MAILBAG: Why I Won’t Be Voting For Chaim Deutsch


phoneDear YWN,

I am writing you this letter the night before Election Day 2013, as we prepare to vote for our next Mayor, Councilman, District Attorney and others. I am frustrated and quite frankly annoyed and utterly fed-up with these candidates.

This is my problem:

For the past week, my home phone has been ringing (literally) off the hook by harassing telemarketers (both automated, and real-live humans) yelling in my ears about whom I should vote for.

First of all, my phone is listed on the “no call” list [to prevent telemarketers from calling my home], so they are essentially breaking the law. Second of all, they are calling my house between 6:00PM, and 8:30PM, when I am serving my family dinner, doing homework with my children, and putting my children to bed.

Chaim Deutsch has been bragging that he is a family man, and how proud he is of being a grandfather. How about I give all you readers his home numbers, and have all you readers call him while his children are heading to bed, and harass and yell at them on the phone that they should vote for a particular candidate.

Second of all, I refuse to vote for anyone who is endorsed by any Rabbonim, or self-proclaimed “askonim”. They never fail to mention how Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT”L voted every Election Day, and how he said it’s a Mitzvah and an obligation to exercise our voting rights. I agree. But did he ever tell us who to vote for? No he didn’t.

Enough is enough.

In closing, two points.

I encourage everyone to call the New York state Attorney Generals Office (Eric Schneiderman) and have them launch an investigation into all these campaigns for their illegal behavior. And if this is not illegal, then we should rise up en masse and demand there be a new law preventing this insanity. And secondly I encourage everyone to vote for whichever candidates were NOT endorsed by anyone Rabbonim of self-proclaimed “Askonim”.

Mrs. Fed-Up in Flatbush.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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  1. Sometimes when you hear how foolish someone sounds when he says “no”, it makes you want to say “YES” even louder.
    Also, note how these anti-Chaim Deutsch folks won’t give their names, but those who support him sign proudly.

  2. i too am fed-up with the campaign and i plan to vote third party wherever i can, however its one thing to say you dont have to vote for the rabbonim/askonim but to say vote against them just because they offer their opinion? do they have any less right then a newspaper editirial board?

  3. Clearly the letter writer does not know Mr. Chaim Deutsch.

    Every evening & through the night his phone rings off the hook with many people who surely yell & harass him!!!

    So Mrs. Letter writer that SHOULD be the #1 reason you can finally relate to this man & VOTE FOR HIM!

    Btw pls note the latest story on YWN of Rudy robo-calling for strobin. Guess you won’t be voting for any candidate in the CD48 race.

    Signed “A self proclaimed Askan”

  4. #7 – Tipshus to the tenth degree!

    Chaim Deutsch decided to make his life public by opening SHomrim, and giving his life to others. Hooray. Yippe-doo. I am thrilled for him. I hope he gets huge schar in olam habbah.

    How does that give him a right to disturb my home? I did not choose to lead a public life. I do not want to have my privacy invaded by these telemarketing creeps over and over and over and over.

    Republican and Democrat alike. All of them are despicable for doing this.

  5. About time someone opened their moth about this. I got 11 calls tonight.

    Even one from Zev Brenner telling me to vote for Casinos (proposition 1).


  6. will vote for chaim…..
    im happy with every call i get to vote for chaim…..
    yes its disturbing me, my wife, children, but its for a reason……

  7. Firstly, I take issue with the fact that the letter writer has not disclosed his/her identity.

    Moderators Response: Good point “Chamor HaDor”. The rest of your comment, and it’s hate, was removed.

  8. I’ve gotten dozens of robo calls this week, but I hang up before I hear who they are endorsing. I report all reportable calls to the do not call list, but candidates are exempt as are those irritating recorded calls for the Cinese auctions etc. Why do those robo callers think I understand Yiddish anyway?

  9. I can’t believe I’m reading all this nonsense about being bothered at dinner time- putting kids to sleep- or how would Chaim like if people bothered him at those “sacred” hours. You ungrateful babies! Do you want me to tell you how many dinners Chaim didn’t have period because he was busy with a missing. Or how many nights he didn’t even get to come home because he was trying to save your kids who fell through the cracks. How about his cell phone ringing on Shabbos because your husband got arrested 5 minuted before Shabbos for a stupid suspended Liscense. Did I forget to mention all the domestic violence that unfortunately takes place in Our community. Who do all these people call? Mr storobin ? I don’t think so. They call Chaim because he cares and he helps. He has a yiddeshe heart! So get over it if you get a call to vote for Chaim during dinner. You just might be the next caller to Chaim in middle of his dinner or sleep or on Shabbos!!!

  10. How do I submit a Mailbag to YWN? I’d like to write a letter about why I WILL vote for Chaim Deutsch – because I know I can (AND HAVE) called him at 1 o’clock in the morning for help, and he will answer my call and help me, no matter what! Chaim is a HERO and he deserves every one of our votes.

    Moderators Response: The info you are requesting is at the bottom of the article.

  11. Why not simply take your phone off the hook or shut the ringer. Anyone who really needs you probably has your cell phone and will call you on it.

    Just chill out as this only happens a couple of days a year at most.

  12. Why I will vote for Chaim Deutch he does so much for the klal fr the past 20 years he will forsure do a lot more now vote chaim deutch TOMORROW VERY IMPORTANT

  13. Anonymous author + First time we have seen something like this on YWN = a new low.

    Moderators Response: Just as “anonymous” as yours “spencerre”. Slippery slope you’re on. And you know what we mean.