CORONA VICTIM: Dr Elliot Samet Z”L, Leading Frum Pediatrician Of Passaic


The Passaic Jewish Community is in shock on Tuesday morning upon hearing of the Petira of Dr Elliott Samet Z”L. He was in his 60’s.

Dr Samet has been one of the leading pediatricians for the Jewish community in Passaic for decades. Dr. Elliott Samet was a prominent board-certified pediatrician in the community, who was in practice for around 38 years.

In addition to being an incredibly dedicated doctor, Dr Samet was a brilliant Talmid Chochom, and a tremendous Baal Tzedakah. His patients were always treated like his own children. So much so, that there was always a long line of kids and their parents at his house to show him and his wife their Purim costumes. He proudly hung all of the photos in his office.

He was a founding Board Member of Passaic Hatzolah.

Hundreds of families & thousands of patients are mourning this tremendous loss.

A summary of Dr Elliot Samet ZT”L:

You were always there for your patients of all times of the day. From the simplest to the most complicated cases you would never rest. You were there 1,000% of the way to make sure the children of the Passaic/Clifton community were cared for.

Your legendary smile on your face, your beautiful voice and your sense of humor kept everyone smiling.

Your encouraging words when times were hard always brought a smile and a sense of calm to your patients. You always stressed safety, yet giving your patients the encouragement for the jobs they were doing as parents.

We will never forget the lines in your house / office -of all the people going through hard times. Your financial help to countless people was done quietly, never requesting fame.

You were a true tzadik in every form.

May you be a meilitz Yosher for Klal Yisroel and your gansa mispacha.

Yitsy Kleinman & Family

Additional information will be published when available.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes….

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