COVID IN THE CATSKILLS: Cases In Multiple Bungalow Colonies – But NONE Serious

FILE - In this Friday, June 12, 2020 file photo, a nurse uses a swab to perform a coronavirus test in Salt Lake City. Months into the outbreak, no one really knows how well many of the screening tests work, and experts at top medical centers say it is time to do the studies to find out. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Outbreaks of coronavirus in three different Chabad Bungalow colonies in the Catskills have led to a lockdown for at least one of them this week.

According to COLlive, cases have been confirmed at Evergreen Estates, Inner Circle, Mei Menuchos, and Mountain Lodge.

After being advised by the Gedalia society and Dr. Eli Rosen, the Board at Mountain Lodge have established “modified” guidelines in recognition of our community’s experience.

“Anyone who previously tested positive for Covid or tested positive for antibodies does not need to quarantine. However, you should be vigilant and monitor your health. If you feel sick, get tested and isolate. Pay special attention to social distancing,” they advised.

Anyone who has not had the virus must quarantine for two weeks.

They also specified that there be no visitors to Mountain Lodge Estate at all.

YWN has confirmed that there are other cases in various summer getaways (non Lubavitch) in the Catskills.

It should be noted that many of the cases have no symptoms whatsoever. Some are only showing mild symptoms (loss of smell etc).

Additionally, YWN notes that there are B”H no serious cases being reported.



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  1. “YWN has confirmed that there are other cases in various summer getaways (non Lubavitch) in the Catskills”

    Do Chabadniks have some special antibodies that protect them from Covid-19??

  2. But I’d say some 95% of frum people upstate completely ignore masks. Brilliance. We are risking our tefilah b’tzibbur on Yomim Noraim for our freedoms in the summer.

  3. To all those who commented before me, bear in mind there is a very strong possibility mentioned that most of inzireh mentshin in the Borough Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Crown Heights etc, area have already had Chinese Wuhan Virus In one way or another, thus making them fairly immune.

  4. @Frumshmurda718
    All YWN is doing is reporting the news. Do these colonies have a few people within them that have contacted Covid-19? Yes. This is fact. All YWN is doing is reporting the news as they hear it. If you are fearful of this then dont go on the YWN website. Nothing to fear except HKBH. Just be safe!!

  5. Im in a colony near one of the named colonies in the article. not only do people from the named colony not care about each other and dont wear masks or practice social distancing, they come to our colony, use our shul and do not wear masks or practice social distancing either. this is AFTER reports of covid in their colony!

    Shomer pisayim Hashem.

  6. Poster #5, ymribiat, if this so – as it’s being repotted of late from the CDC – then all the immunity may be dwindling because most people have it in excess of three months. That makes room for worry and concern! Have we lost our immunity already? Oy!

  7. Jersey,

    While you are prob correct on the first fact, howeverer, please explain how there is any spread taking place now.

    How is anyone contracting the virus if all are immune?

    Are they from diff states?

    We need clear and solid answers before taking any risks.

    Enough have suffered due to the lack of misinfo in Mar. We cannot afford any more risks.

    חמירא סכנתא מאיסורא

  8. No community reach the required number for protection. It’s the genius’s that think it’s a joke that keep the Chinese virus alive in our communities. Wear a mask in shul the life you save may be your fathers To many of us have died because of this disease

  9. Actually herd immunity is at over 70%
    But it only lasts for several months I had it landed in hospital and three months later you can’t find anti bodies in me

  10. EmEMC: Assuming what you say is true, why would YOUR bungalow colony act so foolishly and allow these reckless yidden from the OTHER colony on to your property, much less allow them to daven in your shul? Does your sense of hospitality over-ride common sense?

  11. The FDA itself has announced that the tests are not accurate, and 50% of positives are negatives. U need to take at least 3 years to maybe get accurate results.