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    Rabbi Fuerst’s video is the reason I will not vote. When he explains why he opines to vote, it is clear he is being misinformed. He quotes Reb Gershon, when we now know Reb Gershom never agreed one should vote. He explains that the money is going to go to Yeshivas and Kollelim, when we know that this is not at all true. He also quotes a very unreliable website as a source of his information.

    If you read Reb A. Feldmans letter, how he describes how people are deliberately misleading Rabonim, you will understand Rabbi Feurst is ione iof those Rabonim Reb Ahron was referring to.

    in reply to: Kosher shaver? Phillips One Blade #1752458

    Both Rabbi Heineman and Rabbi Forcheimer hold each Norelco has to be checked by am expert in the field. Until they are checked, they are prohibited. And they seem to be basing this on Reb Moshe zt”l.

    Rabbi Heineman says one blades are prohibited, and Rabbi Forcheimer said it is a “taar mamash’.

    Rabbi Blumenkrantz is no longer alive to ask, and the children who put out the sefer never spoke to Reb Moshe ztl.

    in reply to: Grape Juice Light #1710563

    BTW, Add Reb Elyashiv to the list. He also says one may nit add any water to Garpe Juice

    in reply to: Grape Juice Light #1710170


    I am not sure where you got your numbers from, or if they are accurate. But that does not really matter.
    Reb Shlomo Zalman zt”l holds the din of mezigah does not apply to grape juice at all, and almost any amount of water would disqualify it from being considered wine. Reb Shmuel shlita paskens the same.

    Neville ChaimBerlin,

    The way I understand it is that they add very little concentrate to the juice. Just enough to balance out the taste. They want the grape juice to have a uniform taste which is difficult with a pure juice.

    Some of the glass bottles (I believe the bigger ones) are 100% juice, with no added concentrate. The bottles are labeled clearly.

    in reply to: Grape Juice Light #1707519

    iacisrmma, does your LOR realize there is added water? I spoke to a few LOR’s recently who were unaware there is added water, and one who was not even aware major Poskim hills it changes the status of the Grape Juice. (When I showed them, they agreed with me)

    And ChadGadya, both regular Grape Juice and Grape Juice light has some concentrate added to them in order to insure a consistent flavor.

    The Light version has a significant amount of water added besides the concentrate.

    Kedem makes a version of 100% juice with no concentrate added. It’s very expensive though.

    in reply to: Grape Juice Light #1706840

    Light Grape Juice has added water. That is the main difference between that and regular Grape Juice. I am not jumping to conclusions. I did my research. And I know that many poskim hold it is shehakol. I mentioned the two which I recently saw printed.

    OU does write it is good for Kiddush, but it is not so simple.

    And by the way, OU holds Grape Juice from 100% concentrate is also good for Kiddsuh, while many disagree.

    Someone mentioned a Teshuva from Rabbi Belsky. Is there an address for that? I’d love to see it inside.

    My point is that many people would not use this if they knew Reb Shlomo Zalman ztl and Reb Shmuel shlita hold it’s not considered yayin.

    in reply to: Rabbi Eitan Rubin #1676441

    It’s a Yeshiva for Sefardim, as far as I know. They have a dorm? Great Neck is a dangerous place for an unsupervised bochur.

    in reply to: Torah in the 5 towns #1672133

    I agree. Five Towns is growing on Torah and ruchniyus. There are beautiful Kollelim, Yeshivos, Bais Yaakovs, Mikvaos mehudaros, a mehudar eiruv, etc..

    The chessed performed by the Baal Habatim towards these Bnei Torah is unmatched in any community.

    Most if the negative talked about in the other thread is about a modern orthodox element who shop in town. They don’t know any better and do not think they are doing anything wrong. On the contrary, they respect Bnei Torah and treat them in the highest regard.

    I just wish the supermarkets would realize they have this Bnei Torah community here now. The Bnei Tirah don’t need to shop at the expensive lavish stores or eateries in town. But everyone needs food. The supermarkets do give discounts and gift cards to Bnei Torah, but the cost if food is so high, they are squeezing the less affluent families to the extreme.

    Five Towns needs Lakewood style supermarkets, where there is selection at affordable prices!

    in reply to: why are girl schools closed on Sundays #1669652

    Teachers in girls schools are not paid enough to make them come in on Sundays. It’s a chessed they come in during the rest of the week.

    in reply to: Voting Democrat #1643449

    Democrats support:

    Toeava marriages and education
    Asistted suicide

    All of which are prohibited to support.

    Besides the rest ot the issues with the Democrats, becuase of the above reasons it is halachicly prohoboted to vote Democrat. Assisted suicide will eventually force all of us to pull the plug on our own relatives. The Democrats have no value of human life. They believe humans are just another type of animal, that is why they also support PETA and other anti-shechita orginazations. That is also why they are legalizing drugs. They have no shtultz or any self human dignity whatsoever.

    in reply to: Did Dell Bigtree change your perspective about anti vaxxers? #1627496

    Health, I also agree with you. Evetone must follow there own Rov/Posek.

    My point was exactly what you wrote: “Some people think it has to be my way or the highway.” The vaxxers ae backed by the fum media and the frum Soros, and keep on acting as if there is no other tzad.

    I believe there are two ligit mehalchim, and each one should follow their own Rov.The non-vaxxers are not ripping apart the vaxxers. It is the vaxxers denying there is even another tzad and getting all personal about it.

    in reply to: Did Dell Bigtree change your perspective about anti vaxxers? #1626919

    Health, first of all, I am not an anti-vaxxer. Most if my children are vaxxed, besides one who almost died after the first dose

    But who’s the one who is not telling the truth? Did you actually read the letter signed by the Rabonim you are quoting? There is not a word in that letter about vaccinations. It just says that if one is sick ch”v, he need to go to a doctor. It doesn’t talk about vaccinating a healthy person.

    However, the two letters signed by many Gedolim testify that Reb Chaim holds we don’t need to vax, and schools must accept non-vaxxers are being ignored.

    Reb Shmuel is also a pretty big Gadol. Or is that only when we agree with him?!?

    in reply to: Did Dell Bigtree change your perspective about anti vaxxers? #1626345

    Let’s be clear: Almost no Gedolim or Rabonim came out wither way. No major names at least. It’s all “he said this” and ” he said that”.

    The only thing we have from the big names is the few letters saying that Dr. Shanick unsuccessfuly tried to plead his case to Reb Chaim. We have Reb Shmuel, Reb Malkiel Reb Matisyahu on to different letters I have, Reb Eliezer Dunner, Reb Aaron Shechter, Reb Elya Ber and more signing that Reb Chaim paskened one does not need to be vaccinated, and a school has no right to keep the unvaccinated out.

    The only big names we have on the vaxxers side is a quote from Reb Elyashiv. Maybe he said it, and maybe he didn’t. But the letter also said the information the questioner told Reb Elyashiv, which is extremely one sided. Reb Chaim listened to both sides.

    People are saying “Why don’t the anit-vaxxer Gedolim say anything?” They are saying plenty. Reb Shmuel, when we need him and agree with him, is the Zekan HaGedolim in America. And besides, most people don’t look as well as he does at 94, bli ayin hara. Maybe, just maybe, he does know what health is all about. Many people have recently tried to convince him to change his mind. He wont. Reb Malkiel is also very strong. There have been many meetings, with both sides with these and other Gedolim. You would be in total shock if you heard the horrible scary stories which are being presented at these meetings which were caused from the vaccines.

    Unfortunately, this side and their stories is not being reported.

    Let me tell you, most of my kids were vaxed. Except for one. After his first dose, he turned white, got a horrible high fever and needed to be rushed to the hospital. The doctor would not give him his second shot.

    I understand with the news being reported, it is difficult to even hear the anti-vaxxer side. But we must keep our Emunas Chochomim. Like the Torah tells us, “Al Yamin Shehu S’mol”, even if it does not make sense to us.

    That is what Emunas Chochomim means. Not just to listen when it makes sense to you. And for those who say “it’s their wives”, it’s not true. It’s them. I have verified this with their families.

    The pro-vaxxer Gedolim are also not comin g out in public. Just a very few of them. And none of the big names. They are paskening for their talmidim, they wasy it should be. The publicizers are the Vaxxer PR guys, probably being paid by the frum “Soros”. If they would not have made such a ruccucs, the schools would be followong the Gedolim and wouldn’t buckle under pressure. They would still allow religous exemption.

    in reply to: New Techeiles Movie #1600385

    YOUDONTSAY: “This issue requires an immense amount of time to research, which they sorely lack. However, the new crop of younger Gedolim have made the time, and plenty of them believe that the murex is the real deal. Its only a matter of time.”

    Follow your name and DON”T SAY!! You re not allowed to talk about the Gedolim that way. Your comment sounds like it comes from the Open Orthodxy movement.

    It’s not a matter of time. B:H we are not all breslovers or BT’s without Mesora, and we will not be putting on techeiles until Moshiach comes, as Reb Chaim instructs us. And neither will our children. They are also coming from a Mesorah. There is a reason why almost no Gedoilim or Rosh HaYeshivos put on techeiles, and neither will their talmidim, who are the future Gedolim, Rabonim, and Rosh Hayeshivos. B”H we live with Mesorah.

    in reply to: New Techeiles Movie #1600345

    FakeMaven: Daas Noteh addresses the MaHaril on page 140, 141. The questioner quotes it, and Reb Chaim answers in his short written style.He is not ignoring it.

    You say “And the best for the last, about nipitz leshma. For anybody that is an Ashkenazi and follows the Rema, המנהג להקל בניפוץ, (O”C 11) . I therefore do not have the audacity to say that for us nipitz is nothing more than a chumra.” BUT YOU LEAVE OUT THE MISHNA BERURA who quotes the Pri Migadim b’shem Maharal that one should be machmir l’chatchila.

    As for Krias Shema, nice quote from the Shulchan Aruch HaRav, but the M.B. is not machria and is not willing to be meikel like the Shulchan Aruch Harav, and it is a safek d’oraissah.

    And what you write “It’s very well known Rav Elyashiv spent his time on Shas and Poskim and was generally not the kind of posek who researched the technical aspects the Shailos — that is something Poskim the like Rav Belsky do. Instead, Rav Elyashiv’s approach was to respond precisely to the question how it was asked”

    AFAR L”PUMAY!! That is right out kefirah and disrespect for a Gadol Hador. It is in total violation of our Mesorah and Trust in our Gedolim and Poskim. Reb Elyashiv understood the Murex, the MaHaril, and all relevant Rishonim and facts much better than you or any other blogger. To write him off like that is grounds for some serious stuff. As the Rambam writes: אע”פ שהמבזה את החכמים אין לו חלק לעוה”ב אם באו עדים שבזהו אפילו בדברים חייב נידוי ומנדין אותו בית דין ברבים וקונסין אותו ליטרא זהב בכ”מ ונותנין אותה לחכם והמבזה את החכם בדברים אפילו לאחר מיתה מנדין אותו בית דין

    Edited (again…)

    in reply to: New Techeiles Movie #1600315

    Youdontsay, of course I know the difference between the two seforim. And of course Derech Emunah is a completely different caliber if a sefer. However, I am not aware of anywhere in Derech Emunah where techeiles is discussed.

    My point was that although there are many seforim printed with teshuvas from Reb Chaim, I understand that not all of them are very reliable. I have at least 20 of them in my collection, and many can nit be relied on.

    Daas Noteh however is a much more reliable sefer. Especially because Reb Chaim gave him access to his personal notes of hanhagos of the Chazon Ish, and spent a lot of time with his son who authored the sefer explaining to him a great detail many of his opinions.

    When Daas Noteh brings kisvei yad and teshuvas from Reb Chaim, it is very reliable. On this issue, it seems like he was trying to get Reb Chaim to agree that at least there is nothing wrong with wearing techeiles just in case, but Reb Chaim strongly opposed.

    The commentator here FakeMaven is bordering on kefira. To say that if any Rishon holds there is no techeiles nowadays should “wrap it up”, is heresy. We don’t talk about Rishonim in that tone. And the agenda of such a writer is obviously not coming from Yiras Shomayim. And the way he talks about the majority of Gedolim who are on the opposing side is extremely disrespectful.

    Some of the comments posted here are real kefira and should be deleted from any frum forum.

    in reply to: New Techeiles Movie #1600126

    FakeMaven, there are so many ridiculous things you wrote, it’s a waste of time to refute them.

    However, to disregard the Sefer Daas Noteh because it doesn’t fit with your agenda is a cheaper shot than the Democrats. It is a very reliable Sefer, out out by Reb Chaim’s SON. He is printing over wtitten teshuvos, and kisvei yad of his father. He also quotes a little from oral responses.

    But if you read the sefer you will see how hard he tries to push the inyan of wearing techeiles, and Reb Chaim stays strongly apposed. To say that the Chazon Ish written in Reb Chaim’s kesavim is hearsay, is simply heresy.

    Daas Noteh is much more reliable than a clip of a video which we have no idea what the context of the rest of the conversation was about.

    To say that nobody addresses the Maharil, is also not true, Reb Chaim does address it. He also WRITES in a tesshuva brought in Daas Noteh that all of the proofs that this is the real techeiles are thoroughly refuted in a recent sefer which Reb Chaim agrees with.

    And agav, what you wrote about Reb Moshe’s shiyr is false. I didn’t say the Chazon Ish’s shiur, I said Reb Moshe. M’ikur Hadin you need the proper shiur of an amah. Most people I’ve seen with tecehlis are wearing these tiny begadim which are not the minimum required shiur for tzizis.
    You probably don’t even know what the minimum shour is. But from the way you write, I assume your talis katon is something like a size 18 which is less than an amah even according to the minimum shiur.

    Since almost all Gedolim do not wear techeiles, and advise against it, we hold it is not required. Not even a chumra. But Niputz L’shma is brought in Shulchan Aruch l’halacha, and for us is much more important than techeiles.

    There are much more important things in life than techeiles. Like davening by the first zman krias shema, not talkung during davening, and the like. Why do so many techeiles wearers ignore so many things which are so much more important?!? Why do they only chap on to this chumra?!?


    in reply to: New Techeiles Movie #1599914

    FakerMaven:, Which Rishonim are you referring to? Reb Chaim shlita in his teshuvas does not understand any of the “Rishonim” the way you do, and neither did the Chazon Ish.

    As an aside, there are much more important issues to be careful about with this mitzvah.

    For example, what size is your beged? Is it at least an amah according to at least Reb Moshe’s shiur? Do you even know the shiur?

    How about menufatz lishma which Shulchan Aruch says you should be makpid on. Do they even make “tecehiles” which is menufatz lishma?

    in reply to: New Techeiles Movie #1599905

    עיין בדעת נוטה הלכות ציצית מה שהיה הגר”ח שליטא על זה

    in reply to: New Techeiles Movie #1599802

    Thefekemaven, in Daas Noteh Reb Chaim is very strong NOT to wear the techeies. He quotes the Medrash there too. I’m not sure whichbRishonim you are referring to, but he says the Maharil etc. Is not a proof against this Medrash, and the Medrash means we won’t have it until Moshiach.

    The shoel seems to be pressing the issue asking what could be wrong with wearing it just in case. He answers very strongly not to wear it. He also quotes the Chazon Ish also saying not to wear it, the Beis Halevi too. And in the footnotes he brings Reb Dovid Soleveichik that according to the Rambam, if it’s not the real thing, you are not yotzei the mitzvah of tzizis at all.

    in reply to: Emunah books 📚 #1263738

    The Heart Of Amunah by Rabbi Schmeltzer. Hashkafa books need a “hechsher”, and this one has the best endorsements I have ever seen. It’s not easy reading though. More like a English Sefer.

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