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    @ ambush- Of course it’s serious. They ended up naming their last child Acharon, but the other kids ended up disliking Acharon because, as they said, “Why is Acharon, Acharon always chaviv???”

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    I have not posted anything in a long time in the coffee room precisely because of the ideas you expressed. I am not chas v’Shalom demeaning anybody or anything else, for that matter, but I feel like the coffee room in general has lost it’s “kedusha”, for lack of a better term.

    Your post caught my eye, as I do check the news here often, but I feel that the coffee room has crossed too many lines, too many times. I understand it’s hard to say no to. It’s catchy and a new experience for most, and thus naturally attractive. I would suggest, that we make an active attempt to connect with real-live friends, as opposed to cyber acquaintances, whom we would not even acknowledge in the street (I.e if they were 20 years younger than us, a different gender, etc.)

    I myself, as an introvert, find this to be very difficult to turn away from, because I am able to express my inner feelings without being judged and with new perspectives likely to be responded to my words.

    Instead of falling prey to “derech ha’olam”, let us unite to buck the current trends. If you need it as an outlet, sign up for forums that deal with deficiencies we all inevitably have. There are so many support groups and blogs that can help us become better people, assuming the authors subscribe to the same hashkafos that we do. All of it takes research, but it’s worth the investment. I speak from experience. And I would not like to do it alone. Let us unite “k’ish echad b’lev echad” in fighting for Hashem’s glory and honor.

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    Thanks for the Back Issues link info.

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    I’m trying to work out a good Shabbos to visit, IY”H. Does anyone know how to find old magazine articles besides someone who saved the Atlanta Community issue?

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    And Walmart- You’re right! I’m seeing some cracks in the NYC ‘all powerful’ defense system…..Oh, and how many stars can you count from where you are commonsense? Dr. Seuss- The city lights don’t allow us to see stars that aren’t super bright. It’s hard to explain.

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    It’s a shame, really. And based on all your responses, I see that it’s very true. New york CITY dwellers really do lack this reality. Parks, lakes, other forms of nature- Yes there are those sprinkled throughout, but stars?! I see the same blasted planet next to the moon every time I look up on a cloudless night. You might as well just board up my schach for crying out loud! 😉

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    There is a great book by Rabbi Aharon Feldman called “The Eye of the Storm” which deals with this and other controversial issues. Hatzlacha!

    in reply to: 1980s #975128

    I CAN NOT believe that people have good memories of those station wagons. I guess being the youngest, I had no choice but to sit facing sideways or even worse backwards…..

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    Here is the email that I received yesterday:

    Subject: This is Nineveh Back in Rosh Hashana eve of 1973, Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir reassured a complacent Israeli public still drunk from the miraculous 1967 Six-Day War victory, “We’ve never been stronger! The Arabs wouldn’t dream of attacking.” On Yom Kippur of 1973, Syria and Egypt launched a two-prong surprise attack that brought Israel to its knees. Moshe Dayan was the first one to have a panic attack. Hashem saved us by a bigger miracle than 1967. Those of us who fought in that war can testify first hand.Exactly 38 years later, we are in the same exact position. Only this time, the Arab noose is umpteen times more dangerous. Iran will have an A-bomb any day now. Al Qaida has taken over Sinai and our once quiet border with Egypt is now a powder keg. Turkey, our newest (old) enemy, i moving ships into our side of the Mediterranean. Hamas in Gaza has dangerous new Iranian and Libyan weapons, including bunker busters. Syria and Hizbulla have the nastiest chemical warheads, something beyond Satan’s imagination. One honest IDF commander – Home Front Command chief Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg – said we must prepare for imminent war. Defense Minister Barak and company say that Eisenberg is exaggerating. Minister Yaalon is now joining the bandwagon of complacency too, saying, “No war in sight.” These politicians are spiritually deaf and blind, hearing none of Hashem’s wakeup calls.My beloved teacher and spiritual guide, Rav Shalom Arush shlit’a, called me urgently to come see him today – he rarely does that, for we usually meet at regular intervals. He told me that his spiritual guide – the holy hidden Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Zev Leibowitz of saintly memory – came to him in a dream last night and said that in Heaven, all-out war against Israel has been decreed, a war which is supposed to break out before Rosh Hashana, in other words, within the next 3 weeks.But, don’t be afraid. Hashem does love us and wants to be with us. But, we must be worthy of the Divine Presence. Rav Shalom told me that every single Jew must begin doing serious teshuva and self-assessment while begging Hashem to delay this harsh decree. I asked Rav Shalom, “Why pray for a delay? Why not pray for a total cancellation?” Rav Shalom said the delay is to allow more people to make teshuva. A cancellation is almost impossible, because it’s part of Hashem’s plan to bring Moshiach, in the nearest future. Once Moshiach comes, teshuva will be worthless. Today, teshuva is still worth it’s weight in diamonds. But time is running out super-fast.I know that this post may earn me the status of the village idiot. But it’s worth it if even one family heeds me. There is little time left. Forget about the new furniture and the new jewelry. We must all raise our voices in such a manner that the Heavenly Throne shudders. This is Nineveh 2011. Please, if you love your spouse and your children, start speaking to Hashem for an hour a day. Personal prayer invokes phenomenal Divine compassion, because it’s a strong expression of emuna. Rav Shalom says, if you believe in Hashem, you speak to Him. If you don’t believe in Him, then you don’t speak. Let’s all start speaking before it’s too late.

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    Does anyone know what I’m referring to or do I have to post it here? It’s a realistic picture of what’s going on today.

    in reply to: Yes, we live in America but…… #810260

    That’s what seems to be happening here, no? Did you all read Rabbi Lazer Brody’s recent article about Nineveh 2011 happening in shamayim?

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    True, but then what? People are making this seem like their ultimate goal……

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    WEll said, but I just feel like people are getting too comfortable. Trust me, I don’t want only 1/5 of klal yisrael to experience the geulah. I want everyone along for the ride…

    And the temptations for corruption, as well as pritzus in the government are well documented. If they have a spiritual leader who they can turn to, then they’ll Be”H be fine but the second they start making their own decisions……..

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    Ouch! Popa just stepped on my foot. Whose bright idea of pin the tail on the moderator was this?!

    in reply to: Anyone looking to change a habit? #799141

    Wow. What a great idea! How do people find these things? I’m starting my new good habit (albeit a sur mei’ra one) tomorrow, Be”H.

    in reply to: Dow Jones "Coincidence"?! #797401

    Chazal tell us that gematrias are aids to wisdom. They’re nice little pointers. But everything that occurs in life has some bearing or ramification, of which we should try to decipher to see if the cause was based on our actions. Hope that helps….

    And thank you Mod # 95- You are much easier to deal with than the I-95, that’s for sure!! 🙂

    in reply to: Dow Jones "Coincidence"?! #797399

    As per my last post, I sincerely ask the Mod who is zoche to read this post to please make the necessary corrections to the title of this thread- That means no apostrophes, and a change of the first e (when being read from left to right)to an i. -I have to be very precise, I see…. 😉

    Done. You just had to ask. 🙂 -95

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    My apologies to gefen! I just received this as an email and decided to share it having no idea that it was already posted.

    Secondly, I apologize for the spelling error in coincidence. I am usually very makpid to make a kiddush Hashem in how I spell, but in my haste on Erev Shabbos I did not do a personal spell check.

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    I think Popa’s just pulling our leg and claims he permanently moved to Cyberspace (Less taxes and you meet lots of people along the way). Even his recycle bin is digital now, so he’ll have free time on his hands…..

    in reply to: Atlanta Frum Jewish Community #1091359

    Sender- Would you happen to remember which issues of the Hamodia/Mishpacha the articles were in?

    in reply to: Things to do in Lancaster ,PA #796924

    The Kreider Farms is AMAZING. And you get a smaple of Cholov Yisrael milk (chocolate or regular) or ice cream. Highly recommended!

    in reply to: New Lipa Song For Leiby #797933

    After regretting starting this post, and reading all the subsequent comments, I just want to clarify that the way yiddishemishpacha said it, follows my sentiments. I wanted to know if it was powerful, as music can be and if it helped with the mourning process and/or bringing one closer to HaShem.

    in reply to: New Lipa Song For Leiby #797911

    Oh, ok, KIsh. You’re so smart. Do I know you from somewhere? You sound VERY familiar….

    in reply to: The Best is Yet To Come.. #796760

    Thank you for the chizuk. I just felt that with all that we’ve gone through and with everyone being miharer teshuva the last few weeks, the geula would be here, but your chizuk and the fact that “ki lo machshevosai, k’machshevoseichem” enable me to emotionally hang on. Chazak v’ematz!

    in reply to: New Lipa Song For Leiby #797910

    KIsh, I don’t know. I haven’t heard it yet. You should try asking someone who knows….;)

    in reply to: Atlanta Frum Jewish Community #1091353

    I’d say Queens is the most “out-of-town” of the 5 main boroughs of New York City. There is more land, trees and less “overcrowded-ness”. Anyway, thanks for all your insight. I’m just surprised no other posters chimed in. Perhaps you’ve got to put Atlanta back on the map! Kol Tuv!

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    Just inform the mods of your name change to something like BJJgirl93….

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    Return to Sender! (Sender Av, that is… 🙂

    in reply to: In honor of Tisha B'av. What you respect about… #1165139

    Kudos Charlie Brown. The way you stated your point was very non-confrontational. We can only daven for these “tinokos she’nishb’u” and smile when we see them, so they will see our true soul, THE true soul. Hashem Yishmor.

    in reply to: In honor of Tisha B'av. What you respect about… #1165111

    Great post, Popa Bear!!

    Having grown up in ashkenazic yeshivos, being a sefardi, working in crown heights and boro park and davening at a shul for Israeli Baalei teshuva, I’ve seen ’em all and all I can say is I see that when you put all of them together- each with their strengths and attributes- I see an entire nation of one full, perfect being. Now if only we can feel the same way about those who are different than us, we’d bring the geula!My experiences have forced me to be more open minded and see people for their strengths and I thank Hashem daily for these opportunities. As I like to say, “it’s easy to find faults in others because there are so few of them, while the good parts of a person are too numerous to be able to put your finger on!”

    in reply to: Unsent Letters #824718

    Rabbi Noach Orlowek SHLIT”A, a noted mashgiach in Eretz Yisrael, gave this as a piece of advice to help vent. He said exactly what you said (I heard it live)- Write a letter stating your frustrations. Write evrything that’s bothering you…but don’t send it. Just writing it will make you view the situation differently (without emotions blurring your vision) and you’ll begin to positively find ways to be dan them l’kaf zechus. Keep it up!!

    in reply to: The Only Mitzva That Hashem Needs To Pay Cash On Delivery #795080

    Also by maaser kesafim- Aser Ta’aser- Which is interpreted to mean aser bishvil she’tisaher. Give maaser so that Haashem will give you more money- no?

    in reply to: Atlanta Frum Jewish Community #1091350

    I know Delta has its hub by you, so I guess air travel is not too expensive. I’m just trying to take into account that we will have to fly to Chicago and NY a couple times a year. To answer your question:We are currently in Queens, NY.

    in reply to: Bracha #796545

    Beautiful! Yimaleh Hashem kol mishalot leebeich l’tova, now and forever!

    in reply to: Atlanta Frum Jewish Community #1091346

    It wouldn’t be until after the Yomim Tovim, but thanks for your offer.

    I’m just asking to see what you answer, not necessarily because I think it is, but do you feel that Atlanta is isolated? I know Savannah is “nearby”, but what about other Jewish communities? How far is Florida from you? Better yet, are most of the locals multi-generation Georgians or do they ‘migrate’ from certain areas?

    in reply to: Ash? #795261

    Please be very careful whatever you do burn and burn it over a sink into a glass or aluminum bowl/pan.

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    I think the only downside is the location. I mean, I’m from NY and my wife is from Chicago and it’s 14+ hours from NY. Even to Baltimore it’s 10+ hours to drive. I did see that Amtrak will get you there for only $164.00……The catch, 18+ hours……..But everyone I talk to says you HAVE to experience it by going for a Shabbos. They make it seem like Shabbos there is out of this world. Can you explain?

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    Actually, now I see it’s the Freidman’s you were referring to. Have a good Shabbos.

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    “Congregation Ariel(sister congregation to BJ and part of kollel) is located there. This is a very close-knit community and is still very small. It is led by a wonderful family.”

    Were you referring to the Freitag family that’s listed on the Cong. Ariel website? Did you live there before?

    Thank you to all the responses…YehudahTzvi and lesschumras

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    We’re looking for an out-of-town community (even if it doesn’t have a “” website- 😉 and I’ve heard good things about it. It’s definitely worth a good look.

    in reply to: Atlanta Frum Jewish Community #1091333

    Wow! I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you so much.

    in reply to: Robotic Judaism #793427

    Well, in today’s day and age I think the most important thing, and basically all that we really have left to hold on to is davening. Hashem yearns for the connection, as much as we do, kaveyachol. Hashem wants us to cry out and He will comfort. We are entering Menachem Av. That’s what we yearn for. For our Av shebashamayim to be Menachem us and show that He is, was, and always will be watching over us even if it may seem otherwise sometimes. Without ne’viim and leaders to guide us we feel lost without the connection and it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that He’s still right there. Try climbing to high mountain or a tall building with a view and just look at the vast beauty of His world and that He cares for every living and non living being that you see. It gives you a sense of his majesty and Kingship. Also, try finding something to cry about (Unfortunately, you probably don’t have to look far). And b’derech she’adam rotzeh leileich, molichin oso. You will Be”H connect and He will too. This is a message for me, as much as it is to you and to the rest of Klal Yisrael. Chazak ve’ematz!

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    My Siddur. And it has direct connect to the One Above.

    in reply to: Is this muttar? #780813

    And I quote, Moshe Rabbeinu, in THIS WEEK’s PARSHA (Korach): “V’Yedatem ki niatzu ha’anashim ho’eilah es Hashem”. “And you will know that these men angered Hashem.” Rabbosai, I would be very afraid for earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. or (perhaps wishfully speaking) a splitting of the Atlantic! (Or the Hudson 😉 ) Hashem Yishmor.

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    Rabbosai! Unfortunately we live within the lowest levels of tuma like our forefathers and mothers in Mitzrayim. It rubs off on us. We all have our strengths and we all have our glaring weaknesses. As Rabbi Berel Wein aptly stated, “People tend to confuse Judaism, which is flawless, with Jews who are full of them (i.e flaws)!” We are here to improve ourselves, Rabbosai!

    in reply to: six day war miracle stories #778971

    I always wanted a book that relived the miracles of those wars, while eliminating the kochi v’otzem yadi aspect. I wish there were some….Just imagine what it allows us to do today. Chasdei Hashem!!

    in reply to: Sefardi Davening Hallel for the Amud #778133

    Should he forgo davening for the amud because of this? Or can he use the minhag hamakom idea to daven and say the bracha?

    in reply to: Report Card Comments #778177

    Ezrat Hashem- 100%! A parent should in no way, shape or form be surprised by what is found on the report card. Constant feedback and parent-teacher cooperation is the true way to ensure that the child receives the best possible education. I work in a profession where if I don’t get parent feedback, I’m at a loss and quite frankly, I lose some measure of interest in reaching goals with that child compared to the effort I place on the child whose parents call me often. Parent-teacher involvement shows each side cares and really gets results. I wish it was done more often….

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    Just daven for Shalom hamalchus…..

    in reply to: Summer 'priorities' #776239

    Thank you. These are the suggestions I was looking for.

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