MK Maklev Rejects Ministry of Agriculture Regulations that Would Jeopardize Kaporos


maklevThe Knesset Economics Committee rejected new Ministry of Agriculture regulations that MK Uri Maklev feels would jeopardize the minhag of kaporos. Maklev calls the regulations a gezeira the tzibur will not be able to adhere to, explaining it would force people to take part in underground kaporos.

Maklev explained to the media that the regulations demand a facility that is almost identical to a slaughterhouse and this is simply not possible for a few days when kaporos are preformed around the country. He adds the regulations would place the responsibility for enforcement of regulations in the hands of local government, which he feels is unrealistic.

Committee Chairman MK (Labor) Eitan Cabel and Maklev feel the ministry was hasty to announce regulations rather than taking the time to discuss the matter with the other relevant bodies. They point out one major problem with the regulations is there is no plan in the event a local government explains it does not have the capability of enforcing the regulations.

Cable had to leave the meeting early, replaced by Maklev, who announced in line with the position of the chairman, the committee will not accept the new regulations announced by the ministry.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. We have similar debates here in the U.S. every year and somehow we have found ways to reduce, albeit not eliminate, some of the more extreme animal cruelty and sanitation issues. In the longer term, the burden is really on the rabbonim to educate the tzibur that there is no requirement to use a live chicken and that using coins or other edible items like a live fish would be equally acceptable from a halachic perspective.