A Guide to Casino Scam – How Not to Fall Prey


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The advent of mobile technology has revolutionized the way casino enthusiasts indulge in their favorite pass time. Unlike before, when one had to go to a land-based casino to play, now everything is accessible at the tap of a button. The mobile technology has also allowed punters from countries like Israel to participate in casino games, which was initially not possible because of strict regulations around gambling. 

Today, you don’t have to wait until the weekend or the evening to play your favorite game. As long as you have your mobile device, you can do so at the comfort of your own house – or even when on the move. But the convenience also comes at a cost. The accessibility and privacy of these casinos have also given rise to scams that aim to prey on unsuspecting punters. That’s why the importance of knowing the red flags can never be overstated. If you don’t know how here is a brief guide to casino scam and how you can avoid them:

Don’t trust all reviews

People write reviews – and as you know, not everyone out there watches out for you. Some reviewers are affiliated to the casino operators and are paid to write positive reviews (and some bad reviews) about the casino. So, our advice is, you should read every review with a grain of salt. Some experts even recommend you focusing on the negative comments because it’s natural for companies to want to show more of their positive sides. But basically, you want to consider a broader range of information than reviews alone. 

Look at the jurisdiction the casino is registered in

Countries have different laws with regards to the casino. Israel, for instance, does not condone gambling. If you are from Israel, you may want to look for casinos that are based in other jurisdictions that offer their services to Israelis. An excellent way to tell a good casino online is by looking at one that you’ve probably heard of or already know. Say you are aware of an honest operator – you can check other operators who are registered in the same jurisdiction as the operator that you know because they are likely to be honest – though not always. 

Know what makes a credible casino

It would be hard for you to tell the difference between a reliable and scam casino if you don’t know the qualities of a good casino. Trusted casinos are fair in their dealings. They use random a number generator that has an equal chance of picking a winning number. The casinos also run under a well-known licensing company, use fair software, and are open with their payouts. Once you are aware of these qualities, it will be easier to tell two casinos apart based on how genuine they are. 

Read the terms of service

Bad casino operators know people don’t love reading – so, they will include some clauses in terms of service that may not be unfair to you – like one that justifies payout refusal. When you read the TOS upfront, you will notice this and opt not to sign in.