are residents of Tiveria. Searches of their homes and offices were conducted as well as a printing press believed used to print the labels for the bogus meds. A search was also conducted in a local shul believed to be the primary warehouse for the pills.

Police report the bogus pills represent a danger to public safety and may result in death, particularly since they were often sold without a prescription and without proper medical screening to determine a patients’ suitability for a drug.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)