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    “but when it’s time for the election/campaign promotion they suddenly remember that they’re Jewish.”

    what election? What campaign? Is there an election coming up?

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    “This would be “marbe B’shiurim””

    what is the melacha that he is being marbe? bishul on the fuel? The Thrust is the same, just needs (negligibly) more fuel to achieve it

    Agree on deplaning

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    – No techum in the air, though if takes off on shabbos is a problem on the runway. Even if argue that are 10 tefachuim off the ground, if plane sitting on ground may be a problem

    Causing the plane to burn more fuel?
    – not sure what melacha that would be? Mavir is it mavir if more fuel gets consumed to do the same “work”? (obviously the plane is doing more work from a scientific standpoint, but I don’t think halacha recognizes that.
    for example if I have two cars one gets 30 mpg the other gets 20 mpg is it a bigger melacha to use the less fuel efficient car to drive the same distance? seems doubtful. And of course the amount is negligible
    At any rate this has long been discussed regarding cars and busses and Poskim say it is not an issue, comes up with choleh going to hospital or accompanying a child (although are other issues with getting in car/bus on Shabbos)

    – don’t carry outdoors, on the plane is not an issue a plane is not a reshus harabim nor a karmelis nor are you going between reshus hayahcids

    – Put stuff in a bag that is bassis for heter and issur.

    not sayign it is 100% muttar, it definitely isnt shabbosdig, but the issurim are not as great as made out.
    It seems to be imore of an inconvenience (understatement) than issur

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    heard from Papa, if you make a staute to commemorate the worlds tallest person, who stood almost 9 feet tall. You don’t say, “well 6 feet is regular height so lets makea 3 foot tall statue”

    heard from Maccabees II it was a delayed celebration of Sukkos. This also explains Beis Shamai’s shita that we count down like “parei hachag” what does Sukkos have to do with anything?
    heard this from Bnei Yissoschar too.

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    “Firstly, in no way shape or form did he violate any civil rights.”
    I never said they would win the lawsuit against him. sorry if that wasnt clear

    ” I’m pretty sure that burning down buildings isn’t a “right”. ”
    no but living is.

    ” And the jury already determined that he was not the instigator.”

    This would be a new jury, obviously. And while I would yield to a lawyer of course, I’m pretty sure that under a new trial (as there would be should the families sue) they don’t pick up where the old trial LEft off. “Ok so we concluded Kyle was not the instigator, now should he be civility liable…”

    another jury might find that he WAS the instigator (to be clear I’m nto saying he was of that they would) and IS civilly liable

    furthermore you are reading more into the verdict than there is. all they said is “not guilty” thats it that doesn’t mean thye accepted all or even any of the defense’s claims. Presumably they did, but the verdict doesn’t somehow encompass that. Not aonly that it doesnt even mean he isnt nt guilty of say first degree intentional homicide, it means he isnt guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt. For vcivil case you dont need “beyond a reasonable doubt” .So even if a second jury found him guilty (not saying they would) the juries would NOT be arguing He could be guilty based on the “preponderance of the evidence” which is “not huilty” when it comes to criminal charges but guilty when it comes to civil.

    Fiannly although “negligence” did come up a bit in the trial, as it was a criminal trial the bulk of the case was whther he acted intentially or even recklessly. Even if he was neither of thsoe , he could still have been negligent wh mkes him ily liable

    So to sum up. I am not saying he will be sued nor that if sued he would lsoe.

    I am saying he could and might be sued.

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    ” what are/can his victims suing him for??”

    For violating their civil rights.

    Before you say, he had too , hislife was in danger, Yes that is what his lawyers will argue, and probably win. That doesn’t mean he can’t be sued

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    “Since all the Libs that post here have a different view of Justice – Namely Rittenhouse is Guilty beyond a doubt”

    Is that true? that all the libs here posted that?

    ” but tell us all the reasons, just like OJ.”

    OJ told you the reasons, the perp in Waukesha is not guilty? what were the reasons OJ gave?

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2032244

    “Was justice served because the jury found him innocent or because the law is that the jury gets to decide guilt or innocence?”

    I like this question. I think its hard to answer in general

    In this case its easy because it is both. Other cases are harder take the OJ case, we all know OJ did it (he has since basically admitted it) Though even then we have a rule of law, and it is harmful if elected officials undermine it (though carefully expressing confusion/disappointment at a jurt’s verdict would be fine I think)

    There is a third possibility though Wikipedia translates justice more broadly as “people receive that which they deserve” Of t his I’m not sure. I don’t think Kyle is complelty innocent, I think he went looking for trouble (I grant I can’t prove this its just the vibe I get, though worth noting even if I could prove it say he told a friend “I’m going to Kenosha to show them whose boss” or something like that it still likely wouldn’t, and probably shouldn’t affect the actual verdict.) However If he isnt completely innocent it is “unjust” (in this broad sense) that he walks away scot free

    But using the two defitnions of “justice” you provided “justice served because the jury found him innocent ” or “the law is that the jury gets to decide guilt or innocence” in both cases justice was served

    in reply to: Tal Umotor Reminder #2032225

    The daf * reminded me of this thread

    Thanks for the mareh makom last year. I saw it and appreciated then I thought I replied

    (* and date Nov 22 which is the date mentioned in the Beis Yosef as the start day (not date as the start was the previous night) of Vesein tal umatar, however this date is not today obviously, as we do not start vesein tal umatar today)

    in reply to: Tal Umotor Reminder #2032230


    Never mind It was on page 2
    I feel silly

    I guess Ive done sillier things than thank twice

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    good addition, more of a “need” than most seforim here.

    I dont really get this thread.
    Everybody “needs” to own a pnei Yehoshua?

    IF this thread was seforim that its nice for a ben torah to have sure definitely pnei Yehoshua, Tzlach. Though even then I don’t think its a “need” and certainly not for “every frum house”

    in reply to: What seforim does every Frum house need? #2031625

    These issues don’t make so much sense

    Kovetz meforshim? On which mesechta? All of them?
    Pnei yehoshua?
    Not to mention Tanya and lkutei sichos?

    For EVERY home?
    No way

    Much more important than any of the above is shemiras shabbos kihilchoso (English or Hebrew depending on proficiency)
    Some modern likutim on practical halacha as another poster mentioned

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2031501

    Very well put Avira.

    The only thing , I have to add is it reminds me of George Zimmerman, there’s a bit of a hole in the system. You have loser waanabe-cops who get involved in a confrontation, naturally they can’t actually fight, so when they are losing, they can fall back on their gun and (legitimately) claim self defense .

    He is no hero.
    Though I doubt he’s walking away rich he will be sued by the victims and will be swamped with legal fees for some time

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    “It is pretty clear at this point that the natural immunity (without a vaccine for those who had Covid) are indeed doing something, ”

    no question.
    I never said or implied otherwise.

    I’m not sure why you keep mentioning this. Did the OP have prior covid? IT doesnt say that in the post, unless I missed it.

    in reply to: I have COVID #2030346

    Glad your feeling well enough to work from home

    I had meant to wish you refuah sheleima in my initial response.
    I’m orry I ignored that and only commented on the more technical parts of your OP

    in reply to: I have COVID #2030252

    “I tested positive for COVID a few days ago and was vaccinated. My symptoms are worse than my wife who was not.”

    your comparison is not the correct one
    Everyone is different. I had Covid in MArch h2020, I had a mild cough (only tested myself on a whim becasue I had access to a test) I had friends who had it and were much sicker. I saw people die. Comparing one person to another doesn’t tell us anything. You need to look at populations.

    The relevant question is what were YOUR symptoms compared to what your symptoms would have been if you weren’t vaccinated. Now obviously there is no way to know this with certainty. but at this point there is pretty good data that shows that the vaccinated as a group are not as sick a unvaccinated. The CDC has a long list of studies showing this.

    “All my children now have natural immunity, so why would I subject them to vaccinations that don’t seem to do anything?”

    So don’t
    b. It is pretty clear at thsi point that the vaccines are indeed doing something, the vaccinated, AS A GROUP, have less infections, less symptoms, less hospitalizations and less death.

    “what is the point of the vaccines?”
    Reduce infections symptoms, hospitalization and death

    in reply to: Nusach Sefard #2029812

    “Reb Eliezer, do the bochorim in Chasan Sofer today still daven Nusach Ashkenaz? 90% of the student body today is Chasidish.”

    Nobody* in Chasan Sofer davens Nusach Ashkenaz this was true at least for the past 30 years. So much so, that I though the vast majority of Jews all davened nusach sefard, since that is all I saw growing up. I knew of a few shuls that davened Ashkenaz but these were by far the exception in BP, and nobody I knew in Chasan Sofer davened in them.

    (* Obviously when I say nobody I’m generalizing Its possible there is one kid in some grade but the vast vast majority davened Nusach sefard, and I imagine it has only increased since then)

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    A quarter for sure.
    Dime possibly.

    Though my point is not what I would pick up, my point is (almost?) Nobody would pick up a penny, it’s so useless

    in reply to: Penniless #2027771

    “I think even a nickel isn’t worth it”

    Agreed, though this thread isn’t about the worthlessness of nickels, it is about pennies.
    Though while I probably wouldn’t be bothered to pick up a nickel, I’m sure many would. A peneey wouldn’t be picked up by anybody (other than coin collecting purposes)

    in reply to: Penniless #2027746

    Will everything be rounded off to the nearest dollar now?

    No it will be rounded to the nearest multiple of 0.05 (5 cents), which often happens anyways

    “Will anyone miss the penny?”

    Other than coin enthusiasts no. Pennies are so worthless, that most people don’t even bother to pick one up off the ground, that minimal effort is not wort h a cent to most people.

    in reply to: Anti Jewish Awareness, is it healthy #2027478

    Its a way to deflect from our shortcomings.

    Instead of acknowledging: “wait walking in the street at night without reflectors is not a great idea” we can say forget “walking in the street, look at this anti-semite who is threatening to run us over!” So it gets sent out by people looking to deflect. Then once its sent out all the websites have to report it because now it is news.

    in reply to: what is the origin of chanukah gifts? #2026807

    “Ubiq… You don’t see an issue combining the name of the avodah zara holiday of kratzmich with chanuka?

    I do.
    I was just parroting UJM, but You’re right I shouldn’t take cues from him

    in reply to: what is the origin of chanukah gifts? #2026738

    This year will be closer to Thanksgivingka presents this year than Chanukamas.

    I’m not as well versed in fake halacha as you are; are Thanksgivingka presents also a a problem?

    in reply to: Women Doing Men’s Jobs #2026505


    “ubiq: Your letzanus is duly noted.”

    I’m glad we get each other.
    Looking forward to your chanukah present thread.

    in reply to: Music…Better? Worse? #2026345

    “Which is better,”

    I don’t think there’s an objective “better” or “worse”. Music is subjective it depends on individual taste, I generally like songs of the first type better. I’m sure others like the second type better

    in reply to: Women Doing Men’s Jobs #2026290


    As terrible as the avla you cite is, It starts much more insidiously.

    There are nashim on this forum who think their opinions matter. Worse- many of them dare disagree with men, and in a public forum no less. It is a terrible terrible chilul Hashem and Zuilzul Kvod shomayim and Kovod habriyos, both their own Kavod (Kol kvuda bas melech pnima) and that of the man whose opinion is questioned.

    In the rare case that an isha has finished cleaning the home tending to the children , and IF her baal gives her permission to log on to yeshiva world, all she should do is drink in the words of wisdom left here. If she must comment, again with her baal’s permission, a simple “Yes wise master thank you for sharing your words of wisdom” is all that should be tolerated

    in reply to: Preventing Heart attacks #2021829

    “I think that this time he knows he’s wrong!”

    Lol, no just the opposite This one is super black and white

    But boring .

    Fake supreme court cases, thats exciting stuff. but getting the age wrong when lipid screening is recommended, especially if now you have it right. meh boring

    Though UJM, question for you “and enjoy the show.”

    I assume you are kidding, nobody can possibly enjoy this (besides me and him obviously)

    in reply to: Preventing Heart attacks #2021495

    “I wrote this – “The USPSTF recommends that adults w/o a history of CVD use a Statin drug for prevention with all of the following:””

    Correct. You wrote that and it is true It is waht I said last time you brought this up, and it was true then too..

    However On THAT thread you wrote
    “Most authorities recommend doing lipid testing starting at 20 y/o. If within normal range, most hold to repeat testing every 5 years.” This is Universal Testing!”

    see it?

    (* and no you didn’t mean age 20 + risk factors, since thats what I said to which you replied “I can’t teach you current medicine!”)

    If You don’t see it, thats ok I guess you won’t .
    I don’t want to detract more than I already have from your thread.

    “There’s No contradiction!”
    Agreed. not a contradiction per se, there you misstated guidelines, you have since taken the time to correct yourself. That’s great!

    in reply to: Preventing Heart attacks #2021428

    Health dearest!

    “So every adult 40 – 75 y.o. needs universal lipid screening”

    A few years ago you said recommendation was age 20
    “Most authorities recommend doing lipid testing starting at 20 y/o.”

    I pointed out that this was only in the presence of risk factors

    To which you replied
    “I can’t teach you current medicine!”

    Interestingly now you’ve raised your age for universal screening to “So every adult 40 – 75 y.o. needs universal lipid screening”

    I’m glad you caught up on current guidelines

    from this fun thread

    Sudden Death

    in reply to: vax mandates just shooting themselves in the leg #2021120

    “Did you ever hear of a person vaccinated against polio who became sick with polio because someone else didn’t get the polio vaccine?”

    Bad example. you see Polio vaccine existed before WhatsApp and Facebook. So Antivaxxers, did not have accessto their sources of “research”
    If your example was measles then yes I have

    I’m not sure.
    The vaccine has been available for a while now. Anyone who was planning ot get it would have gotten it. Unfortunately it i is still not enough. After a bunch of early enthusiasm, people fighting for vaccines, cutting in line, People accused of redirecting vaccines, it leveled off in the usmmer to an extent.
    The way to push it further is with mandates. Are there people willing to lose their job to avoid it? Sure and that is their prerogative. But while icky, the mandates are more likely to push those on the fence to get it than push them not to. The vocal ones are largely people who would not have gotten it without a vaccine

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    Its the sign of being a frum Jews w anyone who doesn’t say it at least 326 times daily (Gematria of frum) isn’t really frum.

    and of course being offended by the phrase baruch Hashem. That is the mark of a big big tazadik

    in reply to: Anything the Democrats Touch Gets Worse #2019822

    “How is there systemic racism?”

    As a result of decades, and decades of institutionalized racism, there are many disparities that persist today. Look up the history of redlining that directly contributed to the housing disparity that exists today (This is but one classic example)

    “Do people not vote for black politicians?”

    IS this a real question? OF course people don’t. I assume there’s a typo here. Though this isnt example of systemic racism, since this is due to individual racists not a system

    “Can blacks not get into college and universities due to their skin color?”

    Not skin color per se, but yes they have a harder time getting into colleges due to decades of systemic discrimination that prevented their parents from going to college, prevented their parents from getting higher paying jobs to afford college

    “Are they denied jobs due to their skin color?”
    Yes. OF course. Though again this is probably not systemic rather due to individual racist employers.

    Your questions indicate you don’t understand what systemic racism is.

    Hopefully your kids will get a good CRT course intheir school, and you can learn about it with them

    “If you answer yes to any of these questions above then you are living in an alternative universe.”

    Halevai! one day. For now I’m in the same universe as you

    in reply to: Are we too welcomimg #2019732

    “when are we going to wake up and realize that we need to be more cautious who we let into our communities.”

    Hopefully not.

    The story doesn’t pass the smell test. Served as a mohel? He wrote A Sefer Torah cmon That is not an easy task. And to what end ? So he can slip in talk about Yoshka int ocausal conversation, and the listeneer would say “Hey this guy is a mohel and sofer if he believes in Yoshko I guess I should”

    A commenter there wrote: “As a resident of Phoenix for almost 10 years, I can confirm this story to be a bunch of hype and lies !!
    This guy had no connection to the frum community in Phoenix. He lived in a far out corner of the city where no frum families reside.
    The “rabbi” that gave him semicha is a man that is a Notorious scamster in the community. Everyone knows to stay far away. He has 4 followers in his garage on a good week.
    As usual, don’t believe everything you read. No frum people where impacted by these idiots!”

    Obviously I don’t know if the commenter is telling the truth but it is far more likely than the reported story .

    in reply to: Anything the Democrats Touch Gets Worse #2019726

    “Furthermore, you have ignored my comment regarding black racism towards Jews.”

    did you read my post?

    I DIRECTLY addressed that

    Here it is again
    “” how about we make classes to teach about black racism towards Jews. ”
    Yes! I’m all for it!”

    You ask why aren’t they taught not to hate!
    They should be. All should be!

    We need MORE CRT not less!

    Especially since you don’t understand what systemic racism is as evidenced by your comment “There is no systemic racism whatsoever. That’s a lie. There was a black president…, ”

    in reply to: Anything the Democrats Touch Gets Worse #2019624

    “Wow, I can’t believe that frum Jews would support crt. ”

    Its not so surprising we have been teaching the same thing for years. We Just focus on Jewish history.
    For example the average Frum person knows more about the crusades than most Americans. Most American global history books have a few lines about the crusades, with no mention of the JEws. I have a several hundred page book on the crusades “Jews” are mentioned twice (Jews of JErusalem, the Jews of Germany are not mentioned at all.)
    Example #2 : Pretty much all frum Jews have heard of Bohdan Khmelnytsky ym”sh. Almost no Americans have heard of him. He is of course an important figure in Ukrainian history (in fact there are statues glorifying him throughout the Ukraine.
    We of course teach our children “Critical Jewish History”

    Many in the U.S. don;t know American history when it comes to Race relations. Sure slavery is mentioned, and then Lincoln came in on his white horse and everybody sang kumbaya. The fact that you could say “Systemic racism against blacks is a false narrative.” Proves how necessary CRT is

    ” how about we make classes to teach about black racism towards Jews. ”

    I’m all for it!
    See you too support CRT

    I didn’t think you’d come around. Thank you

    in reply to: Anything the Democrats Touch Gets Worse #2019589


    The second half

    “Critical race theorists hold that racism is inherent in the law and legal institutions of the United States insofar as they function to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially African Americans. Critical race theorists are generally dedicated to applying their understanding of the institutional or structural nature of racism to the concrete (if distant) goal of eliminating all race-based and other unjust hierarchies.”

    Is one I support completely.

    The first half I don’t understand so much

    “I agreed that Trump empowered the Taliban”

    Shalom al yisroel that’s exactly what I said

    “The actual subject material tuaght is what defines CRT.”

    1. I’m not sure that’s true. For example chemistry has a definition. If I call alchemy chemistry and you don’t want my alchemy taught in schools . Thst doesn’t mean you are opposed to chemistry. You don’t think alchemy is chemistry. Just because sone person is teaching something g and kabeks it “crt” dies t mean thsts what crt is
    2. Nu so actual subject matter that you disagree with.

    BTW this whole thread has gone off the, rails a bit I don’t think I can convince you to support crt. That was never my intention. Hopefully you can see why it isn’t all inherently bad. Ķwhich is what the op implied) to thst end I’m happy to answer specific questions, but don’t want to get to caught up in moving goal posts.

    in reply to: Anything the Democrats Touch Gets Worse #2019463


    You are right.

    While there were relatively high inflation rates in 2018. they pale in comparison to today.

    The current high inflation is solely under Biden’s watch I retract that statement

    in reply to: Anything the Democrats Touch Gets Worse #2019441


    I’m not sure how okay could be “aggressive” Passive sure. you asked a question to satisfy your curiosity I answered . Thats it. If you have a follow up question, ‘d be happy to answer that too.

    you said a large majority of CRT theorists would disagree. Ok, they can disagree. I don’t have to answer for them, nor am I empowered to do so.


    “your “definition” by quoting Wikipedia is naive.”
    nu nu so change Wikipedia to a defitnion that fits your preconceived scary view that’s your right.. With your super scary sinister definition of CRT, I might not support it. I’m going with the current definition as supplied there and here

    in reply to: Anything the Democrats Touch Gets Worse #2019423


    I provided a definition, if you don’t like it that’s fine.



    “Stop lying!”
    Ok I won’t. you don’t have to listen to me If you don’t believe me that Trump started empowering the Taliban Listen to the guy who wrote this “He made a deal with them – they were getting what they wanted and the US wasn’t being attacked.” See I’m not the only one who thinks that one of your personalities does too.

    “Obviously you don’t understand what it is.”
    I provided a defitnion. If you don;t like it you are free to provide your own

    in reply to: Anything the Democrats Touch Gets Worse #2019427


    in reply to: Anything the Democrats Touch Gets Worse #2019283


    first need to define it
    Ill copy paste from wikipedia

    “Critical race theory (CRT is a body of legal scholarship and an academic movement of US civil-rights scholars and activists who seek to critically examine the intersection of race and US law and to challenge mainstream American liberal approaches to racial justice. CRT examines social, cultural, and legal issues primarily as they relate to race and racism in the US. A tenet of CRT is that racism and disparate racial outcomes are the result of complex, changing, and often subtle social and institutional dynamics, rather than explicit and intentional prejudices of individuals”

    In order to understand the present, it is important to understand the past. Racism was not just a minor hiccup of US history. IT was literally baked into the countries’ founding. (I don’t think any other western country had racist ideas literally written into the constitution like the US did)
    Sure we have come a long long way, but PART of the reason (note: not the entire reason that is what “part” means) such large racial disparities exist is becasue of the way these things were baked in to US fabric bot h explicit and implicit.
    Learning history critically is important, even if it makes people uncomfortable.

    in reply to: Anything the Democrats Touch Gets Worse #2019227

    Supply chain problems – started under Trump
    High inflation -started under Trump
    Terrible labor reports – started under Trump
    Empowered the Taliban and have them all out weapons for free – started under Trump
    Vaccine Mandates – Great!
    Critical Race Theory in schools – Great!
    Alienated western allies- The reverse is true
    Made Israel more vulnerable- not true
    Enabled Iran- Started under Trump

    But hey he doesn’t send mean tweets – Great!

    Now granted just becasue something started under trump is not an excuse to reelect Biden. So while you did list some Great things about Biden if Biden doesn’t turn around the rest soon it’ll be time to replace him in 3 years.

    in reply to: What does “Yeshiva World” mean? #2016183

    “Ubq….in what way is jealousy manifested in what I said?”

    your tone
    (not just in this post )

    “Judging people’s religious level or affiliation by their kippa is something that is only practice by a certain segment of the Jewish population, whom I shall not name.”

    Lol, how do you identify that certain segment. Hopefully not by their kippot

    in reply to: What does “Yeshiva World” mean? #2016027

    “and they have no place in authentic Judaism.”

    Vechi yesh Judaism without authenticity? It’s redundant.

    eleh mai, you are jelous of the Torah Judiasm tm branding.

    don’t be jealous make your own, Authentic Judaism led by YO. start a publication sharing al your authentic Jewish ideas

    Of course dealing only wit hTHE MOST pressing issues facing kala yisorel. nothing other than the most pressing, just the way you like it

    in reply to: Macha against men not giving gittin #2015145

    “If he abused her of course he’s bad. I’m not sure why you need to even ask”

    If your not sure, then you aren’t reading your posts.

    “But if there’s no proof we can’t accept the allegation as true. The Halacha in S”A is clear about that.”

    Nobody is asking us to accept anything. This isnt a beis din.

    The question is if a marriage is over * and a husband forces his wife to remain stuck in the marriage. Is he a jerk?
    Note: not is that his halachic right. That isn’t the question.

    You seem to have come around a bit “If you’re asking regarding a case where he’s beating her (which he obviously knows) but the Beis Din has no proof of it, then of course he’s being bad and is required to stop or agree to divorce (even if Beis Din can’t force him since there’s no proof.)”

    Thats great.
    Of course there are other forms of abuse as well, besides hitting, as , I assume, you know.

    *defined any way you want

    in reply to: Macha against men not giving gittin #2015044

    “Syag, are you actually denying that there’s a lot of false allegations of abuse in divorce legal proceedings?”

    Are you denying that theres a lot of true allegations of abuse in divorce legal proceedings?

    My question is in THOSE cases. He know the truth. Is he a bad person for keeping her in a chanied marriage. Even if strictly speaking as far as even haezer goes he is not obligated to divorce her?

    in reply to: Macha against men not giving gittin #2015042

    “I’m not sure why you’d think our conversation now is a continuation from another thread seven months ago”

    I don’t think your views changed. and as I mentioned here your comments fit with

    “Why aren’t you asking this question against Rabbeinu Gershom?”

    Because I suspect why he did. I don;t have a question for him. If I did of course I’d ask him. He isnt commenting in this thread (As far as I know)

    My question is for you.
    YOU said
    ” No, because Rabbeinu Gershom is obviously correct. A husband shouldn’t divorce his wife if she doesn’t want to divorce.””

    so I am trying to understand YOUR view.
    According to the Torah a man can force his wife out if he so pleases, and she has no say.
    (correct me if I’m wrong)

    You said “Rabbeinu Gershom is obviously correct. A husband shouldn’t divorce his wife if she doesn’t want to divorce”

    I’m curious how you square these two statements

    in reply to: Macha against men not giving gittin #2014951


    “That point wasn’t specified in the conversation”

    It was specified in our previous conversation

    Get Refusal

    and is implicit in this one (when te phrase “being chained” is used that means the marriage is over

    “And more importantly, the marriage is over in whose opinion?”
    ours. we are the ones discussing this

    Though to be fair, in your last point you concede a little bit.
    “I’m referring to situations where the husband sincerely desires to continue the marriage and seek Shalom Bayis. (I’m not speaking of a situation of a vendetta.)”


    The only remaining question is if he claims to desire such, but either is lying, or anan sahdi that it is not going to happen) .
    (I’m not actually asking this I know your answer)

    ” No, because Rabbeinu Gershom is obviously correct. A husband shouldn’t divorce his wife if she doesn’t want to divorce.”

    Are you saying the Torah’s approach has a flaw?

    in reply to: Macha against men not giving gittin #2014829

    “There IS a Halacha that if a husband doesn’t want to divorce the wife is obligated to continue being his wife.”

    that isnt the topic of conversation though.

    The question is: if the marriage is over and he doesn’t want to divorce his wife, should he divorce her.
    As phil put it “Can you tell me of what purpose does it do to keep a woman chained who doesn’t want to be married to the likes of you?”

    in reply to: Macha against men not giving gittin #2014822


    That isn’t the question though.

    There is no halacha that if he doesn’t want to divorce her he isn’t allowed to. (That is the discussion)

    The question is in a “dead marriage” with no hope for the marriage continuing. If the husband is strictly speaking not required to give a get. Should he give one anyway.

    In a previous thread you said no reason to. Here your comments seem to agree with your navul brushes hatorah contention

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