Modest clothing made affordable and accessible on Amazon


Wukogals started out as 3 girls, with 3 journeys but one home, sisters, Sara Mayberg, Elana Kornfeld and Chani Wuensch. They created WUKOgals in the spirit of sisterhood because in a world where everything changes and evolves one thing was always constant, their bond.

In 2014, somewhere between their day jobs, making dinner for their 18 children and teaching future generations (yup, they are in education too) – they launched a clothing brand!

With a burning desire to fill the void in their very own closets they practically wove their values into each piece and stopped at nothing to create seriously fashionable modest affordable styles, making it a family affair (hope their kids keep fond memories of packing and shipping orders with them all night long).

WUKOgals is chic, comfortable and versatile and has grown to be a lifestyle collection that has something for every body type and every moment. With modesty requirements in mind, their pieces are created to fit women of all shapes and sizes, from size XXS-XXL (size 0-size 20.)

To quote these three gals, “For eight days and nights, we celebrate the power of light. Please enjoy 55% off WUKOgals entire Amazon storefront as a Chanukah gift, reminding us in a most obvious way that illumination begins at home, within oneself and one’s family, by increasing in acts of goodness and kindness. Wishing our #WUKOfamily a very happy, healthy and joyous Chanukah”