Op-Ed: Why Turner?


[By Asher E. Taub, Esq.]

This September 13, 2011, an election of historic proportion will take place in the 9th Congressional District of New York. The 9th CD is the most Jewish district in the entire United States. Approximately 50% of the district is Jewish.  30% of the registered voters are religious Jews. The district includes the Jewish neighborhoods of Kew Gardens, Kew Garden Hills, Forest Hills, Hillcrest,  Midwood, Flatbush and parts of Boro Park, just to name a few. Due to the 2010 census, New York State is slated to lose two congressional seats. The politicians in Albany have decided that if a democrat wins the 9th CD, the seat will be eliminated, further reducing the clout of the Jewish and in particular the religious Jewish influence in Congress. If a republican wins the seat, then one of the present democratic congressman from a neighboring district will lose their seat.

The Republicans have chosen Bob Turner as their candidate. The Democrats chose David Weprin. I personally know Bob Turner and know him to be an honorable non-political, who will fight for Israel and Jewish interests including making private school tuition tax deductible.  Bob will hold the line on taxes, fight to balance the budget and revoke Obamacare.

David Weprin is a career politician. He craves politics to such an extent, that when he was supposed to be forced out of his job as a city councilman due to term limits, he switched jobs with his brother Mark who was then the New York State Assemblyman for that district.  Mark became the City Councilman and David became the New York State Assemblyman.

David Weprin does not even live in the 9th congressional district.  He is an opportunist carpetbagger who the democratic establishment chose on the belief that a religious Jew would be able to hold the seat.  That his win would mean the loss of the most Jewish seat in the United States is of no consequence to David Weprin.  He is only interested in being a good democrat.

David Weprin who boasts that he is religious not only voted for the Gay Marriage bill, but was one of the sponsors.  How a religious Jew can not only vote but sponsor a law which perverts the fabric of our society and the Torah is beyond any lame political excuse.  Dov Hikind a fellow democrat together with many other non-Jewish democrats voted against the bill.  The reason why David Weprin voted for the bill is simple, politics is more important than his religion and his fellow Jews.

David Weprin is a liberal democrat who would support every Obama program.  Given his devotion to his party which supersedes his religious believes and his co-religionists needs and interests, Weprin will undoubtably become Obama with a Yarmulka.  Israel is at a very dangerous crossroads.  We need a congressman who will stand up to Obama,  who is the most anti-Israel President since Jimmy Carter.  David Weprin will not only fail to stand up to Obama, but will support his anti-Israel policies in the name of party loyalty.  Even former Mayor Ed Koch recognizes the Obama threat and has refused to endorse David Weprin.  As the former Mayor, a liberal democrat has said, a Turner win will send shockwaves through the Obama administration and make them think twice on harming Israel.

I urge my fellow Jews to vote for Bob Turner.  Do it for the sake of decency, do it for Israel, do it for the Jewish people.

Asher E. Taub, Esq. is a former congressional candidate and aide to Bob Turner.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.



  1. I think that the author of this article has made some very important and useful points…and clearly it must be read. Unfortunately, it is being currently overshadowed by articles that relate to the horrific and tragic events which have affected our community in the last few days. Those articles are important BUT so is this one. That is why I respectfully request that Yeshiva World REPEAT this article in a week or two when the trauma from this horrible event somewhat lessens and that members of our community will be able to focus on the future.

  2. ” making private school tuition tax deductible”

    Nonsense. There is no money in the federal budget for anything like that. And Turner is not about to buck the Republican Tea Party establishment.

    Republicans have for a generation been selling religious voters a bill of goods, that they support tuition vouchers and tax credits. But except for a tiny program in the District of Columbia, there has been absolutely no action by the federal government — even when the Republicans controlled all three branches of government. And as of now the only priorities for the Republicans are to maintain low taxes on the wealthiest Americans and to gut social programs and education, even if it means the United States defaulting on its debt — a proposal that was last floated back in the 1780s and soundly smashed by the Founding Fathers.

  3. “charliehall, nfgo3, YonasonW, ProudLiberal, and runwitharez will vote for Turner? ”

    I don’t live in the 9th Congressional District, I live in the 17th Congressional District. My Congressman is Eliot Engel.