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    Meshugana. If chalila Biden and his cohorts get in, it will be socialism for America and Jews will be very unwelcome. Trump 2020. Tov layehudim.

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    Your points are well taken however there
    are 2 issues here that cause mosdos and kehillos to fight – both not necessarily correct but I can hear them
    1). That Torah of tinokos shel bais raabon is not allowed to ever be suspended. So we need mesiras nefesh for that
    2). A perfect example is when another comment here says “that my kids will stay home watching Dora the explorer until their eyes fall out”. I assume that’s an internet show. Wouldn’t happen if kids were in yeshivas
    Trump May very well win by the silent majority that hated lawlessness, defund police, BLM, going back to Iran an Palestinians, etc. As Yidden we owe him Hakoras Hatov and our votes

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    No need to specify Trump. Daven that we have law an order and a good economy and Yidden can be free and safe. That will not happen with the Democrats

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    I was this week in downtown Brooklyn at 4:30PM when one would expect hordes of people to be going to the subways – it was empty – one person here and one there. It was scary. The buildings are empty – no one is coming to work. Either working remotely or enjoying unemployment
    Have friends living in ritzy mid- Manhattan looking to move. They claim their buildings are empty as people run away from the city
    That’s not the Brooklyn yiddle- that’s middle-class goyim running away from our lawless city
    Thank you deBlazio drek

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    I buy these shirts all time
    The Green label is a thinner cloth vs the Black label which is thicker. Both are quality shirts and last a long time

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    Partially true. BY girls have nothing to be ashamed of BH al pi rov. In the end the Hungarian kehillos realized that they have no choice but to copy the BY model

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    The historical facts are that the Belzer Rebbe zy”a have her a brocha and go ahead. The Gerrer Rebbe zy”a not only gave her a brocha but took an active part in it all. The first Menahel in Warsaw was a Gerrer chusid that was put there by the Gerrer Rebbe
    The Hungarian Rebbes were against it but the Gerrer Rebbe pushed it ahead. It is known that the Gerrer Rebbe told the Munkatcher that future generations will prove who was right


    I can’t understand the parents that send their children to EY schools that don’t offer Shabbos/Yom Tov seudois
    Your children have to schnorr meals on their own?
    Do you know what type of houses they will eat by?
    What will they hear/see there? Everything like your mesorah?
    Besides many of the homes that they end up eating in cannot afford this expense even though they agree to host them
    It’s a million times worse for the girls than for the boys
    These seminaries are not being paid enough
    It’s a shame to the parents for sending them into such conditions
    And it’s a shame that these yeshivas/seminaries shirk their responsibilities

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    Sarah Schenirer z”l was a Belzer. Her brother
    went to Belz to ask for her and was given
    permission and a brocha. It was the
    Gerrer Rebbe z”l that helped her make it
    happen and fully supported her in her efforts
    But without Sarah Schenirer nothing would
    have happened. So you are both correct

    in reply to: Shaloch Manos for Rebbeim is very chaotic #1689445

    You are right – Whitecar
    Yeshiva Yagdil Torah in Boro Park has been doing that for the past few years and it works out beautifully for the parents, the kids, and the Rabbeim,
    And it IS very lively and lebedig
    And it is appreciated

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    Yes. The language that most of Klal Yisroel spoke in is holy. The Tzene Rena was written in Yiddish and is holy. The Imre Emes zt”l used to quote from there. Our babbes and Yiddishe mamas read it every Shabbos. The Mayona shel Torah was written in Yiddish.
    Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l was at a meeting of a girls school discussing whether to learn Chumash in Yiddish and Rav Aharon was emphatic that they should. When asked by Board members if Yiddish has kedusha, he answered “Yiddish is not a Loshon kodesh but it is a Loshon of Kedoshim (the previous generations) and we must continue the kesher to those generations “.

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    Common Sense:
    1) When there is insufficient money to release the payroll NOBODY gets paid until ALL get paid. At least that was always our policy. Perhaps there are some that do differently – but that would be the exception and agreeably not fair
    2) The power, mortgage, and other critical payments would come first – else there would be no school
    3) Kol Hakovod. You are the exception then.

    In any case, my point is that there is no argument that payroll must be paid on time – but it is not only the fault of the administration if it is c”v not – the parents too share in the blame.

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    Having been in administration and on the Board of certain Mosdos Hachinuch, I would like to respond to this issue.
    It is true that staff has to be paid on time – both legally and halachikly – and should be.
    The schools wish to pay on time as it is important to the chinuch of the children and to the morale of the staff.
    But there is a second side to the coin – the parents !!!
    If parents would only (1) pay tuition that covers the cost of their children, and (2) pay it on time – the schools too would be able to pay their staff on time.
    The schools realize that “1” above is not reality as many parents cannot afford to pay full tuition – but there is not excuse for “2” above. If the school cannot even rely on the contracted amount that has to be paid monthly – how can they cover their expenses and payroll.
    And even if a parent cannot afford the full tuition – does that excuse them from helping the school by raising funds to help cover the expense of their own children’s education?
    Yes – the schools raise funds from donors, but that does not cover all the shortfall.
    So, we agree. Staff should be paid on time. But parents equally share in the cause.
    ZD above is correct – that schools must pay their mortgages and electric bills on time or risk being shut down.
    The parents do the same – they pay their mortgages, electric, food, etc bills before they pay their tuition, for the same reasons.
    So don’t blame the Mosdos – it’s not all their fault.

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