IDF Death Toll Reaches 40 R”L


candle914The death toll among IDF soldiers and officers over Shabbos climbed to forty R”L as five additional soldiers and officers fell in battle:

1. Staff- Sgt. Guy Boyland, 21, of Kibbutz Genosar
2. Staff -Sgt. Amit Yeori, 20, of Yerushalayim
3. Staff- Sgt. Avraham Grintzvaig, 21, of Petach Tikvah
4. Staff -Sgt. Gal Bason, 21, of Holon
5. Lt. Roy Peles, 21, of Tel Aviv

In the fighting between the IDF and terrorists in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, Staff-Sgt. Avraham Grintzvaig HY”D, 21, of Petach Tikvah, a Nachal Brigade soldier and Staff-Sgt. Gal Bason HY”D, 21, of Holon fell in battle.

Bason studied in Holon, opting for an athletic track. He completed his studies with excellence. Prior to enlisting into the IDF he was part of an Israeli Arab delegation in Germany promoting dual existence and dialogue. He entered the IDF joining Sayeret Yahalom; the elite unite of the combat engineers. He is survived by his parents, a brother, sister and companion. The two were killed when a Nachal force entered what appears to have been a booby trapped house. An exchange of gunfire with terrorists took place and explosives were detonated. A number of terrorist were killed in the battle too.

Lt. Roy Peles HY”D, 21, of Tel Aviv was killed in another battle, also in Beit Hanoun. An anti-tank rocket was fired at Nachal Brigade soldiers. Roy completed officers training four week ago was placed in charge of a platoon of Orev, a unit in Nachal. His family told the media they last heard from him last week after it was announced 13 soldiers were killed. He phoned to inform them he was not among them.

Other soldiers killed in battle over Shabbos include Staff-Sgt. Amit Yeori HY”D, 20, of Yerushalayim. He was killed on Friday night in Gaza fighting. Staff-Sgt. Guy Boyland HY”D, 21, of Kibbutz Genosar.

The death toll in Operation Protective Edge has reached 40 military personnel and three civilians. On Friday, three soldiers were seriously wounded, 13 moderately and 19 light.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)




  1. YWN: CORRECTION: The Death Toll Rose to 42 – 2 Soldiers died from their wounds today 🙁

    Just a note: Not that I think it would make a difference:
    I don’t think it’s a coincidence #42 coincides with this weeks Parasha Masei, which means Travel.

    1.Bnei Yisrael made 42 stops in the Desert
    2. Hamas is mentioned in this week’s Parasha
    3. There are 42 words in Ve’Ahavta
    4.Iron dome is mentioned in last week’s Haftara – Amud Barzel…