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    no blabla, YOU are awesome! Keep smiling!


    Personally, I delight in nonsense poems:


    O tnuligeld mordigog thine hast been,

    As tar-rolled watermelon truffles kill cows at a hundred paces,

    And are but as fine French cheeses are to yet finer French cheeses.

    For in the horrible stupor we call “Kentucky Fried Chicken”

    Between the buttercups lie several two-stringed mandolins

    And to think that I wrote it myself!


    Think first, that is definitely true, thanks for the comment.

    blabla, glad you’re doing better! And I agree with SaysMe, you are awesome!

    MusicMan, very interesting poem! I like your approach, it’s kind of surreal. If I may ask, where do you get the inspiration for your unique poems?


    Never mind about me doing great…

    doing a lot worse! a LOT WORSE!


    @MiddlePath, the inspiration was two poems of the same style, namely “O Freddled Gruntbuggly” by Douglas Adams and the (totally awesome) classic from Lewis Caroll titled “Jabberwocky”. Both have no meaning (the authors insisted on that) and invent words. As an example, here is the first paragraph of “Jabberwocky”:

    “‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves,

    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe,

    All mimsy were the borogoves,

    And the mome rates outgrabe”

    My grandfather loves it, so I memorized them both. When he returned to the US he told me to “keep up the weirdness”. So I did.




    Both have no meaning (the authors insisted on that)…”

    Google “MIMSY WERE THE BOROGOVES, by Lewis Padgett”, read the short story, and decide for yourself ?



    There’s nothing like Shabbos to get away from what has to be put up with during the week (school, work, etc.)

    Have a gut Shabbos – hopefully things will improve.


    blabla- :(. Pls don’t let urself go from much better to a lot worse. Focus on the positive beginning of the week, and try overlooking the sad parts a bit? I hope shabbos brings u its special menucha and u have a fresh start. Thinking of you! If theres any way i cld help…


    hi guys! havent been here in a while. missed u.

    nomtw and saysme: i loved ur poems of “what once was…” and “who once was…” the rythm and poetry was amazing.

    themusicman: i love ur poetry! everyone needs a little silliness in their life and they really do have meaning. keep them coming!


    saysme: Great Addendum!

    MP: I’ve been thinking all week how to reply to that post…there is no need to apologize! Your thoughtout comments are an attribute to any post regardless of your motives.

    blabla: Oh no! How was shabbos…?

    Thanks puppy! (Cute sn!)


    This week will be a tough one although shabbos was nice. Depends on the minute honestly-sometimes I’m good and sometimes I’m balling. Won’t explain the circumstances because people will for sure know who I am then


    blabla: good luck. im sure u’ll get through this. u have us all here for support

    Luna Lovegood


    I don’t act like I’m supposed to act

    But I’m never going to change

    And that’s a proven fact


    That I’m never going to be what you want me to be

    It’s just so difficult

    Because you’re never going to see the real me


    Because I have no life

    Even though you make it so difficult

    It’s like being stabbed with knife


    That I’m not great with family and friends

    Too much fighting

    It never ends

    All this I’m sorry

    And many more

    But I’m never going to change

    And for that I’ll never be adored



    Anyone have a time machine that I can borrow? Most of the usual “outlets” are basically off limits for this week and (with everything else) I’m really not sure how to just get through it…

    Hope everyone’s ok…



    kapusta, luna, blabla- sorry for ur struggles. Hope some smiles come ur way.

    Kapusta- cuz i can, ((hug!!!))

    blabla- hope more ups days than down then. And yasher koach on ur optimism in this!

    mp- how r u doing this week? How was shabbos?

    yes, what outlets are music fans using this month (or 2)?

    So far, i’ve been doing an awful lot of walking alone, listening to nature, and sitting in quiet parks even. And i’ve got a ball game and swimming in mind, tho i’d need a friend for those. Also tried crocheting but quickly lost interest (max 10 min at a time). Last year absorbed myself in puzzles, but need to buy one still this year. Any other ideas?


    Thanks, SM 🙂 Doing a teeny drop better now B”H… And when you find a good outlet, let me know…



    TheMusicMan, very interesting. I’d love to see more poems from you!

    blabla, please hang in there. We all are here to give support, so know that you can come here to be comforted.

    puppy, glad to see you back here! Hope you’re doing well.

    NOMTW, thanks so much for your wonderful comments, I really appreciate them. Glad you’re back here, hope all’s well.

    Luna, I’m sorry for what you’re going through. It’s so hard when people don’t appreciate you for who you are. But know that there is always the ability to grow from any experience, and it all depends on our attitudes. Hope things get better.

    kapusta, sorry to hear that. It’s definitely tough during Sefirah. SaysMe has some good suggestions. I don’t know if you like arts and crafts or painting, but I do a lot of that. Like putting together a scrapbook, a collage, doing pastel or charcoal paintings. I can spend hours and hours on those! Hope you find something good to do!

    SaysMe, thanks for asking how I’m doing, thank G-d I’m alright. Shabbos was nice. How was yours?

    Hope you all have a good week, and hope things look up for everyone!


    MP, thanks for the ideas. I’m not an artsy type but I might become one…

    For right now I think I need to stay focused on “busy” stuff. Still not sure how to get through the week but I’m trying not to think about it and hopefully, IY”H it’ll be good. Doing better now though, B”H. Thanks, everyone. 🙂

    (And thanks to someone who probably doesn’t read this thread but in case you do, you know who you are :))

    To the people who’ve been very quiet lately, you’re missed around here!



    Kapusta – it kills me to think of someone with such a strong backbone feeling so down! When we both stopped posting for ideological reasons, and then we both started posting again, I knew my reason was because I was feeling lousy and needed a distractor from the noise in my head. I was so hoping you weren’t on for the same reason. I wish there was something I could offer . . .


    Thank you, Syag, I appreciate it. I actually (mostly) stopped posting on other threads a while back and as for this thread, I slowed down posting somewhat but I usually read it. I’m trying to keep busy and so far so good, B”H. And WB, I’ve missed your posts on this thread. 🙂


    Luna Lovegood

    You gave me your word, and you broke it away

    Doing things you shouldn’t do, and saying things you shouldn’t say

    Now every time I look in your eyes, all I see is little white lies

    So don’t dare come running back to me, when you are no longer free

    So go on with your life, as a liar and a thief, It will always effect you but never hurt me

    Because I tried my best in trusting you, and you didn’t do the things you promised you would do

    So when the world turns their back and you are betrayed

    I’ll be gone because I’m through with all you lies and hate

    I will no longer be the weaker one

    And I will now stand here independent and strong

    I gave you everything I had, and ended up wit nothing, lonely and sad

    Because you gave me your little promise that was fake

    and put all you beloved friendships at stake

    So I will leave you to fly on my own

    To be free of your lies that were hard as stone


    well kapusta, best outlet is still a long phone convo with a best friend, to vent, cry, let it all out and have someone who knows u so well listen, understand and care. They may be few and apart, but still the most important and neccesary and meaningful thing to me, and i miss the days when they were more, and dread the coming days when they’ll be even less.


    Can’t argue with that. Hows everything by you?



    let’s see. Pain,an awful lot of anger, hurt, feeling deserted or lonely, learned my words are not believable, my personality causes hurt, my privacy of feelings is my own downfall, my summer dreams are gone, my mentors turned off her emotions to me, wondering if she just wants me to accept it and let go or if her words are sincere, my bf booked her tickets to move away, i’m still moody and supersensitive but now without 3 of my former vents- b”h i have one amazing friend whose ears are always open, whenever i’m willing to open up-which takes me baby steps. My parents r frustrated and at wits end, my ruchniyus is in the dumps, i dont even know if i have or what my short term goals or dreams are. I am just facing each day at a time, and have no plans or schedule. And my thirst for excitement, fun, exercise, goals, trips, growth has grown dim for i’ve no friend to pursuethem with and am not self-motivated. In a nutshell, right? A big nutshell



    Do you listen to a cappella?

    I’m not much into music myself, but I have family members who are. If you’re interested, I’ll ask for recommendations and post them here.

    Also, if you’re having a really tough time, maybe ask a shaila about whether you can be maikil with music.



    I’m not sure if this is the type of praise you want to hear, but you certainly have the talent of expressing yourself in writing ?

    Right now you’re quite down – some of what you describe are symptoms of depression – but I’m positive things will improve; the only question is how fast that will happen.

    If nothing else, take a walk outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we’re now having (well, when the rain clears up anyway) – that’s usually good for a pick-me-up.


    🙁 That sounds like a lot. Wish I could help… Is there anything you can do that would keep you focused on other things? You mentioned puzzles before, but if not that, maybe something else…? Maybe a light conversation with a “friendly”…? Is Ohr Naava something that might work for you? You have the right idea, though; take it one day at a time and you’ll be ok IY”H. Hatzlacha with everything. Thinking about you. <hugs>



    kapusta, I’m glad you’re doing a little better. Keeping busy is good. Hope your week gets even better!

    syag, so glad to see you back in this thread. Hope you’re doing well.

    Luna, you write so well, and I’m sorry for the pain you are going through. Having a person who was close to you turn their back and speak lies is a terrible thing. I hope you do have someone close who is there for you and who is loyal to you. From the last few lines of your poem, I can see that you are a very strong person, and you have the confidence to pull through. And I believe in you. Hoping things only get better.

    SaysMe, I’m extremely pained to see the suffering you are going through. For now, you are doing all you can by taking one day at a time, and that itself is a wonderful thing. I hope that very soon, you’ll be able to stand back up on your feet and continue living to the fullest and continue inspiring all of us here. And remember that we are here for you, too, and though we may not seem to be as much a part of your life as your closest friends, we all want to see you happy and care about you very much. Hoping that things only get better.

    Hope that everyone’s week gets better.


    MP: I speak the truth.

    Luna: That’s a great username- Luna Lovegood never changed for anyone! By her peers she is viewed as “weird” or “looney Lovegood”, but her strength, fearlessness and smarts is what saves her and friends multiple times when facing danger. Take a lesson from her, don’t ever change for anyone unless you want to as well. Strength doesn’t come from having many people’s approval-it comes from having one person’s approval= yourself.

    Kapusta: Oy. Oy. Oy. The music thing is a nightmare. Any helpful suggestions would be MUCH appreciated! So far th acapella music has done nothing but depress me :-/

    It’s a dreary Tuesday, but how’s everyone doing? (My 3rd cup of coffee is looking good right about now…)

    Luna Lovegood

    Middle Path – thank you for your kind and caring words. they mean a lot.


    ICOT- thanks, its a major vent for me sometimes :). Walk is exactly whats on my daily schedule this week- my favorite way of relaxing.

    Kapusta- thank you. If ohr naava were closer to me, it might just be my thing! I’m thinking abt joining a gym, so we’ll see.

    MP- Thanks and amen


    NOMTW, thanks. About the whole music thing, I actually cannot function without it. I need something playing in order to be productive with school work. And I play a few instruments, so not playing them during sefira is incredibly difficult. What I do is listen to music that I don’t particularly enjoy that much, just to have something on so I can still function normally. And I play a lot of air guitar :).

    Luna, thanks so much, appreciate you saying that. Hope things get better!

    SaysMe, I’m glad it’s not as bad as it seemed! Hoping that finding your direction and summer schedule come easily and quickly! I’m also in the process of preparing a schedule for the summer, as I’ll have a big break from school. I’m hoping to get an internship but that is proving to be very difficult, but I just have to keep working at it and something will turn up. There is no such thing as putting in effort and coming up empty. Something will always work out, whether we plan for it or not!

    Luna Lovegood

    I sit in silence while you all chatter

    for what you all say it doesn’t matter

    Not in this world of dying

    Not when there are others crying

    While you scrutinize your size

    All fighting to win some material prize

    There are others who take there last breath

    These people alone welcome death

    You look at me in the corner

    Thinking I’m a weird loner

    True it may be

    But with my poetry I am set free

    I can be who I want to be

    I understand the harsh reality

    Now when you meet death

    I will stand with more than one breath

    For this whole time I have known

    As you make useless chatter I have slowly grown

    Now I see the world for what it will always be

    I spoke to the few who knew how to be free

    And for you I leave you pity

    As you search to make your next fifty

    I walked out and left you all behind

    But we all know you will never mind

    As I sit somewhere new

    Finding life from a different view

    You will make pointless chatter

    Hiding everything that at the end will truly matter


    Luna, what a fantastic poem, and it is so great that you can see how much writing poetry can help set you free! Forget about the pressures from the shallow people of the world, you can focus on true meaning and achieve so much more. And I think that was the message of your poem, right? Keep writing, and stay positive!


    Thanks, MP. How are you?

    ICOT- Thanks for the offer. Its actually mostly other stuff, but for right now I’m just trying to take it easy.

    NOMTW, would the weather report work? Or maybe try the weather report for Florida…

    SaysMe, happy to see the update. If Ohr Naava isn’t at all accessable for you, maybe you can get together with some people and start something with the same idea. And if the gym is your thing, go for it!

    Interesting day, but overall better than it could have been, B”H.

    Hope everyone’s doing well.


    Luna Lovegood

    Why am I alive, why do I exist

    Just so I can live a life like this

    Everything is for the best people say

    Well then come live in my house for a day

    With your soul forever marred

    On the outside I may be smiling

    But on the inside I am crying

    What is hidden beneath our floors

    Even though on the outside we seem to be singing a happy song

    The fighting and shouting goes on and on

    The blame game is all their mind is on

    I tell them I just want to die

    They laugh and dismiss my cry

    They tell me I just want attention

    I just want it all to end

    For our relationship to mend

    But sadly that cannot be


    A friend of mine made this up its part of a song she wrote, this is the chorus:

    Imagine what a world it would be if everyone did right

    If everyone did something good, something good despite

    Despite the fact they thought it was wrong

    Despite the fact still keep strong

    Strive and struggle until you win

    Win that battle from within

    What do you think??????


    kapusta, thanks for asking, I’m doing alright, thank G-d. My semester is winding down so I’m busy with my final projects, and they’re turning out nicely. I still don’t really have my summer schedule set up, but it’ll happen! Hope you’re doing alright.

    Luna, wow, it is heartbreaking what you go through at home. But I am grateful you can come here and open up about it, that is very healthy. I’m sure there are many unbearable times in your house, and I’m sorry for all the suffering you go through because of it. And it is terrible that they ignore your cries for any relief or reconciliation. If your siblings and parents don’t respond well to your pleas, perhaps there is someone else whom you look up to and respect who can take you in when things are rough at home? Believe me, I know the feeling of wearing a mask that shows that I’m fine and happy, when inside I’m really hurt and alone. It isn’t a good feeling, and sometimes I hate the fact that I can’t be true to myself and show people the pain I’m going through. It is best to let it out, and find a person who you can rely on when things get really tough. Wishing you only good, and hope things get better.

    Shopping613, nice lyrics! I’m a little confused though, when you say “If everyone did something good despite the fact they thought it was wrong”.. does that refer to a person who is trying to do something wrong but ends up doing good? Or that the thing that was supposed to be wrong ended up being good? Oh, and welcome here!

    Hope everyone is doing alright.. Think first, PE, Syag, hope things are ok.


    Its saying you should do something right no matter what other people would think about you because of what you did, you got me?


    Hey everyone, and welcome Luna Lovegood – your writing seems good! and shopping 613!

    Haven’t time to catch up all i’ve missed, but just saying hi to you all!

    Think First, happen to see this comment you posted,

    “PrincessEagle- we always appreciate you coming by and saying hi.”

    you know what, i used to live here but now i’ve gone to live in the real world.. I miss you all though!

    Blabla, how are you doing? Middlepath! thanks for your shout, always appreciate it, hope you’re okay….

    Puppy, welcome back here too 😉

    SaysMe!! Just happened to see s1 comment about music – i asked about it, and was told to rather listen to real music than cappella.. if it’s nec. you can often get a psak to listen.

    There’s so much pain in this place! i’m sorry, i wish i could make it better to you all! Apparently the yitti liebel helpline is meant to be a good place to turn to.. thinkin’ of you all and hope things will turn out good…. try to keep holding on to the hope that things will get better, and to the faith that you (must!!) have in yourself, and the faith that G-d has in you (Modeh Ani … Rabba Emunoscha). Miss ya all!


    Shopping, thanks for explaining. And that is definitely true.

    PE, so glad to see you back here! But it’s great that you’re keeping busy in the real world. I’m doing alright, thanks! Hope all’s well by you.


    Welcome shopping613 and Luna Lovegood!

    Luna, your poetry is awesome. u shud really try to talk to someone you trust and wud be there for u. especially someone proffesional. u sound like u r in a lot of pain and need help. wishing u the best of luck and hope things get better. i wish i cud help u!

    To my little girl,

    always close to my heart.

    I try to find you in this rubbish heap,

    of lies, pain and evil.

    I try to hold on to you,

    when the rest of it is rotting waste.

    I try to detach you,

    take you away from this mess.

    To love you as only i could.

    To hold onto your innocence,

    your trust that all is good,

    and all is out to help you.

    To let you beleive in love,

    in adults who care,

    in smiles that say happiness.

    To give you nourishment,



    I try.

    Rhyme Time

    this account is set up for a kid (pre bar or bas mitzva) who’s interested in writing poems. it will be used for this thread only. all posts will be done with parental supervision.

    I entered a room quite fine

    where everything was perfect

    and if you were upset

    that they would detect

    Bubbles fell from the sky

    and wonderfully scented the room

    smiles invaded the place

    there wasn’t an inch of gloom

    You want a snack, it comes right away

    and you’re eating in no time

    not to take advantage of it

    would seem to be a crime

    Babies’ giggles filled the room

    it was a wondrous sound

    and after enjoying it

    you would be crowned

    And afterward, when they were done

    finished with pampering you

    you’d wake up in bed and then say

    I knew it was too good to be true!


    puppy, beautiful poem! Whoever that little girl is, she is lucky to have you looking after her and loving her. Wishing you continued success in guiding her toward happiness and peace.

    Rhyme Time, great poem! It really gives us a dose of reality, but at the same time, there is what to be said of following our dreams if we have the capability. And welcome!

    Have a lovely shabbos, everyone.


    good shabbos all! Hope i can post more next week, and wishing everyone an amazing, relaxing and uplifting shabbos!!!

    Rhyme Time

    Thank you very much Middlepath.Your comment means a lot to me.


    “The pernilious old frog

    Is not in the creek

    No longer in the bog,

    He croaked, so to speak”

    Luna Lovegood

    Break the rules

    Stand apart

    Ignore your head

    Follow your heart

    Luna Lovegood





    lead to





    lead to





    lead to






    SaysMe, looking forward to more posts from you this week!

    Rhyme Time, I’m so glad to hear that!

    MusicMan, nice! Always look forward to your unique style of poetry!

    Luna, wow, short but powerful. It is true that many times our hearts know what is best for us, even though we may feel pressured to follow another path, and we must be true to ourselves. And in your second poem, I think that is just part of a bigger cycle of emotions that we all go through. In order to have growth, we may need a setback, or feel pain, and then learn how to get past it. And once we do, we can repeat again the cycle with happy, joyful, smiling faces. It is up to each of us to choose what part of the cycle we focus on most.

    Hope you all had a nice shabbos, and have a great week.

    Think first

    Hi everyone! I logged in and saw thr for some ur week wasn’t great well here comes a brand new week and I hope it a good week full of good feelings and success.

    Mp nice to have you back here, ur the man and I hope that shortly you will be someone’s man and have a happy and beautiful life together.

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