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Early estimates suggest flu shots are performing OK in the current U.S. winter flu season. The vaccines were around 40% effective in preventing adults from getting sick enough from the

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has is defending sanctuary city policies and attacking Mayor Eric Adams’ proposal to modify New York City’s stance on limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities. The Mayor’s

There is growing concern among US intelligence officials and senior Biden administration officials that Israel is preparing to launch a war against Hezbollah in Lebanon in the coming months, CNN

Hamas leaders abroad met earlier this month in Qatar over concerns that the terror group was being trounced by the IDF in Gaza. But then, the Wall Street Journal reported,

On July 18, 1994, an explosion destroyed the Buenos Aires headquarters of the Argentine-Israelite Mutual Association, a Jewish community center. The worst such attack in the history of Argentina left

This Tuesday was the second installment in Agudah’s three-part advocacy mission to Albany. This week’s mission consisted of delegates from Queens and Long Island who traveled to meet with their

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed Thursday to fulfill Moscow’s goals in Ukraine and sternly warned the West against deeper involvement in the fighting, saying that such a move is fraught

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Britain is descending into “mob rule” because of the pressures created by protests against the Israel-Hamas war. Sunak told a meeting of police leaders on

A federal judge on Thursday blocked a new Texas law that would give police broad powers to arrest migrants suspected of illegally entering the U.S., dealing a victory to the

A Russian rocket on Thursday successfully put an Iranian satellite into orbit, a launch that underlined increasingly close cooperation between Moscow and Tehran. Russia’s state-run Roscosmos corporation said that a

Antisemitism would be defined in Florida law under a bill the Senate unanimously passed Wednesday after its sponsor warned that an increase in acts against Jewish people will lead to

After two false starts, the billionaires behind a plan to build an eco-friendly city from scratch are behind schedule and off to a bumpy start to put their proposal before

The second victim of the Eli terror attack on Thursday evening was identified as Uriah Hartum, z’l, a resident of the Dolev yishuv in Binyamin. Uriah, H’yd, a talmid of

The identity of one of the victims of the Eli terror attack on Thursday was revealed as HaRav Yitzchak Zeiger, H’YD, 57. HaRav Zeiger, z’l, a resident of the yishuv

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin faced pointed bipartisan criticism at a congressional hearing Thursday for his failure to promptly notify President Joe Biden and other U.S. leaders about his hospital stay

Russia’s 2024 presidential election isn’t expected to bring change to the Kremlin. With most opposition figures either in jail or abroad and many independent media outlets blocked, the Kremlin maintains

Citing potential national security risks, the Biden administration says it will investigate Chinese-made “smart cars” that can gather sensitive information about Americans driving them. The probe could lead to new

In an era where technological advancements are transforming the way we interact with the world around us, The Chesed Fund has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation by introducing

Aviad Gezbar, the owner of Chummus Eliyahu at the gas station in Eli, was on a break from reserve duty in Khan Younis, when he again found himself facing a

The biggest day of this year’s primary campaign is approaching as 16 states vote in contests known as Super Tuesday. The elections are a crucial moment for President Joe Biden

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