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Pawlenty Says ‘We’ll Know Soon Enough’

After a brief speech at the opening of a campaign office here, Tim Pawlenty was asked if he would return to Michigan “when you’re vice president.”

“We’ll know soon enough,” Pawlenty, dressed in shirt sleeves, told the crowd with a chuckle.

The former Minnesota governor is believed to be on Mitt Romney’s short list of running mates and there is speculation that the choice could be made any day.

Hank Choate, the chair of the Jackson County Republicans, asked the former Minnesota governor what his schedule is like Friday, asking a question many of the reporters in the room were trying to determine.

Pawlenty answered that he would be in New Hampshire. Pawlenty is doing four events in the state Saturday for the state party and the Romney campaign.


3 Responses

  1. Oh no.
    He hit the ground running last time,why bother even looking at him?
    This is a desperate election,go conservative Mitt!!!!!

  2. Nice guy. Conservative who can win in a Blue State. Working class ethnic background – typical “Sam’s Club Republican.” Nice and dull, which would work fine if the Republicans market themselves as the party that provides dull, stable, rational government that appeals for those who prefer peace and prosperity rather than lots of excitement.

  3. Pawlenty is a nice guy. I briefly considered supporting him for president. But he’s also boring. I don’t know if he can energise the base, which isn’t enthusiastic about Romney, and right now is set to go out to vote against Obama rather than for Romney. In fact, since the result in New York is not in question, I have not yet decided to vote for Romney. If the election were held today, without running mates, I would probably vote for Gary Johnson. Four years ago I was definitely planning to vote for Bob Barr rather than McCain, but his choice of Palin changed my mind; as far as I’m concerned I voted for Palin, not for the grumpy old man who shared her ticket.

    Of course if I were in a state where my vote actually mattered, then there would be no question that I would vote for whomever was against 0bama, no matter how much I disliked them.

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