Daas Torah Regarding Current Security Situation In Eretz Yisroel – From Maran HaRav Shteinman And Hagon HaRav Kanievsky


kanMany are coming to the the home of HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, with questions regarding the current situation and to hear what Da’as Torah is. The following was received from the house of HaRav Kanievsky, written by his son HaRav Yitzchok Shaul Kanievsky Shlita and reviewed and approved for publication by HaRav Chaim so that the tzibbur should know what to do and how to act.

-one may travel to Yeshiva and “one who keeps a mitzvah will know no harm
-try not to loiter around the Yeshiva [it will do no harm to hire a guard for the entranceway to the Yeshiva].
-also women who travel to work so that their husbands can sit and learn may do so and Hashem will watch over them.
-also to a simcha shel mitzvah one may travel, if it is necessary.

Psak of Maran HaRav Shteinman Shlita:

in response to a question posed by Yeshiva students from Chutz L’Aretz: given the current situation, should they return to Eretz Yisroel to learn or should they rather postpone travel until the tension eases?

The Rosh Yeshiva Shlita answered that they should return to their learning in Eretz Yisroel and in the merit of Torah study we will be saved from all difficulty.

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  1. Chazal tell us that there are perilous times when the Angel of Destruction makes no distinction between the righteous and the unworthy. Rav Krishevsky HYD, one of the latest victims,was on his way to learn when he was mowed down and murdered. Shouldn’t we be encouraged to exercise caution when murderers prowl the streets looking for victims?

  2. I was really hoping to see some more words of guidance. These letters, not even personally written by the gedolim, leave me feeling a little disappointed. It’s times like these that divrei chizuk from the gedolim could really make a tremendous difference, and while in their poor health I don’t expect a fire and brimstone speech, a bit more guidance and leadership would really go a long way right now.

  3. #4 I don’t understand what more you want the Gedolim to say, it’s quite clear and simple
    a. carry on learning Torah
    b. avoid leaving Yeshiva
    c. carry on going to work so that your husband can carry on learning Torah
    d. You may go to smachos shel mitzva if necessary

  4. #5 – That’s exactly what I’m talking about. With all due respect, it seems like all they said was “keep doing what you’re already doing.” But it seems to me that apparently doing what we were already doing didn’t prevent us from getting into this mess to begin with. I feel it would be supportive for the tzibur to hear additional guidance and/or divrey chizuk from our gedolim, and not just be told to carry on as usual.

  5. Dear Curiosity,
    with all due respect, your a great person if you are continuing what you are doing in terms of learning and Mitzvos! you dont even know how many people you probably have saved because you are doing what you are doing!
    in times like these we have to realize our tefila and learning has tremendous effect – which we don’t see, our gedolim see that, in shamayim they may show you how many people you saved..

  6. @#7: Since you know better what ought to be said than Rav Kanievsky and Rav Shteinman, why don’t you draft something for them to sign? I’m sure they’ll be very grateful for your “daas am ha’oretz” point of view, since all they have is daas Torah.

  7. Yes the Gedolom are addressing some specific issues regarding learning in Yeshiva etc however for those that are not learning full time in Yeshiva or wives that are not working to help their husbands learn as most of Klal Yisroel, are there any specific messages from them. We all heard “do Teshuva, Daven and learn. The truth is everyone knows their own challenges and faults and can ask their individual Rav. However the Gedolom in E”Y, America, and the rest of the world should give us some specific areas of guidance so that through these “zechusim” Hashem will have “rachmanus” on us and help get rid of our enemies. Can anyone volunteer to go to them (wherever you live) and ask them? Once a response is received it can be posted here on YWN, so that each location can read and follow their advice.

  8. Our Gedolim have said many times these past weeks that each person has to check into his own deeds and improve whatever he can. This was printed on the front page of Yeted a number of times and is wonderful guidance for if each of us will improve, we and the whole Nation will find grace in H=shem’s eyes and He will surely save Am Yisrael.

  9. What about doing regular things like dr appointments and shopping? How careful can u be? And how can u go on doing the regular things when u don’t want to leave your house

  10. cmfriedman: Would you like the Gedolim shlit”a to tell you specifically which kapitlach to say in Tehilim or which dafim to learn in the Gemora or which hospitals to go be be bikur cholim at or which mosdos and charity organizations to give tzedaka to?

    Those are the advice they give.

  11. #11
    The one who puts out the Divrei Siach (attached Letter) Weekly with the permission of Rav Chaim Shlit”a is a special yungerman that lives down the block from Rav Chaim, i know him personally, you can contact him (in hebrew) and see if he can try to send in the Sheila to Rav chaim, his email address is 0573145900@okmail.co.il
    his cell in also on the bottom of the letter,
    PS – He doesnt understand english

  12. The גדולים are giving הלכה guidance regarding going to ארץ ישראל. But NOBODY Knows FORSURE why Horrific Things happen! There are no נביעים!!! It ONLY makes Sense to do תשובה!

  13. #18 we can’t expect to understand everything.
    there’s lots more that happens/ed in this gilgul or passed gilgulim, ONLY H=shem knows the whole picture and does the best for us.
    on the other hand we have to keep on doing whats right

    They say that in the pre Moshiach days (which is obviously now) the biggest war the Yetzer Hora will make is on Emuna

  14. With all due respect to the Niftar and everyone involved, he was a Rav. How do we know he wasn’t going to eat lunch after a while day of learning or doing errands for his family? He was allowed to eat lunch or do errands and has done nothing wrong. We don’t know the ways of Hashem, our Gedolim are giving us Daas Torah and we have to trust our Gedolim and Hkb”h.

  15. #10 – I don’t think Rav Shteinman and Rav Kanievsky would approve of belittling and attacking other Jews for simply expressing a desire to hear more chizuk and leadership from gedolim.

    #12 – Thank you. I don’t subscribe to the Yeted. It would be nice if YWN could publish these messages, too.

  16. Eli Wilner, do you know the identity of “Curiosity” that you call him an am ha-aretz? I’m sure doing that goes a long way to reducing our zechusim just when we need them. The least you could do is apologize. Oh, did you ask Rav Chaim or Rav Aharon Leib if it was appropriate to publicly call someone you do not know an am ha-aretz? YWN, why would you publish insults, especially at a time like this? Might you be able to delete Mr. Wilner’s comment, please?

  17. Bogen-
    Did you really think that’s what I meant in my comment??
    Please read it again a couple times until you understand its contents.

  18. #18 and #20:

    The letter from Rav Chaim only mentions leaving the house to go to yeshiva amd women’s leaving the house to support their husbands learning in yeshiva.

    Going out of the house for an other reason is not addressed.

    He does not tell us whether שומר מצוה לא ידע דבר רע applies to any other situation.

    Perhaps someone could EMAIL his gabbai, to know whether there are any situations other than limmud hatorah for which we may leave our houses.

    For instance, given that going out to daven did not help those in Har Nof, are we allowed to leave our homes in order to daven? Presumably שומר מצוה לא ידע דבר רע did not help there.

    What about in order to go to work or to engage in any mitzvah other than going to yeshiva?

    It could be that, other than those learning in yeshivas, no one may leave their homes.

  19. those who are actually faced with the situation should go and ask. this is not hypothetical. those who are in the Diaspora should recite Tehillim and improve their actions and their thoughts. try to learn more Torah, do more Chessed, and feel for another Jew.

  20. Without names being mentioned – now is the time for achdus, there’s no need to criticize other people! It’s going to bring the geula and stop the terrorist attacks – GUARANTEED!!!

  21. BH – Rav Goldshtoff from the divrei siach – just emailed back, please see below

    אני מבין שיש בלבול גדול בציבור אני אבררז
    מחר אי”ה
    העיקר עכשיו להתחזק כל אחד באמונה ובטחון בה’ כי אין לנו שום דבר אחר

  22. Dear Geula,
    I didn’t mean any harm, I was just trying to help and not brag in any way
    Rebetzin Batsheva A”h was an outstanding lady, we had actually went to E”Y for my fathers Shloshim
    Few years back and she gave my wife a Bracha when she was pregnant, happens to be the baby had a rare heart defect and had to have an open heart surgery, all I can say is that the baby had a pure miracle during the surgery, even afterwards the nurses were shocked. We realized after that I may have been the special Bracha that helped, there may be extraordinary people in the world, but there are good people as well, the yungeman is leshem shamayim and has done all with permission of Rav Chaim.

  23. That’s right that people should work on their middos. And I think one of the most important middos is hakoras hatov.being geateful for what we have and Also derech eretz. Being sensitiveto other pples feelings and if u did a mistake try to apologize right away. not judging others by the way they look or act. Just to accept everyone the way they are.
    One of the greatest chesed is sharing time too. Despite everyones hectic schedules watching a friends kid for a little.. helping pple just by simple acts…
    Bizchus gemilas chesed well be save.
    Also I think that pple should work on their patience If someone has to take a child or baby out of the back seat and the car is blocking u so u can’t pass wait a minute. Gautanteed nothing will happen. We all are in a rush during the day but getting nervous wont help. Pple should start being more patient with others