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    Mazel Tov! Such dedication to come to the coffee room less than a day after the news was broken….Wow!

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    Thank you for the mussar. Although the profession I am in is a ‘helping’ profession, I do need to think outside the box and see the ‘olam chesed yibaneh’ to find more opportunities. But, I try to keep my gasmiyus in check throughout the year and am looking to see which one of my childhood dreams I should approach first. I intend to use all of them l’shem shamayim….Now, any suggestions???

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    student- Shlomis Bas Divri ended up with an Egyptian man because she was friendly and said hello to everyone, which is why she was known as bas DIVRI (as in dibbur, speech) She was the only casulty in mitzrayim and that’s why the Torah publicized it.

    Homeowner- With all due respect, one can be friendly and greet everyone with a smile, be polite, and just take care of his/her job at work but I was always told that in the workplace one should not refer to the opposite gender by their first name, because that breeds closeness. It’s Ms., Mrs., or Mr. So-and-so. In today’s day and age one has to be even more careful. There’s too much closeness in the workplace that can, G-d forbid lead to marriage issues. I’ve heard countless stories, unfortunately that I’d rather not share…..

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    Anyone out there want to help a fellow Yid?????

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    Uh, Mr. Moderator…if you want to remove the title of “occasional”, I would suggest watching what you post 😉

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    In case you were wondering why I have extra free time- The field in which I work lessens considerably in the summer, prompting this inquiry……

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    RedNails- Very well said. The goyishe world is just so loose that it takes courage and strength to uphold the holy. My wife uses books by Gila Manalson (i.e- The Magic Touch) to teach youngsters, teens, unaffiliated adults, etc. about the dangers of a loose society and the ultimate beauty of upholding the kedusha.

    One needs only to skim Pikei Avos to see the many things said about these topics….May Hashem see our desire to fight and take us out of the 49th level of tuma we find ourselves in (again!) bimheira b’yameinu, amen.

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    B”H- Mi k’amcha yisrael- You’re more than famous…You’re part of the Yiddishe family! B”H you and you mishpacha, Ka”H, are ok.

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    If you notice in davening by P’Sukei D’zimrah that we say every morning: Zekeinim IM ne’arim, bachurim VGAM besulos- That word VGAM separates the two whereas by the zekeinim and nearim it can be connected.

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    True, but for larger families have the hot plate on a timer. Just a suggestion…

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    Also, book a flight to somewhere further than your destination and when you near the place you really want to go to, cause a ruckus on the plane, like by pushing your seat all the way back while they’re serving drinks, allowing them to make an ’emergency’ landing in the destination of your choice….

    in reply to: Airline Secrets? #775953 usually has good last-minute deals involving different airlines and/or airports.

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    Ribono Shel Olam!!!!!

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    We must realize that Elu v’elu divrei Elokim chaim- there were 12 shvatim with 12 different minhagim, yet as Rav Hirsch ZT”L points out, the walls during krias yam suf were transparent to show that although one shevet had strengths in one area and another shevet in another (i.e Yisachar in Torah, Zevulun in business, Yehuda in strength, etc. etc.), we were all looking after one another and confident that together we would becaome a nation kish echad blev echad….I wish I can be K’Shmo Kein Hu, but I need ALL the Yidden to join me!!!!

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    Thank you!

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    I recommend placing your food on top of a crockpot, hot water urn or other source of heat especially when leaving the stove on generates extra heat in the house besides the carbon problem.

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    80=Gevura- He will rise above any shackles you may inpose on him…..Anyway, he keeps things kosher around here! Oops, I ruined the point of this thread one post in….”Shavuah Tov to one and all.

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    And ‘am yisrael chai’ is only one person! Olam hafuch ra’isi! 🙂

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    I hate to be a yenta, cause you already snatched the name :), but I would suggest finding someone with whom you can work/study with- The intro courses are somewhat self-explanatory but it always helps to have someone with a stronger background- As it says, “O chavrusa, o misusah”….Hatzlacha v’kol tuv! How lucky you will be to study the niflaos haBorei!

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    49-How old Popa Bar Abba reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy is 😉

    49- The level of tumah in which we probably find ourselves in (again!) with geulah on its way Be”H!!!!!

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    All you can do is bring this to people’s attention. You’re doing the right thing. This way, people will be more careful once they are aware of the problems that may arise.

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    My personal favorite: Take the date to a Barnes and Noble Kids section. BIG conversation starter (especially “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and Dr. Suess)

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    A couple of years ago, one of Rabbi Reisman Shlit”a’s Motzei Shabbos shiurim was about the MANY conflictingopinions about how to have proper kavana for davening. I recommend locating that shiur. In the end though, it boils down to what works best for you. And be honest with yourself….Tefilla is one of the only things that’s going to let us get through this crazy time we live in.

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    I find it very disturbing, R”L, that [here] in NY they are fighting to accept S’dom-like same-gender marriages, where there they are fighting a long followed practice. The hypocrasy just shows that Ein Lanu Al Mi Li’Hishaein, ela AVINU SHEBASHAMAYIM!

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    My mother (She should live and be well) would-and still does- always take benthcers from close friends that could possibly ever come over for a Shabbos meal and proudly use the bentcher when the person would come over, even years later. The appreciation and looks on their faces in indescribable. B”H I have continued this ‘minhag’. Why not enjoy someone else’s simcha and make the wrold a better place?!

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