Amateur Sleuth Yaakov German Helps Cops Catch Levi Aron & Solve Murder Of Leiby Kletzky


An amateur sleuth armed with determination and intuition helped cops crack the murder of Leiby Kletzky by tracking his path to doom.

Yaakov German isn’t a cop or a private detective. He’s a property manager and father of 12 with a reputation as a do-gooder.

By banging on doors and scrutinizing grainy video, he uncovered crucial clues that led cops to confessed killer Levi Aron.

“At the end of the day, he should be given the credit for the cracking of the case,” said Rabbi Jack Mayer of the NYPD’s Clergy Liaison Program.

His investigation into the disappearance of the 8-year-old boy was unofficial, but personal.

German, 47, lives on 45th St. in Borough Park. Leiby vanished Monday after leaving a yeshiva day camp one block away, on 44thSt. – but the connection wasn’t just geographic.

“I found out my son was his teacher and I was even more motivated,” German said.

He heard Leiby was missing late Monday, and a few hours later – with the help of son Avrumy, 25, and the principal of Yeshiva Boyan – he had access to school security video.



  1. As a bobover chusid, I must say there is no one in Bobov I love as much as Yanky… A real person, not a fonny baloney.. Yanky – Keep it up!!