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    i used to be more modern orthodox but became closer to Hashem and follow the mitzvos more closely so now i am less mordern orthodox. when i became less modern orthodox i started dressing more appropriately for a jewish person, being more careful in my kashrus, etc.

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    while getting married young is a good thing, you definitely need a parents input on any shidduch.

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    tzippi thats true for some people 4″ is enuf. i think the bigger problem is with ppl who dont even have 4, and it clearly is erva when she is in certain positions, like those mentioned here be4. i c so many ppl these days who dont even have 4 (some it covers the knew only when they stand erect like a status, anything else & its exposed.)

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    tzippi, thanx 4 that. I know what u mean. When getting into or out of a car- or especially a minivan- even 4 inches is not enuf. And it really hurts me when i c some ppl sitting down and pulling their skirt to keep themselves properly covered. It is soo wrong. It should be covered w/out having to strain it. Because eventually you will find yourself in a position where u wont strain the skirt and it will leave u exposed. But getting into/out of a car/minivan is really (i think) the big test if a skirt is long enuf.

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    Talking w/members of the opposite gender can quickly lead to many sins be4 any1 even realizes that bad stuff is going on. This has happened 2 many time already, as so many of us have been unfortunate to witness ourselves…

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    Bais Yaakov: I had a question…

    Does the hemline need 2 b 4″ below the knee when standing? Cuz I c a lot of ppl that if they sit down it goes above.

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    mariner, I can’t disabuse you of such amaratzus. Nachlei charedi was not created by any of the gedolim you mentioned. And the Agudah is anti-zionists, but participates in the state organs to the extent its in its financial benefit.

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    PashutehYid, wrong. What the Gedolim said about zionism before the war is as applicable today as it was then.

    And even more important, the Gedolim still today remind us what reshoyim they are. So its not like it changed.

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    You can work on chal hamoed if you will be fired otherwise.

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    Who cares about the big event?

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    cherry: Which unknown Godol Hador that for obvious reasons you can’t name did you personally witness this time backing up your point?

    It seems every time your out of arguments you remember some tzaddik, who of course you can’t name, that you just happened personally be at when it came up (but of course you can’t tell us the specifics about).

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    Pashuteh, Its a maaila if he doesn’t post very much, rather than posting much krumkeit.

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    Everyone knows that the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s were extremely anti-zionists all the way back to the time the zionists first came around.

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    I totally sympathize with you. I too feel to each his own. You wanna be modern, you be modern. You wanna be reform? What can I do to stop you? But personally, don’t blame me for wanting to be less modern. Same feeling as you.

    Formerly ujm

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