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    Im a very short guy.first me all i want un marry someone taller than me because i dont want tiny kids. does that make sense. second of all do girls marry boys who are shorter than them. and also do you know anyone like that and are happy.stories welcome.

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    My height is killing me. i cant change it. it causes me so much pain and suffering .why did hashem do this to me? im so upset at him. im weaker than everyone else i look weird who is going to marry me. every day it causes me so much pain sometimes i even feel suicidal because of it.and this is besides alot of other issues.

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    just wanted to tell you that i called the hotline tonight and it was a big help

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    Im not happy. I dont enjoy life and i dont know why.its not like something bad is happening when i feel like this. i just foot have that enjoyment from living and i dont know where to get it from. i dont like learning so much and i kpn dont like talking either. and i get bullied sometimes also and since im tiny i want do anything about it what should i do?

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    What do you mean that i have to make my own self worth thechoiceismine?

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    Thank you so much to both shopping613 and to buisness1 for your replies.Thank you also for the support and caring you have for me. I wont tell you exactly what happened,but in the last few days the situation has gotten better and is hopefully on the right track. Thanks for davening for me especially at the kvaros.I always like when at the end of your posts you right thinking of you. It makes me feel so good when someone shows that they care so much.May both of you have all the brachos in the world and may you also overcome your struggles and challenges. (Thank you so much also to the starters of the coffee room. you have helped me out so much by offering this amazing service)

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    Im really mad at hashem for giving me a really bad life and im so young. i probably have more struggles than everyone in my school.what am i going to get for all this misery. does if even see what i im through . i have problems and struggles with so many things in life. and then i have to do jewish things also which are very hard to do when your depressed. whats going untapped un al my tears.(yea i know im a guy but i seriously cry alot these days)i would love if if just intend a normal life but he did not.why did if do this to me. does if he even hear my prayers and my tears?

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    im having a really hard time now. i feel so overwhelmed and my heart feels heavy. i want handle the learning im my school. not because me the school but because me me. imagine learning and the whole time you feel inferior self conscious and bad about yourself its not a good is really hard for me. i have all there bad messages im my head all day. about how short i am about how merry and unpopular i am about how im below the level of learning than everyone else about all my problems and life is not fun the way it is right now. i have myself and i have were self esteem. another problem i have is that i think i am bipolar. i could be loving life one second and hating it the next and also i foot wanton tell my parents about there problems because they think im happy here which i was but now all there old problems creeped also really sensitive and easily hurt and being really short and weak depots help any of that neither does having social anxiety and possibly avoident personality disorder. btw i called the hotline and it was spent helpfull actually. help ! ! !

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    buisness1 Thank you so much for your time and insight.without you i dont know where i would be.You are there for a stranger you dont even know. You are being totally selfless and helping another jew without personal gain for yourself.

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    I have a problem.when i have a strong bad feeling then i feel the need to tell someone even if i dont.but sometimes i have bad feeling that arent so intense and i up wait for it to pass.i have trouble opening up to people about either one . the less intense bad feelings come again and again. at i just let then im because its easier. side question whats the purpose of me and this world?

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    Thanks for the reply.i have bad moods all the time.i have different line me bad ones.i hardly he ever an im a good mood.i know i need to be open but its very hard for me to do that its ingrained im my brain that i keep everything that is bothering me inside i foot want to look like a guy who has a too many problems.will i ever be happy? i hope one day i will but its so hard for me to live the way i am.i dont know why hashem had to give me such a bad life but he gave other people much better lives.i want to ask him what he want from me what did i do to deserve this gehenom on earth.what should i do? i have a very low self esteem and i hate myself so much.but to everyone else i try to show that i like myself.its exhausting and not done well anyway.why all the suffering want i be like every other normal teen?

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    feeling very fake and awful mood. can anyone relate?

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    Thank you so much for davening for me at the means a ton to me.i dont know what hashem wants from me.he made a human being with so many problems.and what help would help me with my height.

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    Im feeling suicidal about my height.the pain is just too strong.i cant spend tge rest of my life livimg as a midget.when i was a kid i would makd fun of the realy short thats me and it sucks so much and life sucks.

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    Im still not feeling height is killing me.i cant accept affects so many parts of my life.i cant accept the fact that most girls are taller than me.and i constantly asking hashem why me?couldnt he have picked someone else to be this short maybe someone who naturally is a high self confidence but why me. im embarrassed to be in some situations because my lack of heights will show.sometimes i have happen for doing this to me.does he understand how much i hate it?and also i hear that short people usually have something else that makes up for it but i foot see that by me.

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    im reaky nervous. im a guy whos around 5 1.5 and i hate it.all you guys that are normal height should thank hashem every day fo it.i have so many challenges with it snd i feel infetior to everyone else.would any girl want to msrry a guy so short?i dont know.

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    thanks for the reply.I would reply that for my happyness. should I really work so hard on my problems I have so many of them different situations bring on different emotions that are negative.I have no social skills .a lot of times in situations il tell myself the only way your good enough for the other guy is if u have no insecurity and are realy confident and .il convince myself that I am those things and the second .il think I was otherwise acting like that .il get really really uncomfterble so .I dont know why I wrote that but whatever.I have no Friends and don’t even know how to make them.even if someone would consider me a friend i would be too anxious and would have some kind of insecurity preventing a friendship.

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    I’m not doing well still.I’m notherwise happy with my life and find no enjoyment in living.even when there’s no bad feeling there is still no happiness.I find it extremely hard to tell my problems and difficulties with others .even if you wwould pay me a lot of money I still wouldn’t do it.I am really inverted so even a sshirt ssimple conversation knocks me out .I don’t know where to start or what to do to help myself in a way that’s possible.business1?

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    I’m feeling down think I have like four different disorders.why did I get this hashem fair?

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    Im sorry for not writing in so long.But I dont really have anything to write about.My confidence is growing a little.I also relized that during conversations Im also allowed to talk.Usualy when I talk I talk realy quick but I started to enjoy when I speak and my conversations are so much less akwerd because I can talk about something.Thank you so much coffee room for giving me a lifeline when I need chizuk.

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    Thanks for all the advice. Its realy hard to accept myself the way I am.Height is also not my only issue,though i think its more than enogh to be someones only challenge.Thanks fish4evr.I realy appreciate that post but 5,1 for a girl is realy short but for a man thats midget size.Its not fair.I get so mad and upset against hashem for doing it to me.Plus all my other chalenges which are just as big.I dont know what hes gaining by doing all of this.(im crying right now,im pretty sensitive).Its just not fair.I wbnt to have enjoyable HEALTHY relationships and self worth/esteem/confidence but to get to that is impossible.And i will have to work harder than anyone else to get it.I have anxiety issues,social issues,emotional issues.Alot of people I see have it.Obviosly it could be fake but i doubt it that its that fake.What does hashem want from me?

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    Why is it fair that I struggle so much in life and everyone else seems and also has a easier time.Im akwerd dont have a great personality.Im anxious weak and alot of other things.NOT FAIR.Thats what my life is.

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    I sometimes get in a mood where i lose all my energy and the only thing i want to do is sleep.I was and still am a little in one of those moods.These moods can last for days even weeks.Now the reason i get into one of these moods is because i get a problem and i cant seem to fix it.But i dont tell anyone about them because im too scared that theyll judge me for having that issue.I want to be in a good mood but im realy scared to tell someone.Its not one issue.Alot of issues pull me down.I realy want to get out of this mood but i also dont want to tell anyone.where are my ups in life.Past few days have all been down.

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    Hi.Im doing okay.Theres a couple ups and a ton of downs.But with Hashems help it will get better and i also feel it will.By the way 2 things.1.underneath my name it says dont let nothing stand in your way which is from a avraham fried song.How did that get there? 2.I have alot of diffent insecurities what should i do to get rid of them?also whats the story behind the name buisness1?

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    Thanks.what are thd goals that you want me to do?By the way have you ever seen rick lavois mashal with poker chips.If you didnt id suggest that you watch it.Right now i have a little poker chips.I want alot of them.I have to thbnk you so much for helping me through this difficult time buisness1 (and everyone else) Hashem should bentch you with a long happy healthy life.You dont know what it means not to feel so alone.Also i still think you should write a book.:)

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    Thanks.what are thd goals that you want me to do?By the way have you ever seen rick lavois mashal with poker chips.If you didnt id suggest that you watch it.Right now i have a little poker chips.I want alot of them.I have to thbnk you so much for helping me through this difficult time buisness1 (and everyone else) Hashem should bentch you with a long happy healthy life.You dont know what it means not to feel so alone.Also i still think you should write a book.:)

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    Thanks for the tips.I never had confidence in myself.Im a pretty talented guy.I can do alot of things.But i dont have the confidence in myself.I would love to get some but most of my thoughts are negative and insecure. But i want the other guys to think i have alot because im afraid of getting bullied.I need confidence. but HOW?

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    I wrote a post before but it never got published.I wrote that i hated my height.I truly do.Most girls are taller than me and thats embarresing!I get comment very rarely about my height but when i do my self esteem goes crashing down and I feel like the dust on the bottom of my shoes.I feel like im going to marry a nebach because of all of this.Its not even fair.What did i do wrong to deserve this horrible stature. I feel so inferior to everyone.Im always looking like a foot up to speak to people.Aside for that whole thing my anxiety was great today.I relized the more i put myself into the situation the easier it was.Also today i told myself that i loved myself for enduring all these tough challenges.I really felt it then.

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    thanks for the advice.I think your saying something very true and i will think about it.But i have to say that my anxiety HAS gotten better.Better but not where i want it yet.Thanks for all the advice everyone.

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    Im not constantly being bullied.Maybe once or twice a day.Now i realy want to take care of these issues.I am going to a therapist but officialy only for social anxiety.I would find it very hard to tell truthfully all my other issues to someone.And I feel some of my feelings are unhealthy and those are the hardest to say.Any thoughts? buisness1?

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    I could get shoe lifts but in yeshiva thats impractical.Maybe when i get to shiduchim.

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    i was with my class today.i felt as usual realy akwerd and nervous.i relized that i cant start something by mysele i always bounce off s/o else.i dont know how to fix this and all my other problems.hopefuly il be aale to fix all this.

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    its exremely hard for shorter than the average girl and im like on the 1 percentile.which basicly means that im shorter than almost not asking for 6 feet even 5 6 would be amazing.but im stuck in this tiny body

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    I need to have emunah.If i didnt i would fall apart much worse than now.knowing that hashem has a different mission for everyone is a comfert.hashdm is ein sof.the way my situation is right now it seems impossible.But if i connect to something thats higher than nature i know i can pull through.But honestly alot alot of times its hard to have emunah.Also the concept of hashgacha protis.meaning everything that happens is for the good.If it looks bad its still hidden good.Why did hashem create me with my problems my challenges?because he want everyones avodah to be on thier level.if he wanted a perfect world he wouldve created a world of malachim!.our perpose is to make a dwelling place for hashem in this physical im writing all this but sometimes its very hard to belive and live by.

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    Thanks th art of moi for that post.The truth is I realy do need to work out my issues and talk to someone else about them.But its so so so SO hard for me to do that.ive talked to my teacher before but each time i got so nervous and i felt super self consious each time.I also didnt open up so much.I dont know how to connect to another person.And if i do connect to them ill feel that im getting to close to fast and that ill feel as if i own that its a lose lose situation for me.basically all unhealthy emotions I blame on myself and only feel that I could talk to someone if i know my problem and its not So embaressing.Also I feel that for alot of my problems to get taken care of i would have to be born again to get it fixed.also this is not just a chapter in my life.Ive been havhng the same problems for a long time now.Like ever since 2nd must be a really really long chapter.

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    Thank you so much buisness1.hopefuly with hashems help it will get better.this summer im going to take care of all these problems im yirtzeh hashem.again thank you so much buisness1.

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    Learn yidish seforim ,thats how i learnt yidish.

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    no thats the wrong song here is the right one. .yidish. oib ich bin ich vail du bist du un du bist du vail ich bin ich demalt ben ich nisht ich un dv bist nisht du. uber oib ich bin ich vail ich bin ich un du bist du vail du bist du demalt ben ibh ibh un du bist du. .english. if i an i bec. you are you and you are you bec. i am i then i am not i and you are not you.but if i am i bec. i am i and you are you bec. you are you then i am i and you are you. (note:might not be exact)

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    You know hashem really gave me a hard life.So many problems.So many challenges.So much when i was feeling realy down I cried to hashem and asked for moshiach.I asked him bezchus all the pain that I had in my heart.He realy did not give me a fair one of my classmates who im a little friendly with told me and some other guys when i was passing by ‘when i see :name: i just have the urge to tackle you.what kind of life is that.

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    basicaly the jist of the song is be yourself

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    no offence but…

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    when your a kid and someone gets something and you dont and you complain about it and the adult tells you /life isnt fair/

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    i dont real think i have almt of resiliance anyway.but working on onesele is not realy avodas just gives you a happher what im saying is some guys have a better life natrualy and some guys have to work for it and in olam habah all that work means zilbh in the amount of schar you get.

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    i had an okay day.the days that im with my class are worse because of the bullying.i dont even think they mean it all the time in a bad way but i take it all very shouldnt be this way but it yirtze hashem it will get better.i had a slight question.why does hashem send people problems.mental health in particular if if the problems bring down their avodas hashem.ex. a confident outgoing person can acomplish much more than a shy persoo with a low esteem.and it could ae neither did any work to get them there.the shy guy has to work on himself just to reach the confidence of the second guy.and also serve hashem.the confident guy has it so much easier

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    every time someone insults me i lose all my air and feel out of energy and stop wanting to do anything.does this happen to anyone else.

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    im remembering 3 years ago.then like 5 kids used to make fun of me.sometimes they still realy an easy target.shy small low sele esteem.everyone else had a great fun year while i had social anxiety and got bullied.i dont know why hashem lets some people have good lives and for others they just cant have fun make friends.its not fair that it is this so scared when theres a few kids around and il join in or even walk by.these kids scarred me.even though it wasnt that odten but whenever i was around it always seemed like someone was exluding me or making fun of me.i am also having a hard time forgiving these kids for what they did.i feel like they deserve gehenom for what they did.i can remember in camp like 10 years i used to hit kids and one kid left early bec. of that.the thing is i hit them bec. i felt emety not to mane fun of was weird and i never realy rememberd that until now.i was a very good kid at school.never hit.i dont think this is conected but whatever

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    thanks so much for the advice and the support.knowing that someone out there is rooting for me is amazing.theres a term *ain hakadosh baruch hu ba betrunia im briyosav* which means that that hashem doesnt give someone more then he knows they can handle.this has got me through some difficult times.i feel a little stronger now

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    im feeling realy small and sometimes people bully me physicaly.not often but when they do it realy breaks my heart a realy sensitive noise to insults.i dont know what to do because it realy doesnt happen often and they dont realy hurt me just push me or stuff like that.its also only like 4 kids who do it .it makes me feel realy weak inside.where i am in yeshita working out is discoureged because it builds your ego.also im very sensitive to insults in general.sometimes kids younger than me will point out my shortness.i didnt pick this life

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    my moods fluctuate be depressed literely the next minute il be really a mess inside.i dont know where to start.and by some problems i dont know id they are real or not because the next second i wont feel them

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    thanks to be or not to be and of course buisness1 and everyone i dont realy have anyone to be in contact realy scared to get close to someone because 1.too scared theyl reject me and 2.scared of how il feel towards them .im too scared that il become dependent on them

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