NEW VIDEO: July 4 Is 40th Anniversary Of Rescue at ‘Entebbe’



Monday, 4th of July, is not only American Independence Day. It also marks the 40th Anniversary of the incredible Rescue at Entebbe by Israeli Special Forces commandos of over 100 Jewish hostages taken captive by Arab terrorists at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. ‘Operation Thunderbolt,’ was later renamed ‘Operation Yonatan’ in memory of Yoni Netanyahu (brother of PM Binyamin Netanyahu) who was the only Israeli soldier to lose his life in the operation.

In honour of this milestone occasion, Sydenham Shul in Johannesburg, South Africa produced a short video synopsis of the raid, one of the most daring hostage rescues of all time. The video, Miracle at Entebbe, premiered at the Shul’s recent Benny Friedman concerts in Johannesburg.

For the IDF to mount such a complicated and dangerous mission, over 2000 miles away from Israel, flying over mainly hostile countries, and to bring the hostages back to Israel safely required not only Jewish brains and chutzpah but the unmistakable protective hand of Hashem.

Rabbi Yossy Goldman, Senior Rav of Sydenham Shul, felt it was very important for the younger generation to know about such a historic event. He directed the video which was professionally produced by the well-known David Fleminger and narrated by one of the top radio voices in South Africa, Anthony Fridjhon.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)