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    Why doesn’t Yeshiva world news with their great section of news & videos plus many other services including the great coffee room have in each piece of news a link to the piece of news before it & the piece of news after it, like almost all news websites i go to. From tiny local town websites to the big NY TIMES etc…

    with having these links on each news page it makes your news reading more organized, comfortable and relaxing with avoiding the need to go back and forth etc…


    Perhaps the editor of YWN can inform us with a answer or change it to the way most news websites have it. so it would keep your readers devoted to staying with your news & help it grow.


    ☕️coffee addict

    i was wondering that too


    Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with running YWN and have no “inside” knowledge of its finances.

    The reputable new sites such as the New York Times (if you want politically correct news) or the Wall Street Journal (if you want objective news with conservative opinions on the side), all charge money for any sort of online access. YWN appears to be on a tight budget. If it did a better job, it might not be profitable, and unprofitable news sources tend to disappear. And that doesn’t even address the problem of a hot link to news sources, many of whose articles may be considered offensive by many users of YWN.



    there are many FREE news websites that have links to the news before & after on every newsletter. what does it take in work or money to add this ma’ala to your website & then you gain thousands more readers cause it makes it such a pleasure to read


    (Anyone else wanting a YWCR Mobile Site?



    What’s with the app it used to be so much better before the update ?


    say i did it

    there already is a YWN coffeeroom website. all you need to do is put /coffeeroom after typing in same as the link on your home computer & it takes you directly to the cofferoom


    anyone else have any idea why YWN website is different? i would love to know even one pro in not having this maala on each newspage & having thousands more read it due to it being a pleasure & easy to read


    Akuperma: It has nothing to do with money. It doesn’t cost anything to add a link from the site they are getting the news from. It’s most likely two factors; the garbage on some of those site and not to divert you away from YWN’s site.


    Barry. were not talking about making a link to where YWN got the news from, were talking about why they don’t make a link to the next & previous newsletter of YWN on their/this website (like almost all news sites do)


    MA: SIDI was talking about having a mobile YWNCR site for smartphones- currently there’s a smartphone version of the news part of the site but not of the CR and it’s very inconvenient to use with such a small screen.



    I think YWN should also have a icon on their mobile website for the coffeeroom. no clue why they don’t, its a big attraction of their website. perhaps a Mod. or you can tell me

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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