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    Wow uneeq what made you check popas profile?

    are you that into the CR and it’s trolls?

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    Shmendrik – must be stressful living a life as such a big troll…

    Nice that you keep yourself busy with ” marbitz torah ” but its more disturbing having you warped ideas on such forums.

    This link might help you:,mod=1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

    Good luck

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    Oh my where have we got to?

    in reply to: Support from girl's parents in non-Litvish circles #916625

    is this like a troll business again?

    @apushatayid lol 🙂 you on the ball!

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    HAA? I didn’t write this:

    ZeesKite is a sick and possibly dangerous man.

    Joseph is a sick and possibly dangerous man.

    popa_bar_abba is a semi-retarded and definitely dangerous man

    ZeesKite is not Joseph.

    ZeesKite is not PBA

    Joseph is not PBA

    I, the anonymous MIB, am not PBA, ZK, or Joseph

    did a mod add this or did you hack my ip address?

    in reply to: Recipes for the seriously poor #1030141

    WOW that sounds stressful!

    Try this. Never seen leftover of it… and even better can be 2 dishes side dish + a salad but I must confess it’s pasta again.. 🙂

    1 bag spaghetti – boiled.

    1 green pepper / red / yellow

    3-4 stalks spring onion

    1/4 cup oil

    1/4 cup soy sauce

    4 tbs sugar

    2 tsp garlic powder or one clove garlic crushed

    1/4 cup sesame seeds ( roasted )

    saute the spring onion and peppers or roast in the oven.

    then mix veg with pasta add oil, sugar, soy sauce and garlic.

    – If it’s a side dish toss up in pan till hot and possible to add shredded chicken , sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds (it makes a world of a difference with taste.

    – as a salad toss all up in a bowl with sauce ing. add sesame seeds.

    (to roast sesame seeds place in oven for about 5 mins till dark brown and roasted. can be stored for a month in a cool place.

    Very filling dish! (i.e. the pasta salad 🙂 )

    I pray that hashem showers you with much shefa!

    in reply to: Mezonos trolls #916844

    That makes 2 of us…

    and is ice, troll, ZK, joseph.. all the same ppl

    ZeesKite is a sick and possibly dangerous man.

    Joseph is a sick and possibly dangerous man.

    popa_bar_abba is a semi-retarded and definitely dangerous man

    ZeesKite is not Joseph.

    ZeesKite is not PBA

    Joseph is not PBA

    I, the anonymous MIB, am not PBA, ZK, or Joseph

    in reply to: Teenager Caught Smoking Cigarettes – Any Advice? #916929

    PBA: very wise post! though I would like to add:

    The majority of people don’t want to hear anything or to be accused since they automatically switch off.

    I once heard of a choshov Rebbi that came across a similar situation and waited 1 day before approaching the kid, and he told him the following:

    ” On my behalf, you know that I saw you XYZ … and you should know that I have no interest in publicizing this or letting anyone know about this. not your parents or your rebbi. just because I know you have the power to out grow and mature from the bahaviour.

    On your behalf can you give me a little promise that you will try? “

    And the rebbi said that by saying this he gave the kid also the comfort and trust that hes actions were not revealed to a community , and automatically hes heart was softened to listen.

    And if im not mistaken Shlomom hamelech wrote in mishlei or maybe in the gemara they say not to tell someone off at the time that he sins / miss behaves. Aperson should wait a while

    anyone remember the source?

    in reply to: Signs of abuse #915946

    very befitting name you have VELTZ MESHUGENER

    in reply to: Oorah's Million Dollar Raffle #1049111

    After all this arguing… please note the 1 million they get is

    AS A DONATION so people donate more. in other words the money that people donate really gets to them and most of the prizes, graphics, marketing etc is all donated! otherwise, they will be keeping all the money that goes into and its a lot to the org.

    Unfortunately, as a weak generation and tzadakah needs to look appealing otherwise (most) people avoid tzedaka.

    no one feels they have money to spare.

    in reply to: Yeshiva Seminary Students Guide #1034977

    How about an article teaching seminary girls how to behave as shabbos guests.

    They are getting worse with the years!

    in reply to: Poor Rex Ryen #916823

    Ahhh may I remind you this is YESHIVA world news

    in reply to: Anyone here cook with a grill pan, how on earth do you clean it? #914136

    If pan on fire (not like a George F)

    boil some water with 3 tbs of baking powder all the gunk will slide off with a sponge with out scratching your pan.

    If a George Forman style grill or oven tray spray with “SANO – Javel Cold Grease Remover”

    Place in garbage bag and close tightly. Leave overnight

    Next morning lightly rinse with sponge.

    All these tips are for saving your pans from getting scratched and ruined

    in reply to: Shalom Zachor Invitation Text #914419


    from your attitude I assume were you never involved in the hassle,stress, tears and drama when a baby is born especially a boy and the preparations it requires.

    People are emotionally are on their last string, no time for thinking to much about how others feel with a “personal invite via mass texting / emailing”

    So people don’t care you the one losing out not going and enjoying cakes and goodies after your friday night meal…….

    in reply to: jewish magazine weekly stories #914835

    Thank you + chayav inish livisumay!

    Finally, someone else hears the cry…

    Every shabbos im left feeling ill after reading the magazines making you wonder if really, are there no more balanced people left? (forget their yom tov supplements total nausea)

    sometime I feel the magazine is a brochure from a psychiatrist waiting room with all the stories there…

    When people submit letters about this matter to the editors they claim that people in the frum world need to be aware of these situation (panic disorder, abuse, addiction … 🙂 )since they are more frequent these days.

    But why dear editors expose normal kids / adults to such awful situations especially when the magazine is designed for mainly shabbos reading

    where are all the writers imagination flaying to? they need to be stopped and stapled back into reality ASAP

    They are swiping us up in their freaky imagination brain and we are slowly getting convinced that every family has at least one member suffering from some disorder or a divorce ( and every divorce by them is terrible forgetting that by some it’s a big mazel tov).

    I hope dear magazine editors and writers you read this thread!

    and up your socks

    in reply to: Please ignore "iced" #983028

    Oh my! what an awful thread!

    Sounds like you all know each other and I have no idea why you are all so ovreacted and behaving in most awful manner

    But please remember that all of us jews are attacked by so many nations that hate us and continuously try causing bad to every single one of us in any way possible, WHY? WHY? add bad and ” sinaa” in our holy nation? when are we finally gonna grow up and let go of any upset and bad feeling towards another ????

    in reply to: When is it time to divorce? #912020

    It’s funny reading these last comments on YWN it seems that people are just trying very hard to see how to take things out of hand….

    What’s so bad about mentioning a minus in another religion? and mentioning the name of the religion ?

    If it was that bad nothing in the torah would have ever been discussed about plishtim, sdom and all the rest cant think off hand of any others

    Matan1 and Plomialmoni4 – its heart warming to see that some people with seichel are around in this generation, Thank you 😉

    in reply to: Not wearing a tie at Mincha on Shabbos #944916

    @R.T.: “Shabbos Mincha; no special nigunnim in Tefila (unlike Lecha Dodi, Kel Adon)

    Shalosh Seudos — simple food, bread, salads, etc…

    We see from the above that the theme is more of simplicity, straightforwardness.”

    interesting you say this, even though it’s a norm to serve left overs, and in some populations even leave out seuda shelishis, Rav Pinkus ZT”L in his book ” NEFESH CHAYA” states how important shabbos is and it is very wrong that people think less of seuda shelishis than friday night meals.

    Seuda shelishis should not be a less of an important meal. he gave a classic example of shabbos b4 pesach he had a custom in his house to use proper china and not plastic goods in order to honor the shabbos properly.(even though these days plastic goods look amazing, on his level it was somehow disrespectful for shabbos)

    So even though it’s a norm to be more relaxed and simple towards the end of shabbos don’t take it as the right thing to do / behave.

    in reply to: What to wear on first date #910452

    @ 2scents

    I guess humor is not part of your dictionary bad enough for caleefornia to ask YWN what to wear on a date

    in reply to: What to wear on first date #910450

    Well, since YWN advise about clothing worked well for you why don’t you tell us a bit about you decision making?

    in reply to: Favorites lines from Shmuel Kunda Z"L tapes #1210947

    When the boy traveled with hes zeidy to Israel, on the plane the boy tried pulling the seat belt and hears an old man from behind him:

    ” hey boy, thoj are my shoshpenders”

    and the famous line of the shabbos tape “take a bath or a shower but don’t take an hour…on erev shabbos…”

    all parents around! keep chinuch books on the side and buy shmuel kunda tapes! the best chinuch techniques ever!!

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