Romney Takes Two Point Lead In National Poll & Rakes In $12 Million


Mitt Romney’s commanding performance in Wednesday night’s first presidential debate has started to yield results.

The Republican candidate has raised $12million in online donations over the last couple of days, and has also received a two point boost in the respected Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

The news comes as Barack Obama’s lacklustre showing continues to be mocked by top comedians – even those who are strong supporters of the President.

The poll shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 49% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns the vote from 47%.

In addition, Mr Romney’s campaign took in a donation haul of $12million via his website in just 48 hours after the conclusion of the debate in Denver, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The bump in fundraising was even bigger than those recorded after the announcement of Paul Ryan as Mr Romney’s running mate and the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Mr Obama’s healthcare law.

In addition, 60 per cent of those donating online had never given money to the campaign before.

The increase in small contributions from first-time donors is a significant change for Mr Romney’s campaign.

The former governor of Massachusetts has previously relied more on large donations from wealthy supporters, in contrast to Mr Obama’s grassroots network of givers.



  1. B’H
    12 Million ?
    Is Hashem trying to show us something?
    Is that a Dollar for a Male and a Dollar for a Female for the SIX MILLION in the Holocaust ?
    We did not listen or see Hashem’s signs the fist time and all move and LIVE in ERETZ ISRA-EL
    so now Hashem is once again showing us signs!
    Perhaps the wise amongst us this time will get the message and move quickly to OUR HOMELAND?

    pshat yid

  2. That seems to be the number among “registered” voters however he seems to be well ahead in likely voters – the part of the poll which is a better indicator.

    Defeat ObamaMania!

  3. B’H
    To whom it may concern

    When you you have control over what is posted as a comment take executive powers and delete what was posted your bias has been proven. You might not agree with what was posted, yet if it was not profanity or totally ANTISEMITIC, then how so you discern from the truth as you see it from the truth of TORAH and of our times? It is of utmost criticality that you allow the thoughts of a Jew to be at least seen by the public at large and then allow them the choice to discern the truth as they are able to and if you as the holders of the keys of media do not allow for individual opinions to be expressed, then how much have we as Jews learned in the last 100 years? Therefore to see my comment deleted was a blow to the Redemption process as shown by all our Great Sages. It only saddens my heart to see those who control what we see to deciede for themselves exactly what the Jews should and shouldn’t see. We as adult Torah Observant Jews should be allowed the freedom of press to see and decider what we are capable of at that time given what insight and level of Torah understanding we have, thus it is with the utmost prayer that you at least allow this post to exist for at least some time for those Jews who can see the light in the darkness