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    Luna Lovegood


    the two letters stuck in the middle of

    this crazy thing called


    the four letters

    that can be amazing

    or we can say if


    the one word

    that amazes everyone

    with if only and if


    the four letters

    that are placed before

    if in a sentence asking


    the three letters

    that are hidden behind

    this two letter word called


    those two letters

    seem to make

    every little thing into a question

    Luna Lovegood


    It’s a journey.


    It’s a made worthwhile by love


    It began with a friendship.


    It’s a strong bond.


    Time together that you enjoy.


    You’re supposed to enjoy life.


    In short definition

    can be defined as:

    A journey filled with love and friendship,

    made strong by bonds that let you enjoy


    Luna Lovegood

    I hear the voices in my head

    the constant buzz I’ve come to dread.

    What is truth?

    What is a lie?

    To silence them I must comply.

    I hear the rules.

    I must obey.

    There’s no escape.

    here’s what they say:

    Work hard, eat your dinner

    Study hard, you’ll be a winner.

    Don’t question, listen now

    be the best, take your bow.

    Be good.

    Stay in line.

    Don’t think too much,

    and you’ll be fine.

    Eat this.

    Don’t eat that.

    Count your calories.

    Don’t get fat.

    Don’t worry about the pain

    to be a beauty you must not gain.

    You’re not a loser.

    You’re a winner.

    To stay that way you must be thinner.

    I hear the voices in my head.

    They’ll go away if I am dead.


    Think first, thanks so much, and amen, and to you as well!

    Luna, amazing poems! Your second one about Life is really something. I’ve never thought of it that way. And about your third one: Always remember that you, yourself, control your your destiny, and you can always choose to disregard those voices however powerful they may yell in your head. That can make the difference between living life as a slave to the pressures of our surroundings, and living life as a person who chooses to follow a path that will bring out the best in us.


    So I’m making a cover of a song I like and I’m changing the words a little, and I’m dedicating it to all the wonderful members here in the poetry thread. The original song is called “My Immortal”. My own lyrics are referring to what this poetry thread means to me. Here are my lyrics. Hope you all like them.

    I never tire of being here

    Never suppressed by all my childish fears

    And though we come and leave

    I wish that we would never leave

    And our presence lingers here, and it’ll never leave us alone

    Some wounds won’t seem to heal

    Some pain is much too real

    There’s just too much that time cannot erase

    When you’d cry, I’d wipe away all of your tears

    When I’d scream, you’d fight away all of my fears

    A softspoken word echoes in my ears

    And it’ll never leave..leave me

    Your words all captivate me by their resonating light

    Unbinding me from the life I left behind

    My words attempt to rid you of your haunted dreams

    They help me find a new sanity in me

    Some wounds won’t seem to heal

    Some pain is much too real

    There’s just too much that time cannot erase

    When you’d cry, I’d wipe away all of your tears

    When I’d scream, you’d fight away all of my fears

    A softspoken word echoes in my ears

    And it’ll never leave..leave me

    We try so hard to change our pain into song

    And though I may be alone, you’re all with me all along


    Luna Lovegood-

    Very good!

    Your style seems to be to think a lot about what you write.


    It’s very good.

    Hatzlocha raba putting it to music and publishing it.

    Syag Lchochma-

    This one from a couple of months ago was excellent at describing how we miss people who are no longer here, and how we try to hold on to our memories of them:



    *Whistles* Wow….Those poems are incredibly vivid. I’m truly sorry you are going through a really rough time. Even though it seems that there are people in your life that don’t have the time or care to listen to you- remember that all of us in the Poetry Room are here to listen and empathize with you. The beauty of an anonomous forum is that none of us will judge you, ever. Wishing you only happiness in the coming week.

    MiddlePath: Hope those final exams are wrapping up nicely, the countdown begins! 🙂 Oh, and did I mention I will be playing my music at an UNHEALTHY volume this Thursday?! Whohoo!!

    The original song is one of my favorites! I really liked your cover, looking forward to seeing it on Itunes 😉

    Hey Everybody, I’m sorry I keep flitting in and out of here and haven’t had time to post an original peice of my own, I’ve just been busy with end of semester schoolwork. I just want you all to know that I do click on this thread first when I log on and even if I don’t have the time to post, I read all the material and you are all so truly talented. I am humbled to be a part of the group.

    Have a wonderful day filled with small, but genuine smiles.

    Luna Lovegood

    Middle Path and No One Mourns the Wicked – thanks so much for your kind and caring words. I’m going through really tough time in school and at home and it feels good to know I can post here. There is no one for me to talk to and this is a really good outlet for me.


    Regarding virtual beverages (part 1)

    There’s a fable on the label

    of the playful playful place you share

    For the brew imbibed here’s stronger

    and the walls, there are none there.

    The fable seems so real we think there’s only we few here.

    We’re shmoozing in a private place with nothing but good cheer.

    I know there’s no real coffee here nor whiskey wine nor beer.

    Yet somehow the effects the same, mysterious but clear.

    The coffee serves to keep you up and posting when its late.

    the whiskey makes you loosen up and not fear to relate.

    But it’s risky to drink whiskey with a story to withhold.

    You warm up with your friends(you think)

    and soon the secrets told.

    With the caffiene and the alcohol you say some things youll rue.

    Its that playful lable fable. Sometimes we think its true.


    Regarding virtual beverages (part 2)

    When a funny punny repartee came into a mod’s head

    Because he judged the OP troll he plotted seeing red.

    I’ll get him with my funnies, HA, he’ll wish he stayed in bed.

    He wants to cause some trouble here? he’ll deal with me instead.

    -So that post got mods approval and he let it start a thread

    -Cause that funny punny repartee could not be left unsaid.

    But things were going way too fast I noticed with a wince.

    Much LH got onto the web without a wash or rinse.

    A poster even said he’d ___ his words he didn’t mince.

    (May have sobered up next day, he hasn’t posted since!)

    -It’s this that clouds my day since then, this wasn’t kept at bay.

    -Oh that playful label fable, it caused me this dismay!

    One wrote that I’d misjudged, I just didn’t get the joke.

    For Popa’s is not Eighty, yeah that’s some other bloke.

    He says he is he says he’s not. It’s just his liddle kiddle.

    you can not tell which one is right. Supposed to be a riddle.

    But matters none if he’s the one who let the LH through.

    It’s open on the web, you see, for everyone to view.

    The lurkers here of every stripe are sure to think it true.

    A scandal on the internet. A threat to every Jew!



    Wow – that was fantastic!

    When I grow up, I want to be able to write like that ?

    Seriously, you make a very good point, too.

    People should be careful not to lower their guard and reveal some personal information they may be sorry they let slip.


    Nitpicker: that was amazing!


    ICOT, thanks. I don’t think I’d publish it, but it’s still fun to make.

    NOMTW, thanks! I’m not at my finals yet, another 2 weeks or so, but I’m in the middle of my final projects now. How’s the end of the semester schoolwork coming along for you? And I’ll be playing music at such a volume as well :). That’s cool it’s one of your favorite songs, I used to be into them a few years ago, and just recently got back into them again. It won’t be on itunes, but maybe I’ll put it on my soundcloud page. Hope you can be here more often after the semester’s over!

    Luna, I appreciate you saying that so much, and I’m sorry things are tough for you at school and home. You should always feel welcomed and appreciated here, because you are! Always look forward to your poetry, and hope things get better.

    nitpicker, that was a really clever poem! Looking forward to part 2.

    Hope all of you here are doing well.

    Luna Lovegood

    day is gone.

    Night is here.

    What once was love

    And now is fear.

    Shadows are here.

    The dwell and roam.

    Once was safe.

    Now far from home.

    What now is darkness,

    Once was light.

    When gone to bed,

    Won’t sleep tonight.

    Forever falling,

    Not a fear.

    The light is gone

    And darkness is here.

    Luna Lovegood

    As angry as the roaring sea

    wondering if she really loves me

    raging as the waterfalls

    from deep within my anger calls

    crying with tears like rain

    to show you I am in pain

    Swift like waves upon the sand

    my heart aches, there’s only so much it can withstand

    Lost like snowflakes upon the sea

    wondering if anyone can see the real me


    Regarding virtual beverages (part 3 close)

    Times were many that I tried the warning bell to knell

    When answer I got any, it was sometimes LOL.

    “We’re all a cozy bunch here, who do you think would tell?

    Theres nothing to be scared of. You just can go to ____”.

    You say this ditty is unwitty so you point and hold your nose.

    That unpretty, no-wit ditty! There’s never been such dross!

    This thread it is for poets, but I’m not one of those.

    For me this is a rarity, I am more at ease with prose.

    If my ditty is unpretty as a poem it’s no good,

    Its message’s still a message and I want it understood.

    When you want to post or speak, sometimes hold back you should.

    I learned that from KOHELES, the end of perek yud!.

    Luna Lovegood

    Two roads lay in front of me one life and the other death

    Should I continue on or take my final breath

    I feel as if I am alone adrift at sea

    I cry out lama azavtani

    Will I ever be happy?

    Will I ever be free?

    My heart was once glad and joyful as peaches

    Is now breaking into millions of pieces

    Why do you fight

    Scream, shout and yell

    And blame everything on each other as well

    Take a good look around

    If you continue only sadness will await

    My words appear to carry as much weight as air.

    I have only two options to choose life or death

    Will I have the strength to continue on or take my final breath?


    Luna- a very belated welcome. Your poems express such pain and frustration, and i’m so sorry for what you’re going through at home. I wish families would not fight, and the blame game IS often worst.

    You have a talent in expressing yourself in poetry, and there is also such depth that you have that comes through. you seem to understand the little thigns that go wrong and cause hurt. I am sure you have gained great sensitivity in relationships that will create deep bonds in the future. I’m so sorry for all the pain you are going through, and i hope this thread can be of some support. Is there noone you can try talking to in real life? A hand on your shoulder can’t be duplicated. Is there a teacher or a friend you have that you can speak with?

    i hope you have a better day tomorrow!

    MP- wow, that was really a beautiful song. i dont know which parts are from the original, but you’ve really made something! and shows how much this thread means to you and to others…

    nitpicker- 🙂 you sure can do poetry! and well at that! and you bring up ur msg nicely!

    puppy-touching piece. may your efforts be blessed with success

    Rhyme Time- welcome and very nice poetry! what a nice dream that’d be 🙂

    Parent- pls just be aware that not all the posts in this thread are poetry only, and not all are of sunny days. Its as much a caring, supportive group in hard times, just so you know.

    Luna Lovegood

    You expect me to be perfect

    A cut above the rest

    Perfect scores on every test

    On essays, papers and all the rest

    But there are other things that matter

    Like personality and moral character

    I like being smart, intelligent and bright

    Knowing that I am a good person does

    Knowing that I help people where ever I go

    Knowing that people like me for me

    Because of my personality

    Not because I am smart

    But because I have a heart

    SaysMe – thanks for the welcome


    To everyone else here:

    I seem to have interrupted the flow of poetry and friendly help here and for that I am sorry.

    to syag.

    glad you liked it. but your login name almost guaranteed you would like it.

    to ICOT.

    Well thank you. but for me, this was an aberration.

    also to ICOT who wrote:

    “Seriously, you make a very good point, too.

    People should be careful not to lower their guard and reveal some personal information they may be sorry they let slip. “

    That was only the first point.

    To Saysme:

    Only rarely. only second time. the other one was a long time ago.

    BTW there is a disturbing typo.

    one line should have read

    Because he judged the OP A troll …

    the missing word A really ruins it, if that be possible.

    Many reading this are not aware of the details referred obscurely in part 2. I hope the meaning came through, even to those who don’t know the specifics.

    but some of the mods DO know the specifics. so



    To Mods.

    First, thank you for approving my poem even though it is critical of you. Also thank you for moving part 2 after part 1 even thought I think there were intervening posts. Now if you could do the same for part 3…

    But now what is to be done about this situation?

    That poison is still out there. Won’t you delete it? can’t you delete it? You’ve deleted much milder stuff.

    Do I have to talk to some rabbis? I am literally getting sick over this.

    i’m not sure to what you are referring. Can you post in that thread, what you think should be taken down, please?


    Luna, wow! Such beautiful poetry, and so full of emotion and meaning. The one about having two roads in front of you I can associate with because I went through a stage with exactly that in question. Seeing where I am now, I am thankful that I chose the road to continue, even with its challenges, because it is much more rewarding in the long run, and the feeling of accomplishment is like no other. May you have the strength to continue! And your last poem is so true, having a good heart and helping people is worth more than acing any exam. Looking forward to more of your wonderful poetry.

    nitpicker, parts 2 and 3 are incredible! You most definitely are a very talented poet, and your message rings so true. Silence can save us, and sometimes keeping quiet yields far better results than speaking our minds. But at the same time, there are situations where speaking up is important. I’m sorry I didn’t get the message in part 2, I don’t really read too many other threads besides this one so I don’t know what always goes on. But either way, I very much like your poetry and hope you stick around here with more! And please don’t think you interrupted anything, you didn’t!

    SaysMe, thanks. Yes, I’m trying to show what this thread means to me. I hope to record the song sometime in the next few days.

    Kapusta, PE, puppy, and all the others, hope you’re doing okay.


    to middlepath:

    Thank you for the kind words. Let me address a few of the things you said and then I hope I can leave it be. a composition really should stand on its own.

    1) “I’m sorry I didn’t get the message in part 2”

    well the message is really the last line:

    “A scandal on the internet. A threat to every Jew!”

    Even if you don’t yourself know what the scandal is.

    the rest of the section is about how I imagine this lapse happend,

    and that even if I am wrong,the important thing is that it did.

    Aside from personal information, there are many other things that dont belong being bandied about in public, as described nicely on the front page of the coffee room.

    2) would I write some more poetry and post it here?

    Well it took a tremendous amount out of me and to almost no purpose.

    The people I most want to see it probably wont, because just as you hardly read other threads, I think they hardly read the poetry thread. This was a kind of temporary insanity, something I just had to do. I had such an attack once long ago and also to almost no purpose. I wish I still had that poem.

    3) interesting that you prefered sections two and three.

    part 3 is my least favorite. I wanted to fix it up some but simply had exhausted my mental energy.

    All the best,

    Rhyme Time

    Thank you Saysme, for your comment.

    Luna Lovegood

    look into my soul

    tell me what do you see

    do you see the fake smiles?

    the forced laughter

    the happy facade

    or do you see right through me

    past the fake smiles and laughs

    do you look so deep you see the scars?

    the tears, each one shed

    tell me, what does my soul look like?


    Thanks, MP. Actually not doing too hot right now but I’m still here…

    Hope everyone else is ok.



    Kapusta: do you have anyone to turn to at times like this? I feel so helpless. Can we do anything to cheer you up?


    nitpicker, thanks for explaining. But I really think you have a talent in poetry and we’d love to read more of your stuff if you so desired to write more. I actually liked all 3 parts. I am sorry that this took a lot out of you. I hope that this writing from your heart helped get you passed whatever was making things difficult for you.

    Luna, if your poetry is a reflection of your soul, and I believe it is, then your soul is beautiful, bright, strong, and full of life. Those scars and tears may look dark and sad to the average person, but if we can see the full picture, and continue to have faith that things are for the best and work out, then those scars and tears shine with light and show the world, and yourself, how strong your soul really is, and how you’re worthy to have such a special soul.

    kapusta, I’m so sorry to hear that. Know that we all care about you so much and hope that things get better for you.

    Here’s a little something I heard from my mom tonight. I hope you all can find it inspiring. It’s a nice parable.

    There was a skilled sculptor who decided to create a perfectly realistic statue of a horse, and display it in the town square. So after many weeks of hard labor, he finally completed the amazing statue. It looked so realistic, is was almost impossible to see that it wasn’t a real horse. He then brought it to the town square and proudly stood by it, hoping that people would stop and admire it. But no one stopped to look. Everyone simply took a glance and walked by. Extremely frustrated that his hard toil was all for naught, he struck the horse with a stick, and a large piece of the statue cracked right off. He was devastated. But then, all of a sudden, a large crowd gathered around and admired the beautiful horse with the large gash in it. And the sculptor realized: When the horse was intact, everyone thought the horse was a real horse, and perfectly ordinary, and therefore they didn’t look twice. But a horse with a large piece missing, still standing upright? That, everyone had to see and admire.

    And I think this is a good message for all of us going through difficulties. If we all had perfect, trouble-free lives, there’d be nothing special about us, nothing separating us from anyone else. But when we go through difficulties, hardships, and tough times, and still manage to stay upright, we are truly beautiful and unique. We become truly something special, and something to be admired. May we all continue standing upright through our difficulties, and show G-d, and ourselves, that we are indeed special.


    MP- wow, thats a really nice nimshal, and thanks so much for sharing it. It is usually difficult to know how to word to others and ourselves how what some would call damaged is actually what adds strength and beauty… I love how you’ve made the idea concrete!

    Blabla- the poetry thread misses your works of art!

    Kapusta-:( i’m sorry. Just one more day til we can all blast music long and loud!!!!! And on a random side note, i was thinking today about how i wish i woulda been able to get ur email back then… Nope, not sure why i shared that either, but anyhow.

    How i wish there was a way

    to bring warmth to each of those

    who shiver in the loneliness

    who hurt or feel so cold

    how i wish there was a way

    to send a smile to those who lack

    to turn their frowns right upside down

    paint white what now seems black

    how i wish there was a way

    to turn my ((hugs)) to real

    to send to those whose hearts can use

    an embrace they can feel

    how i wish there was a way

    to wipe away their tears

    to lend a shoulder for support

    and help to banish fears

    how i wish there was a way

    to be there for each of you

    in a way more real, more meaningful

    so your souls brightly shine through

    how i wish there was a way

    to support throughout tough times

    a hand upon a shoulder

    to find the goodness in the crimes

    how i wish there was a way

    but alas, it cannot be

    and yet the power of this thread’s

    made a tremendous difference to me


    Thanks, Syag, I really appreciate it. Today wasn’t such a fun day. It’s a little frustrating wanting to get to certain places and not sure about how… But, I actually spoke with a friend before who just helped me laugh and chill a little so B”H for that.

    MP, thanks. And I love the message. There may even be a song in it somewhere. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks, SM. That was a great poem and it says a lot about you. (As for the email thing, I’ll take that as another vote of support so thanks! :)) How are you, btw?


    Luna Lovegood

    MP – great mashal. very nice message. and amen – may we all have the strength to overcome our difficulties.



    The Iraqi army, strong and battle tested

    Swiftly conquered the country of Kuwait

    The war was over, now they proudly rested

    With their strength shown beyond any debate

    They’d just finished fighting an eight year war

    Against Iran, their bitter old arch-foe

    Now greedy Saddam still wanted yet more

    For a gleaming palace or a new chateau

    Recall quite well just how it all turned out

    The U.S. -led rescue, by any gauge

    Was less a battle than a convincing rout

    You see, Iraq had made a huge mistake

    And their armor corps would quickly break

    The Abrams was a huge and fearsome tank

    It s turbine engine quiet, smooth and fast

    Next to it, the other tanks just crawled

    Their effectiveness now vanished in the past

    But the M1A1 , big and mighty though it was

    Had a problem in that arid desert land

    The battle wagon that had the whole Mideast abuzz

    Every hour or two each tank had to stop

    And get its filter cleared by another tank

    When the first tank was done they then would swap

    Each unit helping the next one at its flank

    Despite its fearsome might, it needed help to run

    And it worked just fine once that help was received

    Some may complain, their sad refrain, they just want to get by

    Being human is what makes us who we are


    SaysMe, thanks! Your poem is really beautiful. Many times, I wish that I can be more helpful to the people here than just writing a reply to their heartfelt words expressing pain. But we must make do with what we can, and hope that we can still make a difference, and I think we do.

    Kapusta, thanks! Perhaps there is a song in it. Hope today was a better day. Thinking of you.

    Luna, thanks! And amen.

    ICOT, wow, that was really something! And such a great message as well. As humans, we were created to give and receive, and that is the beauty in us. We are able to think outside of ourselves. Thanks (Tanks) so much for sharing!


    ICOT- i like!!!!



    If you prefer not to publish on the web, that’s of course your right, but IMO it’s good enough that people would enjoy it.


    You’re right that my comment was only about your “part 1” – that was the only part posted when I commented. Your parts 2 and 3 are also quite good, but 1 is my favorite. Its word usage, rhyming, cadence and message are all outstanding.


    That was excellent.

    You put into words what I’m sure many people are thinking about wishing they can help folks who are having a difficult time.


    Luna Lovegood-

    ? ? ? ? <– Take as many as needed. (If only it was that easy.)



    Thank you for the kind words.

    M1A1 is for everyone who posts here.

    I honestly think it’s a bit of a mess – it doesn’t read smoothly, the story isn’t told well, the lesson is a bit kludged and as subtle as a brick thru a window, it’s awkward, it’s inconsistent, and it’s less a poem than lines of differing lengths that have a rhyming last word – so if anyone would like to attempt a “clean up” they’re welcome to do so.


    ICOT, thanks for saying that. I actually think I’m going to upload it to my soundcloud page. And please don’t think that your incredible poem is a mess.. it is truly a masterpiece! I love it just how it is.

    I started recording the new song! Hope to have it up sometime next week, though with finals coming up, it may take longer. We’ll see.

    Hope everyone’s doing alright.


    I’d like to post a thought that I’ve came up with during my studying for a final in Perspective Sketching:

    When drawing any object, just as important as the object itself is the shadow of the object. Without a shadow, the object won’t look realistic, because it needs to be resting on a surface in order to be realistic, and a shadow is what does that. When drawing a shadow, it is almost always black, or a dark shade of gray.

    I think this is all a nice representation of how we should think of challenges in life. The darkness of pain and suffering is like a dark shadow. We need to realize that without it, we’ll just be floating, and not “real” people, meaning, we won’t have a purpose as being human beings. But with the difficulties we go through, that gives us a “shadow” that we can stand firmly upon, and that gives us a “real” identity, and makes us realize we have a purpose here. So really, all challenges in life are part of who we are, and the help make us more real.


    MP: That was so beautiful! Thank you. Btw…..MUUUUUUUSIC 😀

    I just got verbally attacked in another thread by a poster, I’m pretty new here (since February) and I guess I’m a little shaken up…

    I just wanted say thank you to everyone here for always having a kind word, and a virtual pat on the back…


    Thanks so much, NOMTW! Yep, music! What did you listen to first? I’m recording the cover song of My Immortal, it’s really hard to sing! I’m sorry you got verbally attacked in another thread. That’s partly why I try to stay away from other threads. Unfortunately, there are people in this forum who love insulting and putting down others. They use this place as a way to get all their anger out, and hurt others in the process. I hope you can get passed it, and move on. I hope you only have positive experiences here from now on.

    Think first, blabla, PE, I miss you guys.


    Thanks, ICOT.

    Doing a little better right now B”H…

    Good Shabbos, everyone.



    Hey you all, once again, there’s some very nice pieces and thoughts.

    Luna you write wonderfully….yet, you convey so much frustration and hurt. You write – “tell me, what does my soul look like?” – YOU tell you, what it looks like. You talk of a choice to life or death. It’s not your choice – it’s His…He believes in you! Every day He gives you back the soul because he has faith in your potential. He created you and when anyone looks straight to your soul, there lies it’s Creator…G-d Himself. He has faith in you…you have faith in you too…i hope it all gets easier.

    MiddlePath – thanks for the shouts again! How are you doing? I like that piece you wrote 😉

    Kapusta! Hey! What’s wrong ;( i hope things get ALL better!!!

    NOMTW, good luck with all the work!!!

    Nitpicker – It’s good what you wrote, and the messages true….

    Syag – Hi!

    ICOT – that’s really something! And your right of course…we give to some and we take from some…

    SaysMe!! How are you?!!? You’re poem is not only written nicely but is nice. Hope you’re doing well!!

    Shout for blabla and for everyone else – hi 😉 And good shabbos!


    Kapusta, glad you’re doing a little better.

    PE, glad to see you here! I’m doing alright, thank G-d. Thanks!

    Wishing you all a good shabbos.

    Luna Lovegood

    I have two hands

    I have two feet

    I should be dancing to a happy beat

    To be thankful for what is mine

    For my eyes, my ears, my voice

    For the fact that I have free choice

    I spend all my time deep in despair

    For my soul in need of repair

    All I see are ugly gray clouds

    The world seems to be covered by a dark shroud

    All I see is darkness and despair

    And no one in the world seems to care


    Luna- I’m so so sorry for your pain and struggles. Your poetry is first of all truly amazing, rhythmic, emotional and meaningful. And your yearning will iy”H bring about changes in your life and soon! i’m sorry i havent really been replying to your poems. a lot of your descriptions of attitudes etc at home strike really close to home for me (no pun intended) and i really dont know what to say, cuz i’m stuck without ideas… Trying, but slowly


    i went to a pirkei avos shiur this week, and the speaker threw in a side point off topic that was a meassage meant for me, and maybe someone else can get chizuk from it too. He said that being mesameach b’chelko does not only apply to physical things but also means to be happy with one’s current ruchniyus level. He explained, everyone is given unique and individual cicumstances in life, those he’s born with, his family, events, strengths and weaknesses. And not everyone is able to be on he same ruchniyus level, not everyone can connect as easily, not everyone has easy circumstances in life. And therefore to look at someone else and think, why cant i do chessed like him, why cant i daven like her, i wish i had such a easy time relating to Hashem would not make sense, because our inidivual lives affect our ruchniyus too. Of course we should strive and work to do our best and to always want to improve our ruchniyus but realize our level and connection right now is as individual as we are and dont compare your level to others. Work to grow, but dont put yourself down for where you are. Youre lower than u think u should be so grow but u are there, because thats where your life brought you and be content with that, while always yearnin to grow. Dont look down on yourself or see yourself as lacking.

    i’m sure i’m not wordin this well, cuz it even sounds wrong to me, but the way he said it, the points he brought out, hit me strongly. I hope the message comes through, though my post isnt really so clear.


    Luna, another heartfelt poem. You really speak from the heart. First of all, please don’t think that no one seems to care, because all of us here care very very much. Also, every dark cloud has a silver lining. And after every storm, there is sunshine. As long as we have the capability, we can try to focus on the sunshine and silver linings rather than the dark clouds. But even the darkness itself helps make us who we are, and is sometimes there to fix something that we wouldn’t otherwise have seen, and is therefore for our benefit. Hope things only get better.

    And what SaysMe said was really beautiful.

    SaysMe, I hope things only get better for you, too. And that thought you said was very interesting. I very much agree with the message that we shouldn’t compare our own spiritual levels to others, because everyone is different and has different things to deal with in life. But I’m not so sure about how that fits into being “sameach b’chelko” in regard to one’s spiritual level. I mean, I understand that we always should need to grow in our spirituality, so wouldn’t that conflict with being happy with the level one is on? But the message is very nice anyway, thanks so much for posting it! Maybe I’ll ask my mom what she thinks, she is usually very good with this stuff.

    Wishing you all a great week.

    Think first

    Mp- I know I haven’t been here recently, ive been really busy with work but I won’t forget where I came from. Hope things are alright you.

    Everyone else, wishing everyone succes and happiness . I hope to stop by and post when I have some free time.


    mp- you know how sometimes you need the right words to articulate something right and cant find then? 🙂

    he compared it to money. Said: of course you should look for a good job, and if an offer comes your way grab it, and you can always be working to make an income. But you shouldn’t be looking how others have more, but be content with where you are, while still keeping your eyes open for gaining, and making the most of your olam hazeh. So too, always look and strive to grow, but still, be content with your current place, dont compare yourself, and definitely dont despair that you are ‘poor’ in ruchniyus.


    Think first, thanks, things are going alright, thank G-d. I’m glad that you’ve been busy with work, and thank you so much for taking the time to post here. And amen!

    SaysMe, thanks for explaining! I got it now :). What you said definitely makes sense, and that is a good analogy.

    Hope everyone’s doing alright.


    Thanks, PE. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, SM. 🙂

    Just checking in to say hello.


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