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    DON’T! What are you thinking??? Mind your own buisness, and leave him alone! Beside being choshed be’keshairim, do you also have to talk lashon hara?? It’s a day after Yom Kippur! Even if DID do something (which you have no right to assume) he probably did teshuva! So be a good Jew, and have some middos!

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    My cousin is a top guy, and some jerk ran around telling rumors about him because he didn’t want him the girl he wanted. Now he can’t get a shidduch. Stay out of it. Either it never was true, or its not true anymore. And if it is still true, he will tell her. Hashem runs the world, your hishtadlus is not to run around breaking engagements.

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    Put out two bowls where you thing they will find them the easiest, and in one bowl put vinegar and in the other put baking soda. All you will have to do now is clean up the remains of an exploded dead mouse!

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    I like gmail its much better than any other email

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    The way it works in life is that if you lose one thing, you lose another, and when you find the second thing, the theory goes that you will find the first one also. So judging from what you said, I suggest going to the pet shop and picking up another mouse and set it free.

    Alternatively, you can put some Starbucks coffee on a glue trap (if its in your house, it probably is used to the things you often consume) and wait. You may want to pick one up for yourself too just for kicks.

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    My cup broke

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    What does tisha b’av and bein hazmanim have in common?

    1)u put on teffilin by mincha

    2)it’s asur to wear shoes

    3)it’s asur to learn

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    “I usually call it a “sheet of paper of digital document detailing the person’s personal information relevant to dating”. Or “shidduch profile” for short.”

    That funny, I never heard of the short term. Make the mouthful much easier, thanx popa!

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    I swallow them. They are probably healthy. And they taste like whatever I hade for my most recent meal, because I eat with my hands.

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    This is great! I love scams! How else can we cheat the government? How about we don’t call it a raffle, but rather a donation with incentives. I think I’ll sell that idea to all these places. Genius!

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    If I am a pig, can I eat with my hands? What if I cut off a pig’s hands, and wear them like gloves? What if my wife forgot to wash the silverware? What if the food is burnt and I can’t stab it with a fork?

    Any ideas?

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    You should have a computer, and even if you do, you shouldn’t have Internet, and if you do than you shouldn’t be. Do it like me, I have my neighbor fax me everything in the coffee room every night, and then I stay up all night and in the morning I fax my neighbor what to post. It is the smartest, safest, and easiest filter.

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    I only telegram brachos

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    Why buy anything? Grass is very healthy!

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    Try united airlines

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    I don’t think rav eliyashev is a cr member

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    I don’t brush my teeth, and haven’t lost any yet. Toothpaste is icky!

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    Corey: something strikes me odd add your comment. This conversation was over and yet u brought it back just to rile people up again. Life outside ywn? Why, what else do u do instead of going to seder? So instead of trolling the cr, why don’t you go to shiur and come back when you have something intelligent to say.

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