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    “And there’s nothing more logical than strictly following Halacha.”

    Most people see through you.

    You only insist on squarely following halacha when it inconveniences others (ideally women). Otherwise you insist on all sort of lifnum meshuris hadin. For example, do you support people who play music during selichos, although it is undoubtedly is “strictly following halacha” ? Lol of course not THEN you take a “strict” approach and insist on all sorts of chumras.

    But when it comes to trapping a woman in a dead marriage, all of a sudden as long as it is within a strict bound of halacha it is ok.

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    Your’e right.

    I can’t even imagine the rebeeim handing out something in English.

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    It seems we are about the same age

    all of those points are accurate about my childhood

    Except that for me Olomeinu was handed out Thursday afternoon by the English teacher

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    ” …And catch up afterwards…”


    and of course many do meet on yom tov.

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    a few points.

    1) you say “when you spend 40 minutes on barely understanding a daf a day how can you say you finsihed shas when you barely read the english and you didnt even understand every other line.” speak for yourself. You say ” i tried learning daf hayomi and it took me 2 1/2″ Not everyone struggles so much with the first daf of berachos like you do. Though Kudos to you for persevering. Some people can get a basic understanding of most dafim in 40 minutes. (though retention is a problem)
    2) “wouldnt it be better to send 40 minutes everyday learning a mesechta roerly with tosfos and meforshim.” Yes, I don’t think anybody disputes that.
    The key though is every day/. for many people such “every day” learning quickly becomes not every day, We just concluded a busy yom tov season, I doubt many who learn “40 minutes everyday learning a mesechta roerly with tosfos and meforshim” in fact did it everyday, then there are weddings, busy with kids , tired from the clock change

    3) “i dont understand the point of saying you learnt the whole shas when you understand a tenth of it.” a few points a. It creates a sense of accomplishment that drives the daily learning that takes no breaks for yom tov, weddings, or clock change. and b. Many (if not most) who have done daf yomi have at least a passing familiarity with shas. I think that is a good thing.

    hope this helps you understand the reasons. If you dont think these are good reasons, thats fine of course.

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    “No and are you ok with car accidents, driving under influence, scammers, people dying from the flu or any other virus? ”


    Thank you for your excellent example. In fact I am so not ok with people driving under the influence that even having an open bottle in your car is illlegal.
    Why? Is it my business what you do in your car? Doesnt this infringe on your right to air your wine’s tannins on your way home? Isnt this your freedom s being taken away and basically what the Nazis did?

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    Agree completely with this post

    Pushing and Hoshanos

    And it seems to be getting worse.

    In my shul they keep trying the same failed solution with bigger and pibbigger circles, as if that would help all


    What do you mean finally?

    This study is months old and has been mentioned here.

    Thank you for bringing attention to it, as it is an important step in showing the safety of the vaccine in pregnancy.

    What I find confusing though is the scary headline. You seem to have accidently forgotten to mention “Calculated proportions of pregnancy and neonatal outcomes appeared similar to incidences published in the peer-reviewed literature ”

    Did you not read that part?
    Are you trying to mislead and scare people? If so arent you worried that someone willl call you out on it?

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    “but very few (if any) addressed the halachic question”

    The very first comment on the thread answered your “question”

    with a halachic question the premise has to make sense, and be grounded in reality.

    Even if for whatever reason you think the vaccine may cause fertility problems, (whether or not you think the new Oreo flavor does the same) It STILL isn’t a question.

    People are not faulted for following doctors. Halacha in fact obligates you to do so.

    Aye what do we do if Doctors disagree? Fear not ! halacha addresses that too!

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    “you want o be infertile? no problem NIH has a list of all the clinical trials you can be part of,”

    Why is that aimed at me? Very confusing

    “I guess you never heard of long tail exposure that can take years to manifest itself,WTC toxins for example.”

    OOh I’m excited to hear you background in science what kind of long term effects are found n those with 1 or 2 exposures to WTC toxins?

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    “Now I have some questions that I have as of yet not recieved rational answers to:”

    Here to answer all your questions.

    sure yo umay not like them, you are free to disregard rational answers, but they are there .It is your rejection of them that leads to your conclusions being called conspiracy theories

    1. Genetic code cannot be patented. changes can, so patenting them allows those companies to profit of any tests /treatments. And viruses tha taffect animlas obviously have implications for humans, since we depend on animals for food.

    2. Collaboration is good

    3. scientists have predicted things for decades. When thye are wrong criticise if right doesnt mean they caused it. Enviromentalists make all sorts of predictions “The Arctic will be ice free by year x” If that happens does that mean they did it?
    And right back at you, if He planned it why on Earth would he announce it publicly?

    4. I don’t know, did he fall in love with the head of ethics and married her, or did his wife get hired for the job. either seems rational .

    5. Same as #3

    hope this helps

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    “so the concern over this possible problem is genuine. ”

    I dont fully understand this? why the concern? Just because it is new ?

    I saw a new Oreo flavor “Apple Cider Donut Sandwich” To the best of my knowledge NO study has been done to know whether or not the cookie has any effect on fertility .So it would seem that the concern over this possible problem is genuine.

    So here is the easy, halachic question: Is a person who loses fertility by eatign the cookie, and therefore loses the ability to carry out the mitzvah to be fruitful and multiply, in breach of halacha for eating the cookie?

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    “The entire kehila needs to make a taanis if chas v’shalom such a thing happens.”
    [citation needed]

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    Its not new I grew up singing it. ITs called der heiliger niggun. Everyone in the shtibel sings it

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    Why are you sleeping late?

    The rest of us are up at alos preparing for davening with tehilm and/or learning.
    Feel free to do the same

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    We aren’t arguing.

    Yo favor staying indefinitely, as I said a reasonable case can be made for that.
    absolutely no question

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    “the CPA, lawyers and doctors all demand a charge when asked for help/advice.”

    that has not been my experience at all. I get called for advice all the time, it never occured to me to charge

    “A bit of advice, remain ignorant on these things or at least pretend to because you’ll be expected to do a lot of free work for people that can afford to pay for it.”

    Wait, your advice is not to learn things os that you won’t feel pressured to help others?

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    “for vitamin d deficiency. Contradicting themselves ”

    Great question!

    Here to help.

    You are comparing “supplements ” to treating deficiencies. These are not at all the same
    There is no question that vitamin deffincies are bad. Scurvy for example is due to vit c defficency this is very rare however. So for most people taking extra vitamin c doesn’t help anything..
    Except vitamin D deff which is quite common

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    ” Indefinite war or end the war and let the Taliban take over… More reasonable choice was between (1) leaving while minimizing losses and (2) staying in small remote numbers supporting gov troops from the air. ”

    Not sure why you rephrased my two choices.

    choice 2: “staying in small numbers” until when? either indefinite (my first choice) , or until yo u chaneg your mind to Leave and let the taliban take over (my second choice)

    choice 1 “leaving while minimizing losses” is what they attempted/did

    Again you can disagree with the choice made and many reasonable people do.

    Btu those are the only 2 choices. your rephrasing them doesn’t change it

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    That’s not what he says. He does bait and switch. If tylenol inhibits cox 2 is not at all clear there are tons of papers in both directions. (Kind of my point).

    And why’d you leave thst sentence off? It’s not like you were limited by characters you pasted almost the entire thing but left off the very first sentence.

    And again thsts but one example there are other medications whose moa is not exactly known

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    1. Whether or not tylenol is a good example of a medication which we don’t know the mechanism of action is not the point.

    2. You are not an honest person.
    Your post surprised me since it’s a nonsensical cholent. You write that acetaminophen is a non opiate pain reliever (true), and explain how a different class of non opiate pain reliever (nsaids) work

    But hey if a tufts professor said that, I was excited to learn sonething new. So I looked up the post you cited.
    The OPENING SENTENCE is “The short answer to this question is that we don’t fully understand how acetaminophen works.”

    Did you not think I would look it up?

    It’s hard to believe you missed the opening sentence

    in reply to: Please explain Ivermectin #2005115

    I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m not sure how relevant that is. There are lots of medications regarding which we are not sure the exact mechanism. If the data supports them working then they work and if not not.

    Tylenol (acetinominophen) is one of the most widely used drugs out there, yet its exact mechanism of action is unknown. I don’t think that is an argument not to use it .

    One thing that bugs be though is the incessant description of Ivermectin as a “horse pill” It is FDA approved for humans (though not for Covid-19) It shouldn’t be used because data doesn’t support its use not because it is a “horse pill”
    (Of course horse doses and formulations are “horse pills”)

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    ” are people who are happy the war is over feeling that it justifies the Taliban takeover or are they just stating it as two separate points”

    The two are synonymous. It is clear at this point that The war wouldn’t end without a Taliban takeover. If 20 years and billion of dollars couldn’t prop up the Afghanistani govt it is a bit silly to think just a few more years or just a few more billions, we can still turn this around.

    So the choices are:

    Indefinite war
    end the war and let the Taliban take over

    I think a reasonable argument can be made for both views .

    However there is no ending in which the war ends without a Taliban takeover . so the answer to your question “are people who are happy the war is over feeling that it justifies the Taliban takeover” is yes, by definition.

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    “It’s convenient to ignore logic and go after ad hominem attacks instead…”

    Lol. Is a great summary of most of your posts.

    Take a look at this thread.

    The OP asked a simple question:

    “Question was raise about wearing a Yulmulka in a business setting, I think this is more a generational issues vs a hashkafa issue, the younger generation feeling more comfortable wearing a yalmuka in busniess setting,”

    He clarifies “I am not asking about the halachik angle of this,”
    meaning the wasn’t cooking for a halachic stance. It could be that all who do not wear a yarmulka are violating all 613 mitzvos with every breath and chayiv al 4 misas beis din. That in no way changes his question.

    Sure its fair to point out that they are reshaim (if you believe that to be the case) or to offer possible reasons for why the shift took place (Satmar influence for example)

    But the question is a fair one
    If you don’t think his question is relevant (“of what relevance is there to note how someone or another feels about it?”) ignore it. I find many threads irrelevant, I ignore them. There is no law that requires you to hijack every thread with your “look how much frummer I am”-hangups, save it for your therapist

    As to the OP
    It does seem to be a generational divide more so than a “frumkeit” divide. I know several older doctors who do not wear yarmulkas at work while younger (even more modern ones) do.

    in reply to: Piyutim at the end of slichos. #2005010


    “ll our tefilos, including selichos are critical to our very existence.”

    Do yo uhave a source for this statement? I would love to see a source that saying every selicha is critical to our very existence.

    It seems to be against an explicit Mechaber in the very first siman in Shulchan Aruch “Tov me’at tachanunum im kavana me’harbos be’lo kavana”

    in reply to: Different levels of religious observance (frumkeit) #2004613

    It is easy to be frummer, it is much harder to be frum.

    in reply to: World’s Failure #2004552


    “-no, only your comments are”
    True, though not “only”

    “dont be sneaky, Rav Kanievsky is a tzaddik so the answer is obvious. The problem is they are giving him wrong or at least one sided information and manipulating answers I’m sure.”

    I’m not being sneaky. If he’s wrong he’s wrong I dont think he is an expert in vaccines, and certainly can be misled by wrong information.
    However you characterized the vaccine “debate” as good vs evil. Exact quote: “This is the final war and it’s a war on humanity. Good versus Evil.”

    That, I have a harder time accepting. R’ Chaim Kanievesky falls squarely in the Pro-vaccine side of the “debate” . The fact that you think he was misled, and that you can see things clearer than he can doesn’t change that. Are yo u saying he was misled to join the forces of evil?

    in reply to: World’s Failure #2004224

    “Even YouTube comments on both right and left wing news ”

    Yes YouTubecomments always a solid bastion of reasonablefor thinking

    “This reality has changed and it will become difficult If not impossible to find truth”

    Especially if you’ve already decided what truth is, and are just looking for opinions that support your narrative.

    Earlier yiu said this was a fight between good and evil. I asked you this before which side would you expect R Chaim Kanievsky to be on?

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    “Prepare for a whole new list of restrictions in the coming month”
    Absolutely right!

    prepare by getting vaccinated

    Thank you for the encouragement

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    “ubiq, tochacha is a chiyuv regarding any aveira. Your being able to ignore the aveira by simply not engaging in it, doesn’t absolve you from your chiyuv to give tochacha. And the obligation is upon every Jew.”

    absolutely right! Thats why I’m giving you tochacha…

    You, on the other hand, are not. 1) for all you know none of the transgressors are here, and 2) no aveira took place.

    You need to work on yourself, take my tochacha to heart do teshuva, learn more, as you know so little about most topics you comment on (present thread included). Spend less time looking for faults in other see the good, work on your ayin Tov, work on your honesty.

    It isnt too late! take this opportunity to be a better person try to “turn over a new leaf” as Rosh hashana approaches .

    Best wishes for a kesiva vechasima tova

    You are most welcome for my heartfelt tochacha, I know how much you appreciate it

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    “if anyone’s hocking a kup, it’s people who come with reform-esque innovation and then get upset at people who dislike mesorah being trampled on”

    I don’t think you know what hocking ah kup means. And there’s Noone here (as far as I know) who started this,reform esque innovation nor is there anyone here who cares about mesora (nor for that matter is anyone trampling your Mesora , frolicking selichos aren’t your cup of tea? Me neither ! don’t go problem solved this isn’t some aaveira that requires your tochacha)

    All there is is a trouble maker looking to stir machlokes. Nothing more nothing less .

    I agree completely with your last paragraph.

    in reply to: Frolicking Selichos Concert #2003784

    “They didn’t do this in Europe ”

    Didn’t do what? Waste their time pre selichos hocking ah kup online?

    Probably true though don’t you worry, I’m sure there were drey kups wasting time then too

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    “You have drifted from the Covid discussion to a general anti-vaccination or anti-medical establishment discussion. It so seems that target wasn’t really Covid treatments or the Covid vaccine as this thread initially indicated, it was an attempt on furthering your anti-vaccine agenda.”

    In my experience it always is. I’ve had many many discussions with anti-vaxxers, minds dont get changed. Thats becasue they are coming from emotion not reason, its like the recent thread on boycotting German products, it is an emotional thing, you cant use facts or reason to change thier mind.

    sure they occasionally say, I’m just asking questions , why is everybody afraid to discuss it. In my experience it always always ends this way.

    discuss if you enjoy it, but if you think you’ll change minds you are wasting your time .


    “”Yes, only Hashem can save us. This is the final war and it’s a war on humanity. Good versus Evil.”

    Since you are dragging metaphysical gibberish into the cholent; Which side is R’ Chaim Kanievesky on? Good or Evil?

    in reply to: World’s Failure #2003184

    “Patents since the 1980s for work on the coronavirus gain of function here in the US, pharmaceuticals involved in production of the coronavirus vaccine for decades before coronavirus”

    Great! So it wasn’t too quick. now you can get the vaccine, without worrying that it was developed too quickly!

    in reply to: Ahavas Yisrael for those in YU/the MO community (Ask me anything) #2003163


    “Avi and ubiq, you each attempted to rebut one point out of Avira’s 25 detailed points.”

    I did not attempt to rebut anything. Nor will I

    This is not a topic that interests me.
    I just found his self importance funny especially when mixed with misplaced priorities. I found the “shtuch” that “MO people are very into business honesty” very amusing.

    If you don’t find it funny. That fine, hopefully you can see how one might find it funny. IF you cant even see that, that’s fine too

    If you dont think its true, again thats fine too, though he said it not you.

    “the strong taainas Avira presented in his other 24 points.”

    I must have missed them, sorry.

    in reply to: World’s Failure #2003131


    “The scary part is that Bill Gates warns of a new pandemic after COVID-19 which will be much worse and we are not prepared for it. Wow, really?”

    No that is nt the scary part. The scary part is that in spite of these warnings, people don’t listen. Then when it happens, in stead of saying “Wow you were right, maybe we should listen next time” you say “Well I guess that means you caused it”

    Same holds true for Weather like superstrom Sandy, Scientists have warned fo years that New York was going to have such a storm. It happened does that mean they caused it?

    in reply to: Ahavas Yisrael for those in YU/the MO community (Ask me anything) #2003080

    “bentched outside, and never returned to that sin-agogue.”

    You should. “The rabbi said that chazal talk a lot more about honesty in business than they do this issue. Apparently preaching to the choir (MO people are very into business honesty) ”

    The Rabbi was right. And definitely being into business honesty is more important than being into other’s people’s Torvalds marriage
    Its the very first question youll be asked in the olam haemes. Return its not too late. It’s confusing thst you think “MO people are very into business honesty” is a bad thing

    in reply to: World’s Failure #2002268

    “medicine and once you have the qualifications, you can practice”

    So if I have the qualifications and can’t be bothered to apply for license. Or am unwilling to pay. If the government says I can’t practice is that infringing on my rights?

    I can not buy food without wearing pants. Is that infringing on my rights?

    “Who said you have a right to practice medicine”

    You. We are discussing. Rights you claim forcing you to accinations infringes on your rights. I asked what right.. you Said right to buy food. I pointed out how this right is not being infringed you can still buy all the food yiu want just vaccinate first. (I also pointed out 2 other reasons why this claim was nonsense).
    You then compared it to practicing medicine.

    I mentioned I don’t really understand the connection. Since we are discussing rights I assumed you were presenting it as a right. Otherwise I don’t get the connection.

    in reply to: World’s Failure #2002183

    “Number one you are completely ignoring the 1905 Jacobson v Mass which all the pro vaxxers try to bring up, I included this in my post and proved that he wasnt forced to vaccinate at the end and the court case was about paying a fine since he refused the vaccine.”

    I dont get this. I am ignoring a case other people brought up that you think is relevent to my point?
    whats your question for me.

    My question for you is simple:
    you say you are worried about ” being shunned from society and have all his rights taken away from him.”


    You mentioned the right ot purchae food.

    Yet you concede that “for the time being” tnobody took this right away. So stop hocking a kop.

    (nevermind the fact, that I’m not sure the U.S recognizes this right, so it doesnt really exist AND nobody is suggesting taking it away, you just need to be vaccinated much like you need to wear pants to buy food)

    “““Driving is not a necessity ”
    1) In my isolated town it is”

    -Then get a drivers license”

    If I cant do something because of MY choice. That isnt my right being taken away. Just get a driver’s license! Agree completely.

    similarly just get vaccinated.
    nailed it!

    I dont understand your practice medicine post “With your ideology you should also have a right to practice medicine without a license ”

    No. There is no “right to practice mdciine”
    I could be the best doctor in the world. Maybe I was even trained in the top University. If I dont apply for an get a license I cant practice medicine. period. This is not a violation of my rights.
    Both because there is no right to practice medicine AND just apply for a license and practice.

    Even if you cant buy food if not vaccinated (which isnt a thing) I still wouldnt be a violation of your rights (though again don’t think the US recognizes such a right)
    Just get vaccinated.

    “You are totally mixing up so many things and drawing for straws.”

    True, because you make illogical statements to further explain your illogical statements.

    When asked what right is being violated.
    You replied with a right that doesn’t exist AND isn’t being violated (as you concede) AND even if you had to be vaccinated to buy food that still wouldn’t be a violation of said right just get vaccinated.

    in reply to: World’s Failure #2002083


    “and we don’t know the long term effects of these “vaccines”.”

    1) How long of a time frame would satisfy you to consider it safe?
    2) I can’t think of anything that has a “long term” side effect. If I told you I have a headache from a medication I took six months ago, I think you’d dismiss me as a loon. Even if said medication was injected.
    Can you think of anything that taking a small few ml dose or two can lead to effects much later that don’t manifest themselves for a “long time” ?
    (note, I’m not taking about lots of cumulative doses over time. I’m talking about take something now, no problem then months/years later it causes a problem

    I’m also not talking about rare side effects that aren’t discovered until enough people take it )

    in reply to: World’s Failure #2002067


    1) You are free to buy all the food you could possibly want even if unvaccinated .
    2) The United states is not a party to the ICESCR

    “Driving is not a necessity ”
    1) In my isolated town it is
    2) neither a necessity to not being vaccinated (again That is the right you claim, the right to not be vaccinated)

    You don’t like my car example fine.

    Here is another.
    I refuse to wear pants*. If Hashem wanted me wearing pants He would have created me wearing pants. The Government says if I stay home I can keep my pants off. but outside I will be arrested for not wearing pants. I am thus prevented from buying food. Is this a violation of my “rights”?

    (*lashon mealya)

    in reply to: World’s Failure #2002043

    “Doesn’t say the worst that can happen is being shunned from society and have all his rights taken away from him.”

    I asked you this before. what rights? “rights” isnt a magic word that lets you do what you want. For example, there is no right to drive. I live in a small town, there is no food available in walking distance. I did a study and it turns out most drivers who got killed in car accidents had drivers licenses. SO, simple! I refuse to get a drivers license You expect me to carry a death causing card? No way!.

    Yet the state says I am not allowed to drive! Would you believe that? I am basically stuck at home , I cant go to work I cant go get food. What about my rights?

    That is how you sound.

    The only “right” of yours that you can argue is being violated is the “right” to not be vaccinated.
    If you make this claim, you will have to cite chapter and verse where this right can be found. I don’t think it exists, though you could probably use a liberal interpretation of the constitution to support it, as a form of “right to privacy ” But there is no other right of yours being infringed

    (unless you claim not being vaccinated is part of your religion , (though If you are Jewish of course the reverse is true) The right to practice your religion Does exist it is in the first amendment to the constitution. Though worth noting courts have ruled this (like most rights) is not absolute)

    in reply to: World’s Failure #2001792

    Hakatan you are completely wrong

    Hospitals were completely overwhelmed, not just with places to keep patients, but with staffing and equipment as well.

    For example, I did not have enough dialysis nurses not machines nor even catheters to provide dialysis to all those who needed it. I had to choose whether to give shorter treatments to more patients, or full dialysis to fewer patients; and if so which ones, the sicker ones? The ones less sick who were more likely to survive? These are decisions I hope to never have to make again.
    (And ALL these patients had received HCQ + Zinc )

    I have faced several flu seasons, (and more seasoned collegues have faced dozens) nothing came close to this.

    Making matters worse is that Covid-19 causes a severe hypercatabolic state, requiring more dialysis. normally patients who need dialysis get by on Dialysis three times a week. Here I had MORE patients who needed more frequent even daily, dialysis

    in reply to: Loving your spouse #2001477

    While not indicative of a chiyuv.

    One of my rebbeim pointed out as a mashal of the love we have for Hashem (which is certainly a chiyuv) shir hashirim uses the relationship between man and wife .

    in reply to: 1984 warning becoming reality 2021 #2000496

    ” driving in the faster lane because you have an ez pass is definitely the same as being allowed to live in a society because you were forced to get a vaccine”

    Nope, not the same. But they are much much much more similar than comparing “being allowed to live in a society because you were forced to get a vaccine” to being allowed to live becasue you aren’t Jewish.

    in reply to: I’m considered an anti Vaccinator #2000476


    “What’s wrong with robotic appendages?”

    c’mon try to keep up, its part of the modern equivalent of the dor haflaga

    in reply to: 1984 warning becoming reality 2021 #2000471

    “these dangerous “you to the left, we to the right” set ups ”

    We have those set ups all the time. Fast pass ticket holders this way, first class passengers up front, EZ pass only. There is nothing wrong with separating people to the right or the left.

    (in caps, it is a critical distinction)

    only if it is done by their choice, Differentiating based on Race, gender, etc which hare not choices Like whites to the front, (not to mention the Holocaust), are not remotely similar

    in reply to: 1984 warning becoming reality 2021 #2000350

    “So you are welcoming in this new world for your own ego without even realizing how much it will affect you as well!”

    How will it affect us as well?
    I already get a yearly flu vaccine (as I recommend you do) So I’ll get yearly covid vaccines too (if indicated) , may be they’ll even be able to combine them? Is that the war on humanity you mention?

    in reply to: Why can’t we TALK??? #1999656


    ” partly because of its evolutionary ability to sift out the garbage”

    The problem is for whatever reason it hasn’t been working. Chazal say people don’t lie if they will get caught. Yet we see this is no longer true. A fellow publicly said by morning of August 13 , Trump would be reinstated. Yet here we are, why put an exact date, he knew nobody would care, will he lose followers ? not many.

    A doctor has said that in 2 years 75% of those vaccinated will be dead. Will he lose credibility in 2023? I doubt it. He publicly and repeatedly lies about NEJM studies, for example he claims a NEJM study shows a increase in miscarriages amount those vaccinated, it didn’t say that but it doesn’t matter. People still quote him as an authoritative source.

    I don’t know how to reverse this trend, but unconstitutionally forcing private companies to provide platform to lies is unlikely to help.

    and given my experience discussing vaccinations in the past, I am very skeptical that if only more public discourse would take place minds would change.

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