WATCH: Full Hamodia-Hosted Yeger, Hikind, Tischler Debate In 360 Degrees!


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If you were not able to be there in person, this is the next best thing if you want to watch the city council candidates for the NYC 44th district Kalman Yeger, Heshy Tischler, and Yoni Hikind debate at the Hamodia debate at Bais Yaakov of Boro Park on October 29, 2017.


Mobile/Tablet: Us your finger to drag the video in the desired direction. On later models, move the device in the direction that you want to view.

VR Headset: Connect a compatible VR headset and move your head in the desired direction for an immersive view.

Computer: Use the mouse to drag the video in the desired direction or click on the arrow symbol and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to adjust view.