Kulanu’s Number 3 Man Disqualified from Election List


kahThe Central Election Committee on Monday 6 Shevat disqualified the Kulanu party’s number 3 person, journalist Tsega Melaku on a technicality.

Committee Chair Justice Salim Jubran explained that she did not leave her position in the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) early enough and since the IBA is a government post, it must comply with the minimum hiatus period before entering into the political arena and in this case, the 100-day minimum requirement was not met.

The party tried to argue the decision, explaining her post as a manager was not a senior appointment and the hiatus regulation should not apply but Jubran did not accept the party’s position.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Most people don’t realize that Israel’s future is in the hands of an arab. Salim Jubran gets to decide who’s qualified to be elected to the Knesset, or not. Also who’s a racist – like the Kahanah party and its offshoots. Of course the arab parties are all 100% OK. Including members that call for the destruction of Israel, curse and spit at soldiers, and actively fight the State in international arenas or off the coast of Azza.