Gal-On Remains Confident That Chareidi Bashing Will Double The Party’s Votes


Meretz party leader MK Zahava Gal-On is confident that if she heads an anti-chareidi campaign in the next election, the party, which currently has five seats, will double itself.

Gal-On presented her findings to the party’s leadership, suggesting Meretz “go for the chareidi head” by running with an anti-chareidi campaign regarding religion and state, which will double the number of seats in Knesset.

This is revealed in the Thursday publication BaKehilla, which states despite her enthusiasm, the party leadership was divided and her plan was rejected.

Gal-On is operating on the premise that Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid was successful in doing the same, but he has since changed direction, likely due to his aspirations of becoming prime minister. Meretz feels there are ten mandates available in Knesset for the ‘chiloni’ secular vote and if Meretz challenges the chareidim on religious and state, it can earn those ten seats, including votes that otherwise may go to Yesh Atid.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Charadi bashing is popular in the Left wing parties and helps them get votes from the public that is afraid that the Charadim are going to take over.

    Sad. It is like the antisemtics of Europe.

  2. I would assume the typical chareidi response to an article like this would just be hatred toward people who promote an anti-chareidi attitude. I would suggest that a more appropriate response would be introspection. Why do they hate us so much? Maybe we can make some adjustments in our approach that would be more acceptable and even enticing for our chiloni brethren. If we still have the attitude the “we are at war with the zionist hashkafa” we will get nowhere.
    From a political standpoint it is also noteworthy to consider-why is it that the chareidi public continues to grow exponentially but our number of seats in the kenesset remains relatively the same. Once again the same introspective thoughts would be helpful.

  3. Nothing like racism to get the votes—if they said such things about soldiers, blacks,Sephardim or Arabs they’d be arrested for incitement –but apparently, they can be as racist and condescending to Haredim to their heart’s content.

  4. CTRebbe’s post should be required reading for all Haredi politicians, especially the second paragraph. Guys, your own people neither believe in you, trust you or support you.

  5. Chareidi bashing is popular not only in the Left wing parties. Some “religious” websites engage in it too. Even some who ostensibly claim to be themselves Chareidi. Or maybe don’t know if they are really Chareidi.