Photos: Harav Tzvi Yosef Bursztyn in Los Angeles


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3.jpg(By Rabbi Arye D. Gordon) [Click HERE for photos] Harav Yoel Bursztyn, Menahel of the Los Angeles Bais Yaakov graciously hosted the annual gathering in Los Angeles for the Lakewood Mesivta on Tuesday evening August 5th.

In introducing his brother, Harav Tzvi Yosef Bursztyn, Rosh Hayeshiva of the Mesivta,  Harav Yoel stressed to the olam that, “ Every Jew has a mission in life and that is to learn torah and to support it. The Mesivta of Lakewood can be described as a true place of torah with real and pure chinuch. We must do all that we can to sustain it.”

While the Mesivta is over 4,000 miles away from Los Angeles, the large turnout testified to the fact that there are many admirers of Harav Tzvi Yosef Bursztyn and the Lakewood Mesivta.

The Rosh Hayeshiva spent shabbos in Los Angeles and was the guest speaker at the weekly shabbos shiur for Nashim held in the Baim-Goldstein Beit Medrash of Cong Shaarei Tifela.