PHOTOS: Some Are Quite Pleased With Hunger Strike By Imprisoned Terrorists



An estimated 1,100 terrorists imprisoned in Israeli jails of 6,000 are taking part in a hunger strike that began last week, demanding improved conditions including more cable TV channels and studies towards earning a high school diploma.

On Thursday 24 Nissan at noon, activists from Ichud Leumi and the party’s general-secretary, Ofir Sofer, held a barbeque outside Ofir Prison where many hunger strike leaders are imprisoned. The event is timed with families of prisoners coming to visit.

The message of the young guard of Ichud Leumi is “we are pleased with the hunger strike”, encouraging the terrorists to continue to the end. They told the press they are hopeful that inside the prison, the hunger-strikers will inhale the fumes of their barbeque.

In addition, Sofer calls on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to worsen their conditions rather than improve them and to use whatever force is necessary to bring back the remains of soldiers Hadar Goldin HY”D and Oren Shaul HY”D, whose bodies were abducted by Hamas in Gaza.

The party’s young guard urges the government not to give into the hunger strike, questioning why there is not a death penalty for the terrorists instead of imprisoning them.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)