Thousands Attend Belz Yahrzeit Tisch


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belz1.jpgThousands of chassidim were on hand on Monday night for the yahrzeit tisch for Rav Yissachar Dov of Belz zt”l, taking part in a siyum of Boba Basra completed by yeshiva bochrim in Bnei Brak.

15 talmidim completed the mesechta, and they held a lottery to determine which two will be privileged to hold the siyum at the tisch in the presence of the Rebbe Shlita. One of the talmidim completed the mesechta on Monday night and the second will do the same on Thursday night, at the tisch for the father of the Rebbe Shlita, the Rebbe from Bilgoria zt”l.

Belzer elders explain this was a most auspicious event since generally speaking, only the son and grandson of the Rebbe complete a mesechta at a tisch.

Several dozen chassidim traveled to the Ukraine to visit the Tzion in Belze for the yahrzeit.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)