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China is fueling the fentanyl crisis in the U.S. by directly subsidizing the manufacturing of materials that are used by traffickers to make the drug outside the country, according to

A fire raged through one of Copenhagen’s oldest buildings Tuesday, destroying about half of the 17th-century Old Stock Exchange and collapsing its iconic dragon-tail spire, as passersby rushed to help

The Biden administration is enlisting the help of officials in 15 states to enforce consumer-protection laws covering airline travelers, a power that by law is limited to the federal government.

The University of Southern California has canceled a commencement speech by its 2024 valedictorian, a Muslim student who has expressed support for Palestinians, citing “substantial” security risks for the event

China’s economy grew faster than expected in the first quarter of the year with help from policies and stronger demand, though signs of weakness in the troubled housing market persisted.

Former President Donald Trump made a surprise visit to a Manhattan bodega on Tuesday, where he met with Jose Alba, a worker who was cleared of murder charges after stabbing

Stung by paying billions of dollars for settlements and trials, chemical giant Bayer has been lobbying lawmakers in three states to pass bills providing it a legal shield from lawsuits

Over 100 Israeli mayors have signed a letter to Religious Affairs Minister Michael Malkieli, urging the government to cancel its plan to grant the Chief Rabbinate the power to appoint

Federal Reserve Vice Chair Philip Jefferson suggested Tuesday that the central bank’s key rate may have to remain at its peak for a while to bring down persistently elevated inflation.

In the past number of years, frum communities in the United States appear, at least to me, to have taken a decided shift in favor of certain practices that were not common

Ben Cohen, a 20-year-old Jewish Australian university student, has hired a leading defamation lawyer to sue for damages after being falsely identified as the perpetrator of last Saturday’s stabbing attack

Attorney General Merrick Garland told lawmakers on Tuesday that President Joe Biden has shown no signs of cognitive impairment while defending Biden’s ability to serve as commander in chief. Garland,

President Joe Biden’s administration will help 50 countries identify and respond to infectious diseases, with the goal of preventing pandemics like the COVID-19 outbreak that suddenly halted normal life around

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he asked Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Tuesday to pressure Russia to end its “insane campaign” in Ukraine, the latest in a parade of European

Record numbers of people are starting new businesses, and more and more of them are women and minorities, according to a new study. New business applications jumped in 2020 as

Israeli police have demolished the East Jerusalem home of Khaled al-Muhtasib, a Palestinian terrorist who critically wounded a police officer in a shooting attack last year. On October 12, al-Muhtasib

Getting ready for Pesach is hard enough, but for families facing pediatric illness and medical crisis, Yom Tov preparations can feel impossible. Chai Lifeline, the Jewish community’s leading health support

The International Monetary Fund has upgraded its outlook for the global economy this year, saying the world appears headed for a “soft landing” — reining in inflation without much economic

Lee Zeldin, the 2022 Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York, says he is willing to serve in a potential Trump White House if the former president is re-elected. “I’m not

A survey conducted by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has revealed a disturbing trend in antisemitic incidents in the United States, with a record 8,873 incidents reported in 2023. This marks

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