TERROR AT SHAR SHECHEM: Heavily Armed Terrorists Stab And Shoot Two Police Officers [UPDATED 2:44PM IL]



14:28: The following information is provided by a Jerusalem Police spokesman:

The three terrorists arrived at Shar Shechem, attracting the suspicion of police at that location. The border policemen approached the terrorists and one of the terrorists pulled a Karl Gustav rifle and began firing while a second slashed victims with his knife. The police response was immediate, neutralizing the three within seconds.

Police report the three were armed with guns, knives and explosives, explaining the suspected pipe bomb earlier.

The wounded females are border policewomen, one listed in critical condition as CPR continues and the second in serious condition. The wounded have been removed from the scene. A police spokesman explains they were heavily armed.

The terrorists, all from the Jenin area, have been neutralized. It is unknown if they were killed.

14:36: As police continue at the scene of the latest Arab terror attack, they are being attacked with stones.

Two of the terrorists have been killed. The condition of the third is unknown. A photo of their PA (Palestinian Authority) ID cards is among the photos following the article.

14:44: Updates from MDA Chief of Operations Eli Bin: One border policewoman is in critical condition as CPR and advanced life support measures continue in a hospital. The second victim is listed in serious condition and efforts are ongoing to stabilize her condition.

It is unclear if the wounds are from knives, gunfire or both.


14:04: EMS units are responding to a stabbing attack at Shar Shechem in Yerushalayim. First reports, which are yet unconfirmed, state a number of people have been wounded.

Additional information to follow as it becomes available.

14:09: There is a great deal of confusion at this time, including reports of knives and gunfire. There appear to be a number of terrorists. Ichud Hatzalah reports CPR is being performed on one victim.

14:11: According to all reports there are multiple wounded on the scene. In addition, there are at least two terrorists, whom have been neutralized.

14:14: Two females are among the wounded. CPR is being performed on one of them and the second is reported in serious condition.

Security forces are distancing all responders, apparently fearing there is an explosive device in the area.

14:19: The area has been cleared for fear of a pipe bomb, which may have been set into place to detonated as emergency responders operate on the scene. Needless to say this development delays operating on the scene as police distances everyone and shuts the area to traffic.

Channel 2 News correspondent Moshe Nussbaum states there is no doubt at this time there were three terrorists, not two.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Media Resource Group)