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    mod 72 i think u mean AL2 lol


    myshadow do you have a second user name as AL2?


    mod72- I was wondering about that one. Thanks for being so considerate. I get headaches from caffiene. yes, I know that also means no chocolate.


    ames- lol! Not really I sometimes get coffee there with my friends. I once went there on a date.I was standing right next to my dates when they payed at starbucks and by hotels, so I know the prices!


    AL2-“I end up ordering water which costs more than coffee”

    What? Do you like order an extra large bottle of water or something?


    For those who are meikel:


    Above is a link to a coupon for 20% off at Coldstone. Of course, most people in the Coffee Room can’t benefit from this. Even those who are meikel to use Rav Moshe ZTL’s heter to eat chalav stam might still have a problem with the breach in tznius that goes on at many Coldstones. Imagine the following scenario: as you are getting your ice cream, a girl walks in with a skirt only goes 3 and a half inches below her knee. As she walks in the air conditioning in the store will blow her skirt so that a quarter centimeter of her knee is visible for 1/3 of a second. Since you are male, and therefore by definition you are an animal who cannot control your taavos, you will be very negatively affected by this occurrence and you therefore feel that she should be hung. Despite this, you think that she is good looking and that is really all that matters (other than her age) so you snap a picture of her to send to all the mothers of your single friends. The girl then goes up to the counter where the overly friendly worker starts shmoozing with her about the email he just received from Yeshiva World about YTC/TEAM’s Chinese Auction. He says that he wants to enter because he thinks it’s a segula for a shidduch to give maaser. So he enters the raffle for 2 tickets to Israel. As luck would have it, he wins the raffle, goes to Israel and ascends the Har HaBayis which rachmana litzlan starts a religious war just as Rav Elyshiv had warned. Of course, this guy

    (who has never learned Shas Mishnayos) doesn’t follow Daas Torah so he didn’t listen and even afterwords, he puts the blame on the untznius kollel wives who dress that way because they are insecure feminists who need to impress the women who run schools so that they can get jobs in Chinuch that are 3 months behind payroll because their major donors are taking vacations. Another cause of the war is the fact that people are using iPad’s to shop on the Internet in the parking lot of McDonalds even though the Internet is assur. But it is OK because they are helping Chofetz Chaim make money and Chofetz Chaim has a differnet way of life anyway. Anyone who pronounces a cholom as oh instead of oy is obviously not yeshivish enough to not use the Internet and probably eats cholov stam and treife fish that will give them High Cholesterol.

    tomim tihye

    CC: Thanks!


    ChCh – I NEEDED that!!!!!!


    Bar Ilan.


    Come up to the Bronx! We have

    Bronx Zoo

    New York Botanical Garden

    Wave Hill

    The new lion cubs are the zoo are very cute :).



    How could you mention the Bronx and not mention Yankee Stadium?! 🙂

    The Wolf

    tomim tihye

    Our Bronx Zoo date was the first time my husband saw a giraffe!

    It was also the first time I saw anyone (besides my grandma) read each and every piece of information about every animal (and discuss it afterwards!).


    what about israel?


    myshadow… whats a broadwalk

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