Levaya of HaRav Nosson Boruch Hertzka ZATZAL; Rov at Pine River Shul in Lakewood


YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of HaRav Nosson Boruch Hertzka, the Rov and Morah D’asra of the Pine River Shul and Kehilla in Lakewood, NJ. He was 67.

He was Niftar on Shabbos morning in the hospital surrounded by some of his children. He was R”L sick for less than two months.

The Niftar was a Magid Shiur in Edison Yeshiva, and a Rosh Kollel at Bais Medrash L’Torah.

The Levaya will be held on Sunday morning in Lakewood at 10:30AM at Pine River Shul.

The Kevura will be in Lakewood.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)