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Sanz Klausenberg Rebbe Visits Chabad Yeshiva in Toronto

sc.jpgOn Tuesday, The Sanz-Klausenberger Rebbe visited the Chabad Yeshiva in Toronto. The Mashpia in Yeshiva, Rabbi Avrohom Mann, introduced the Sanzer by mentioning the connection that Sanz has always had with Lubavitch, starting with the first Sanzer Rebbe, The Divrei Chaim.

Rabbi Mann pointed out that the visit coincided with the Siyum HaRambam of Sefer Mishpotim, and invited the Sanzer to say “Divrei Chizuk and Hisoreirus” to the over 175 people present.

The Sanzer spoke very highly of the Yeshiva, which as he described as a “Center of Nigleh And Chassidus”.

He encouraged the Bochrim to throw themselves into their learning.

He then said half jokingly “since this is a Chassidishe Yeshiva, we know that when Chassidim learn to show Misnagdim that we also know how to learn… that’s Torah Lismah!”

He also mentioned that the Yeshiva is learning Bava Basra, “If you can learn Bava Basra, you can learn the whole Shas!”

He ended off wishing the Talmidim hatzlocha in Nigleh “and of course in Chassidus”.

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