A Revolution In Hilchos Eiruvin; Perfect For Daf Yomi


erA groundbreaking new sefer in time for Daf Yomi Eiruvin!

Years of research, hundreds of color, computer-generated 3D images, and a knack for accuracy and clarity have resulted in this first-of-its-kind, authoritative, comprehensive and practical guide. The Laws of an Eruv will be an invaluable resource in every beis medrash and every Jewish home. In-depth information for the Torah scholar includes: Hundreds of psakim never published before from gedolei haposkim in America and Eretz Yisrael; Contemporary halachic issues not discussed in other works; Extensive Hebrew footnotes citing all sources and teshuvos; Comprehensive biurim, providing advanced treatment of important topics.

Q&A’s for the interested reader include: “Can I carry on my front porch if there are steps leading to the street? Can I carry in my backyard on Shabbos? Can the bushes serve as a mechitzah? Why do some people use community-wide eruvin and others do not? I noticed that the string of the eruv in my bungalow got caught in a branch – is it still kosher?”

The Laws of an Eruv by Rabbis Shlomo Francis and Yonason Glenner contains a depth and breadth rarely found in an English language sefer, yet it is clear and comprehensible to every reader.

Available in local bookstores or direct from the distributor.

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  1. Every American eruv comes with a pamphlet explaining why their eruv is muter lichol hadaos (followed by an appeal of course)and an apposing pamphlet explaining why it is an isur skila to use the eruv. Finally an honest sefer that gives the real scoop with both sides of the story. Just turn straight to Chapter 3 – reshus harabim and Chapter 9 – city eruvin.

  2. Have you heard of sefer, Eruv Manual (Baltimore) recommended by Rabbis Moshe Heinemann, Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer, and Chaim Jachter? If you want to learn how an eruv is built, that is the sefer to get.