Five Crib Deaths in Eretz Yisrael in the Period of a Week R”L


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candle914A 1-year-old in Upper Nazareth, a 5-day-old in Shomron, a 4-month-old in Rahat and a 9-month old and a 1-year-old in Bnei Brak were all found lifeless in their cribs in the period of a week in Israel R”L. Health officials in Israel report 45 crib deaths so far this year (2014).

The baby in Upper Nazareth was found lifeless on last Sunday morning at 5AM, 16 Marcheshvan. A 5-day-old child was found lifeless in a crib in a community in Shomron on Tuesday, 18 Marcheshvan. The following day a couple from the Bedouin community of Rahat brought their lifeless child, 9-months-old, the area MDA station. A baby girl was niftar on erev Shabbos in Bnei Brak and on Shabbos at 6:30AM, a 1-year-old was pronounced dead Bnei Brak R”L.

Health officials report the annual average is 45 crib deaths, with 87% occurring in January to March in infants under six months old.

Ichud Hatzalah advises parents;

· A healthy child should be put to bed on his back, both day and night

· A child should not be wearing a hat

· A child should wear garments that maintain body heat but not covering the baby’s face

· The appropriate ambient temperature is 22-24C (71.5 – 75F)

· There should be no smoking in proximity of an infant

· Pesticides and deodorants should not be used in proximity of an infant

· An infant’s mattress should be firm

· Crib bumpers are not recommended

· Avoid using soft pillows or soft beds

· A child should not sleep in a parent’s bed with parents

· A pacifier should not be connected to an infant’s garment with a ribbon or string

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. BDE. How terrible for their parents. BTW when I was raising my tribe, we were dafka warned NOT to put baby to sleep on her back. Who knows what is right anymore?

  2. I have read that some researchers think the reason for crib death is old mattresses. They have proposed an idea that old mattresses, combined with urine and perhaps fungus that grew in there, produce a dangerous gas that hovers over the mattress just where the baby would be breathing. That might explain why putting a baby to sleep on his back might prevent a crib death, because his nose has a better chance of being raised above the gas line. I don’t know if it is true, but people might want to do research on that, because if it is a true, they might want to invest in a newer mattress in hopes of avoiding the problem.