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    btw, it used to be considered very immodest for a women b4 it became common among the gentile population, because it outlines the body form.

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    what do you mean? are there women nowadays who leave their homes only once a month? Know lot of real ultra ultra orthodox chassidic women but never heard of this one? Avoid attracting men when outside by modest dress and behavior, yes, but not leave house at all?

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    Rabbanim should definitely be giving teens guidance on reckless driving and the likes. It is very important. Something like texting shouldn’t even have to be mentioned, if the Rav stresses on good chinuch in general, beauty of shabbos, yiras shmayim, ahavas hashem, etc.

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    sorry, didn’t mean to take away from their pain, may no one ever know it. I just meant that we should also start feeling pain by people who are losing their eternal life. Not that I’m not pained more by murder, but I guess really we should be equally effected by both. was just trying to bring out this point.

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    Don’t you realize that however sad it is, the murdered child rests peacefully in Gan Eden eternally, while kids who text lose their eternal life! Life in this world is short and only a corridor to the next, as it says in Pirkei Avos

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    And when frum kids are not keeping shabbos, who knows if it doesn’t chas vshalom bring tragedies on the world. Kol yisrael areivim ze l’ze

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    I think on the ball was not trying to say that chilul shabbos is worse than the kletzky murder, but bring out the point, that well, even non-jews get shaken up by murder. A jew who cares about Hashem, needs to be pained also when he sees frum kids texting on shabbos. When you don’t have yiras shmayim and are mechalel shabbos, and just follow your impulses, you can chas vshalom eventually reach a point where you follow your impulse to murder too. The essential point is that yiras shmayim is the only thing that can ALWAYS keep you from any aveirah.

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    Haleivi, wise comment

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    If you wanna go to Monsey I found there nice rental also pretty cheap for custom made, Bridal Fantasies, about 2 years ago, but probably still good. I found new, looked like custom made for 800 dollars only. custom starts I think 1500 or maybe less. Think owner’s name is Oster. good luck whatever you do.

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    Didn’t read the article, but as far as I always knew, basic Emunah is that yeah, we each have a bechirah, and yeah, Hashem decrees every single thing we do! And yes, we DON’T have to understand how anything works.

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    I was also shocked by the matter of fact question why texting is ok.. Like it’s a given! I know some people who have serious problems, i.e. depression etc. but they still don’t TEXT ON SHABBOS! Even if someone is “messed up” something very important is missing in circles where they are not afraid to violate such a basic in yiddishkeit. It means they don’t have any yiras shmayim/ i.e. Unfortunately today too many folks don’t realize how hot gehenim in fact is. If we would stress more how bad the punishment (gehenim) for sin is, there are some people who otherwise would sin that would then refrain…..

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    Deal. Look out for the commercials with a lot a lot of punctuation….

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    Thanks ovservanteen. So I’m not the only one here…

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    am old enough to vote, nope, not to be president. a little while still. will you vote for me then?

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    No offense…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!””’

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    You need to be aware that anyone texting on shabbos didn’t ask a Rav for a heter before….They didn’t think about kesivah etc., only “I wanna text now”. Meaning there’s an essential part of yiddishkeit missing in them, chilul shabbos is a basic that any orthodox kid is supposed to be afraid to violate, if he/she has any yiras shmayim at all. so the problem is not this one point, but much deeper.

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    Is the crowd here supposed to be yeshivish, with texting on shabbos, movies, every chumrah bashed? Pretty new here, thought this is Yeshiva world news….

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    the question is, do you all feel ready for moshiach? I’m personally afraid… Even though I pray and hope he comes soon, cuz don’t feel worth to be from those zochah. as you know will be a sifting process…

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    not taking any halachic stand, leave that for Rabbanim, but according to Zohar, any hair exposed brings curses Chas Vchalila on the home…

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    mod 80 wise input.

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    “Study: 1 in 5 divorces in the U.S. caused by Facebook

    21 December 2009 @ 01:20 pm EDT

    So 80% of divorces were NOT caused by Facebook, they had another cause . This is an example of tricks via statistics. Why not focus on the 80% of divorces that had another cause.

    Sort of like 1 in 5 people will die of Cancer, Well 5 of 5 people will die so this actually means nothing.

    It means that cancer is fifth of causes, and facebook is 20% of divorce causes.

    Where is the trick? Sure 5 people die, everyone does, cuz of Chava…. but some die natural, some of heart disease, etc. so if you know causes you can do hishtadlus to try to prevent…

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    Most movies are not created with a torahdig view, to put it mildly. They give you false illusions of relationships, and seeing things that are not tznius is totally asur. There are definitely some like national geographic ones, that pose no problem at all, but still, I know plenty of people who are movie addicts and it slowly but surely leads them down down down so I try to keep from watching any.

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    with you. I got married about 1 1/2 years ago, and I still remember how I felt. I was so crazy was hard to talk to me. and now, my spouse is not my type at all, and we’re having normal ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change it for anything still. Just remember it takes time, a big change, hard, but sweet! Mazal tov and lots lots of hatzlachah. may you build a bayis ne’man byisrael.

    saying that a lot of girls will not get married is bordering with kefirah r’l.

    Which one of the 13 ikarim is it in violation of?

    Hu Borah Imanhig.

    if you don’t see why we need to believe he can do everything, talk to your Rav.

    No One Special,

    What’s your point? You agree that hishtadlus is in order, so how is anyone’s attitude all wrong? Nobody is denying that the success of the NASI endeavor is up to Him.

    The pairing up of Chassidim to livish was mentioned; it won’t work in large numbers because of the cultural differences.

    My point wasn’t in trying to say Nasi’s actions are wrong, just that saying that a lot of girls will not get married is bordering with kefirah r’l.

    and I mean maybe in small numbers it’ll work, and for others there will be other solutions iy’h. just try your best to make changes, but singles shouldn’t ever despair. Maybe be more realistic, but not despair.

    All of you might have good points, and hishtadlus is definitely in order, but your attitude is very wrong. You seem not to realize that Hashem runs the show. Can’t he like bring tons of special male baal hatshuvah. Btw, in the chassidic community the problem is just the opposite. Older boys. so how bout pairing them up?

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    Very stupid to classify a shoiteh anyone who doesn’t share your views. don’t think I’ll vote for Obama, but neither do I think anyone stupid in doing so. Someone who is one track minded is also considered a shoiteh?

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